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rʌɪv(ə)lri : competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field. Numerous contestants every year, only one winner. This time there is a twist. Instead of fourteen participants, it's fifteen. These individuals are brought from all around the globe, are enclosed and kept in a city named Qroton, on an island named Purarem in middle of the Pacific Ocean. The participants have to make connections or individual make their way out and win in order to go back to their normal lives. Or so they thought.. Looks like all of them have another huge surprise tossed their way. And that's not a good thing. What happens when your connection is too strong facing all these together? Would you just have rivalry against each other?

Chapter 1


"Damn today was a good fine ass day!" Isabel, one of my friends exclaimed. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. It's not like everyday you get to stay out late and enjoy and have a good day with your friends.

As I was the only one who stayed a little bit far from my friends, who all luckily were neighbours to each other, I decided not to keep them up and head home early. "Don't get kidnapped! Heard pretty girls like you are always on the verge of getting kidnapped!" Chris said, me being quite sure that he was only trying to find a way to scare me so that I would agree to stay over at his place, where all my friends were staying over for the weekend.

Ignoring his foolish statement, I grinned and gave him the finger. "I'll see you guys later!" I tell my friends and continued walking towards the opposite direction. Glancing a look at my watch, it was one forty five am. Not wanting to reach home late, I decided to go through the shortcut.

My iPhone beeped and switched off, due to no charge in its battery. Oh joy! As a cold wind blew, it resulted in not only messing up my hair, but also gave a shiver causing goosebumps. The red blazer was doing no help of keeping the heat in and fighting off the cold.

I reached the alley, the one which is the short cut to my house. The lights were switched off, like usual. In this time of the year, that is December, it was often that the New York people, due to the cold would stay indoors.

The sound of my heels clicked on the pavement, which echoed through the silent and lonely alley. I gripped the strip of my bag with my right hand, while the left held my iPhone.

Suddenly I heard a thud, a noise heard when something hits the ground. It seemed like something or rather someone jumped and landed on the pavement. I turned back abruptly, realising that it was nothing.

My heart started beating rather faster and it could be felt through most parts of my body. It was quite usual for twenty one year olds like me, feeling paranoid about someone following in this empty alley.

Was it because of the paranoid feeling or not, t I could hear rustling of feet. It felt like someone was following me.

Hurrying up my pace, from walking to jogging, I started running. Call me dramatic, but I had a feeling that someone was following me and something bad was going to happen to me for sure.

Taking a left turn, I decided to get to the main road / street as fast as possible. I could clearly hear footsteps coming from behind me. And I was sure that it wasn't just my imagination.

I turned back again just to make sure I was not be followed. My eyes feel on the pavement, where stood a white fluffy kitten, stating at me. I sighed and bend down, patted its back. My breath coming out in large puffs of air.

I felt a shadow over me, when the cat suddenly ran off. I frowned and got up. I totally regretted coming to this alley instead of getting a cab. Dusting my pants, I turned. Suddenly something hard, which looked and felt like a rod hit my head and I could feel my self feeling dizzy.

I tried my best to stay and stand straight at my position but failed. My body collapsed and I fell on the cold hard pavement.

My head felt heavy, my sight blurry. My hand immediately left the iPhone and came to the point / area I had been hit. Through my blurred sight, I could see a man, wearing everything black, a mask covering his face and identity, standing in front of me, while a iron rod was gripping in both of his hands.

The iron rod fell out of his hand, in a loud thud, the sound echoing loudly in the silent atmosphere of the dark alley.

He slowly knelled beside me and put his hands under me. I was uncomfortable by his touch, but unfortunately was not able to fight him off.

Seemed like Chris was telling the truth the whole time. I should have agreed to their offer of staying over at his place. Maybe then, I wouldn't be in this situation.

Due to the pressure of the hit, I could feel my self slowly slip into unconsciousness.


My back, neck and all other parts of my body was aching badly. My head, throbbing loud in my ears.

I managed to slowly somehow open my eyes. First of it, as in my sight was blurry. There was a light white light placed right above my eyes. My eyes squinted due to the bright light.

I was scared would be an understatement. I was freaking terrified. I'm a going to live? Or is today the last day of my life? Was I kidnapped by illegal aliens? Or was my kidney being sold off? Illogical yet frightening and could be possible thoughts roamed and buzzed in my head.

My sight was still blurred. I could feel I was laid on some sort of bed, in a room which was completely white.

Above me there were people who kind of seemed like doctors, but I wasn't sure again, due to my blurred sight. They had masks too.

I saw them all looking down at me, and they had a evil attire around them. Not sure to be frightened, I did start panicking.

I moved around, tossed left and right, trying to get out. The people started talking among themselves, probably screaming commands on how to keep me steady. Some of them caught my arm, while others caught my legs.

One of them, who seemed like the head, grabbed an injection. He smirked and injected the needle directly into my arm. The prick hurt a lot as he hadn't cleaned or sterilized it.

I felt drowsiness come over, my while energy slowly draining out. My eyes started tearing up, and I felt myself once again within such a short period of time, slip into unconsciousness.

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