Only the Lonely

By Cassietta Allen All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


In the year 2132, companies are assigned by the Council. Companies of seven. There are roles: The Chosen, The leader, care taker, medic, priest, navigator and the cook. Companies have set rules, set goals. But one Company has been given another task. Not just to bring salvation to the inlands, but to travel to the Sacred City. This Chosen has been born with the Mark. Eden the leader of the company is trying to get over the lose of his previous girlfriend while falling for the Priestess silently. When given the knew task he is faced with his past and revealing secrets he never wanted to resurface. Moon the Priestess, struggles to keep her faith as she travels with the company of mainly boys, she secretly enjoys the attention Eden shows her even though her vows say otherwise. Having to be the close test to the Chosen however she learners a secret that could break Eden. Forest, The Medic attempts to stay focused as he helps the company while battling an addiction of his own. Trying to keep his edge and his wits about him, the Council gives him a mission to perform during the company's mission. Mariyn, has been hiding his feelings for a while, even though the world has changed it

Trading Places

"Just drink it for Christ's sake." Eden holds the bottle of grey liquid to Moon. With her being a priestess he fully knew she wouldn't drink it, but was tiring of her complaints of thirst.

"Eden, you just pulled that bottle from a bum's lips, you clearly don't expect me to drink that. Especially because it probably contains alcohol."

"You said you were thirsty."

"Indeed I did, but not for some unholy drink. And you are hilarious, you'd think you'd have gotten over the religious slurs when we started five years ago." She rolls her auburn eyes as she gracefully tightens her head covering.

Being in a company with Eden was never the easiest, but she wouldn't want to be in any other.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Eden smirks and takes a drink from the bottle.

She watches as some of the grey liquid escapes the bottle and runs down his tanned throat. Not that she noticed he was tanned... she quickly turns her head away.

"I've told you before Christ is not considered the only deity in the one religion. He is however, considered one of the revered but so is Buddha but merely saying their names in vain means nothing."

"What are we talking about?" Forest joins the two from behind. His chocolate skin glinting somewhat in the high noon sun. He had only been with the company for three of the five years but had learned quite a bit about both Eden and Moon.

"Ask her. She said she was thirsty so I provided drink, can't help it wasn't to her liking." Eden laughs and winks at Moon. "Also please tell the priestess that this is the future she doesn't have to keep up the medieval nun thing."

She drops her mouth in protest.

"Why because I actually use the education I was given in my everyday conversation?"

"Maybe because it gives you no personality?"

"Maybe we should talk about how we're late for the meeting with the Council." Forest looks down at his nails and nonchalantly shrugs his shoulders.

Both Eden and Moon look at him with panic in their eyes.

"What fucking meeting?" Eden throws the bottle behind him. "We just got back from our last salvation mission. We're supposed to get two weeks rest at least."

"They requested our presence about an hour ago."

"And you're just telling us this now? It was you're duty to alert us as soon as you got that message." Moon places her small pale hands on her hips.

"How the heck was I supposed to know that?" Forest throws his hands up in surrender. "That's not my job, I'm the medic."

"Then how did you find out about this meeting?" Eden laughs looking around at the empty square. Usually, the shops would be bustling at this hour. But the street is clear, save for the knocked out bum a few feet away.

"Abigale told me. She's waiting for us in the courtyard."

"Is Maryin there as well?" Moon asks checking the belt on her robe.

Forest shrugs.

"I bet she does want to know if he's there." Eden smiles. "And you call yourself a priestess." He shakes his head smiling.

For a moment the comment escapes her, but when she does gather his meaning her faces blushes so quickly it causes Forest and Eden to both break out into laughter.

"That is not what I meant. However, if the Council is sending us how are we to go on a quest without Jordan?" Catching herself she quickly tries to make the change. "I mean without a navigator."

Eden's mood quickly changes to a serious and somber nature.

He had hoped that whole situation with Jordan was just a dream but the mention of her name let him know it was not.

"I'm sure the Council has made accommodations." Forest bites his lip and looks over to Eden. He had never seen him take a mission so hard as the one with Jordan.

"Well why are we still sitting here, let's not keep them waiting." Eden walks past forest towards the tower.

That's were the Council always met...

Hell, that's where they lived as far as anyone knew.

Silently, Moon and Forest follow him guarding their hearts for this meeting.

Typically they went well.

You kneel and your company either receives their new mission, post or punishment.

Seeing as their last mission was successful, it wasn't the latter and their company has field rank meaning they were never going to be at a post. So that left only one option.

A new mission.

It was decided by the United government in 2100 to begin the systems of companies. To take a selected few and train them since birth to correct the now separated and destroyed world one city at a time. By this time the world had already survived all of its worst fears, and was divided.

The united government then put the Council in place. Who choose then, who would be in the companies.

Each company consists of seven members.

The Chosen, The Leader, The Priest, The Medic, The Cook, The Navigator and The Caretaker.

"Finally you guys are here. The Council is not happy they've been kept waiting." Abigale stands from her seat on the fountain. She is the shortest in the company standing only 4'9.

"Well you know who you sent as the messenger Abi." Eden cracks a smile as her greets her with a side hug. It was hard to feel angry or sad around Abigale, perhaps it is the seemingly permanent smile the girl always wore.

"Hey, Moon." Mariyn nods to her.

Eden and Forest look at each other smirking and biting their lips in amusement.

It's not that the boys in the company enjoyed making Moon uncomfortable, it was merely the fact that she was the first "priestess" in any company.

The Priest's were always male, but for some reason her test showed that was her calling.

"Are we going to answer the summons or are we going to sit here with these frivolous games?" Moon pulls out her beads and wrap them around her hand trying not to blush too hard.

"They're just joking Moon." Abi smiles. "They wish they could have all of this." She proceeds to rubbing her body in a stupid manner.

That brings a smile to everyone's face.

"I suppose you can talk to your boyfriend later Priestess." Eden hurriedly mentions then begins walking towards the tower.

"Hey now don't auction me off." Mariyn follows after him as the rest of the company follows.

It was time to see the Council.

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