Midnight Eclipse - Latest Edition

By KalJohan All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


It's the city of Darwin that erupts into a deadly war, forcing many to flee, leaving their homes in search of asylum. Noel-Len Ignatius must fight in a war that will ultimately kill him while Gothalia Valdis must uncover the conspiracy that kept her docile to the truth. It’s a war that will reveal the hidden existence of Excelians: exceptional superhumans with terrifying powers and the powerful ancient relic Midnight Eclipse and its connection Noel-Len’s long forgotten past.



“Believe Nothing. Regret Nothing. See Everything. Fear None”.

A law formed by an ancient society; one engineered during darker times often painted and orchestrated by blood and discord.

The Excelian society, has long been forgotten and if remembered; it is effortlessly discredited or regularly discarded as a fabrication of lies. For that reason alone, humans need not fear their power.

No matter, the reason for the Excelians’ hidden existence. Their dark history drove them from the ravages of war; coddled by greed and pride, and into the arms of a world that encouraged peace and prosperity.

Excelian, a term used as a reminder, rather than a definition. A stint contrived from two words, ‘excel’ and ‘alien’.

They’re called Excelians, not because they’re aliens but rather because of their nature to be alienated. This alone, gave them the freedom and power to compose their own path. One, many chose to ignore for centuries. Enough so, they eventually became feared because every assumption made was often, ill assumed.

Their dark past may have occurred centuries ago, but they remembered its history for it was a constant reminder of their current existence; their purpose within the illusion of time, who they were and what they were born to be.

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