For The Love Of Telepathy

By TanyaMcGraff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 6

Adeline is searching and searching reviews of psychics online a niche website.

“Hmm, this Miss Beta seems to have a lot of good reviews. Want to try her?” Adeline asks Dominique.

“Sure she isn’t expensive either,” says Dominique.

“Ok, done,” says Adeline.

“Just like that?” asks Dominique.

“Yup, just PayPalled her. Now we wait,” says Adeline.

An hour goes by. Adeline gets an email from Miss Beta.

“I’m just going to tell her I can talk now and she wants our photos so I’ll google yours,” says Adeline.

“Ok, choose a good one. Not one where I have really bad plastic surgery going on,” says Dominique.

Adeline searches for clear pictures of Dominique’s face to attach to her email.

“Done and done. She should call soon,” says Adeline.

Half an hour later the phone rings.

“Hello?” says Adeline.

“This is Miss Beta. You asked for a reading?” says Miss Beta rather curt.

“Uh yea, I did, I want to know if I’ll ever meet and be with the person I sent you,” says Adeline.

“This is how I work. You don’t talk. I do the talking. Don’t interrupt me or you’ll interrupt my flow. We have 15 minutes only to work with,” says Miss Beta again, being short with Adeline.

“Ooook….” says Adeline. She thinks to Dominique “No other psychic has said that to me before”.

“You too are soul mates. And I see a child, not born yet, a son. All three of you are soulmates. Dominique died and left you alone with your son in a past life. Do you feel he will leave you?”

“I always feel like he’s leaving me,” says Adeline.

“Well I see a woman around him. Is he married?” asks Miss Beta.

“Yes. He is.” says a sad Adeline.

“Well his marriage is practically over. He’s going to be moving out soon and he will contact you within a year. He just needs to tie up everything with his wife before thinking about you,” says Miss Beta.

“Do you know when we will have a son?” asks Adeline.

“No,” answers Miss Beta angrily. “He also has a heart problem. Tell him to go get that checked out.”

“Ok…” says Adeline, shocked.

“He almost looks like he has no soul,” says Miss Beta.

Adeline is scared. Dominique is in Hollywood.

“I have a soul you stupid bitch,” says Dominque to Adeline.

“What about a heart problem?” asks Adeline.

“I’ve never been checked and I’m not going to based on this lady,” says Dominque.

“Well our time is up dear,” says Miss Beta.

“Thank you Miss Beta.”

Miss Beta hangs up quickly.

“Do you think this is all true what she said or do you think she hacked our telepathy to find out we were talking about a son. Because I’m nowhere close to moving out yet, just to tell you,” explains Dominique.

“I want to believe her. I really do. I want to be with you,” cries Adeline.

“Don’t cry. God wouldn’t be this evil, to have us meet in this way and never meet in person. Even if we don’t get married I want to meet you in person. You’ll know it’s me because I’ll have tears in my eyes,” says Dominque.

“How do I get to you? You’re in New York? I’m in Toronto… I can’t exactly just immigrate there. It’s not that easy you know. Why can’t you give me your number or come visit me?” asks Adeline.

“Do you know how much of a scandal that would be? If I came to visit you? Are you crazy?” yells Dominique.

“So how do we meet?” asks Adeline. “I want to meet now. I’m getting old. I want kids.”

“Look, I don’t know how we meet. I’m not psychic, you are. I’m just a fucking alien. You fucking tell me how we meet,” yells Dominique.

“OUCH!” screams Adeline. She just got poked in the eye really hard. No one is around.

“That’s a reminder for you to not look at any other guys. You know how jealous I get and if you don’t, you do now,” says Dominique.

“How is that fair to me? You’re married having babies left and right. I can’t even look at the weather without hearing about your stupid wife and her stupid outfits,” yells back Adeline.

“First of all there’s only one baby. Second I am married. It’ll be strange if I act weird and not want to do married things,’ says Dominique.

“I’m not happy right now. I’m going to bed,’ says Adeline.

“I’ll just keep you up. You know I can do that right? I’m not letting you sleep. We’re going to talk all night or just sit in silence. Your choice,” says Dominique.

“I’ll just lay here in silence,” says Adeline.

“Fine. I will talk to you and you will just listen. We are not going to bed angry at each other,” says Dominique.

“Whatever,” says Adeline as she closed her eyes on her pillow and begins to cry.
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