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What if I told you jin are real and I'm not talking about the ones trapped in lambs but the ones who take humans at night feeding of off their fears.they are the demons parent's tell their kids about at night. The only hope is from a team of broken hearts They call themselves vindicates knight


The sky was wearing it's finest dark coat when Hill Hallmenn- a fine man in his late twenties-was sitting on the edge of an ancient bridge that was to most people's eyes unknown. It was rare for Hill to find a car passing through that bridge, That he visited often to clear his mind off negative thoughts

His exhausted frame leaned back against his lavish car. His brown eyes fixed on a lake nearby, Hallmenn silently admired the beauty of the lake. Focusing on the spotless water. His shaky hands reached to his mouth then took a sip of the rich white wine straight from the bottle wanting to forget everything even his name

He wanted to forget his loss

He wanted to forget his past


The sound echoed through Hill's mind making him snap out of his stance of hollow

"Hello?" Said Hill in a shallow voice

"S-sir it's your father."


White were his knuckles from clinging them hard. The man had a frightened look on his face when he saw how far he is from the hospital. With every thought Hill had the speed of his car increased, The only sound Hallmenn was hearing was the sound of his engine

The sound of the motor got louder as Hill pressed on the race pedal harder. It was hard for the brown-headed man to stop tears from falling, He mourned in silence until he arrived at his destination

Quickly he left the car not bothering to lock it, He dashed towards the entrance like a Leo and headed towards a nurse "Malcolm Hallmenn, Where is his room?"Hill perplexed, His face was hitting another emotion that Hallmenn hated to show; fear

The nurse was memorized by the stunning man in front of her as she found herself drawn at thous mysterious brown eyes. Hill's eyebrows knitted by confusion as he asked again "I'm am asking for Malcolm Hallmenn --where is he!?" the brown-eyed man couldn't control it anymore as his voice snapped and demanded the blonde to answer

"The second floor, room 221b" with those words leaving the nurse's mouth Hill walked away not having use of her anymore

He had his own problems to deal with. He was scared of losing his father

And if he did

He would have lost the last relative he had left in this cruel world

The nurse wasn't offended by the rude command, surprisingly a lot of people lose their temper when emotionally drained. The blonde just learned to see passed that rudeness and move on

Hill entered the small elevator his foot tapped the floor and his eyes scanned the floor just waiting for the sound of the elevator door opening

It felt like years until the doors finally did open as he rushed towards the room only to find the bed empty

Maybe the nurse got it wrong and that's not his room. He thought to himself but a really, really small part of him disagreed

He reached apond a nurse who was installing words into his keyboard.

"Excuse me where can i find Malcolm hallmenn's room?"Hill enquired rather sluggishly making sure not to stutter

His once lively expression became dulled. The blonde didn't know how to put it so he fell in silence

Hill took the hint and lowly sobbed "H-he is dead i-isn't he?"

2 and a half years later

Loneliness rotating in Hill's mind. He is no longer 60% water but 60% of Verada Tri-County Pinot Noir's wine. He constantly drives himself off his limits and doesn't go out often but when he does he nearly always come back with a woman not to sleep with him; just fill the spaces of his beloved dead wife

To think that just a decade ago he was a father with a family he adored, money drowning Hallmenn's bank account and a warm smile that gold glazed his vibrant personality.

He had it all

All that crashed downhill in a morrow. He has lost five important people that day:

His wife and his unborn

His daughter

His son

And himself

Hill frowned as he stared at the empty wine glass. He tried to pour himself another glass but no liquid came out of his bottle Great, just great. The bottle was shifted towards the garbage can then Hill dragged his limbs towards his father's study room. The air in between his knuckles escaped as he cracked them while entering the room

At first glance, the room seemed ornery thus doesn't mean it is. In Hill's eyes, he sees nothing but the closed red curtains that had hidden a desk. Papers were on the wall following with Scarlett strings that tangled across the wall. Colourful pins were to be spotted if you looked closely.

"I'll find you, old man. Just you wait, dad." His voice stated with all determent.

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