The last bridge of Sam.

By Maria Novikova All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


Zoak Planet, 2077. In a future world where people have created a population of robots, six additional planets to Earth are discovered. Robots and humanity have united to build 7 Bridges along the 7 Planets so people could colonize then live on the planet where they belong, according to the level of their energy. We meet Sam on Zoak Planet, where people first learned about The Energy and from where The Journey of exploring this power within the human body began. She and her 18 years old twin sister are orphans living under a bridge with homeless people. In the time of 7 Planets humans hunt humans on Zoak, stealing The Power from each other in order to survive. Sam discovers her Power within as a child, learning to hold it back while living in fear of being killed. But when the malevolent dictator kidnaps her sister, she has no choice but to reveal her power to The Worlds while fighting for her sister. She starts her journey and discovers all 7 Planets. Making friends with the Leaders, they start an unbelievable journey to the Last Bridge where her sister is hidden. Soon everyone learns that Sam is the one who has to face Humanity’s fears in order to save the whole galaxy .



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