For The Love Of Telepathy

By TanyaMcGraff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 5

Adeline was reading Yahoo news one day when she saw an article that said Dominique’s wife was pregnant.

Anger. Disgust. Contempt. Of course, Dominique knew what she was thinking.

“WTF is this? Why are you even having a kid with her? I thought you didn’t love her?” says a sad Adeline.

“It just sort of happened. I mean I’m still married but I do love you,” says Dominique. “We spend every waking moment together just talking and I really wish I could be with you instead.”

“So why don’t you?” says Adeline.

“Do you love me?” Dominique asks quietly.

“Yes! Why can’t you divorce your wife already? Or give me your number?” exclaims Adeline.

“Babe, you’re long distance. We’re talking every day for free. And don’t worry, I want to divorce her,” says Dominique.

“It’s not fair. What do you see in her? She can’t even act. WTF,” says Adeline.

“I know she can’t act. Who do you think is paying the bills around here?” says Dominique.

“Promise me we’ll be together,” says Adeline.

“I don’t know when I’ll get divorced but I’ll say this – I really want to be with you,” says Dominique. “I really want a son. We’re unfortunately having a girl. Could you imagine if we had a son together? He would be like me but more batshit crazy.”

“What would his name be?” asks Adeline.

“I don’t know, let’s google some boy names,” Dominique says.

Adeline pulls out her laptop and types into google “baby boy names”. It takes them a while but they decide on one. Ludlow.

“Wow, I just googled the name we chose and it’s a street in New York. Do you think this is a sign? You’re in New York…” says Adeline.

“Could be. I like that name. Ludlow,” says Dominique.

“Do you remember us being married by any chance?” asks Adeline.

“Yes. I was already engaged to my first wife and I didn’t know you and I didn’t want any part of this arranged marriage but now I know and love you and I wish we could be together in the physical,” says Dominique.

“Who arranges alien marriages? Like why would they marry me off to you when I’m a nobody?” asks Adeline.

“You’re not a nobody, you really very special and I can’t get into why with you. I’m sworn to secrecy on that,” says Dominique. “Also I don’t know who arranges them and how they come to their conclusions.

“Do you work for the CIA?” asks Adeline.

“UM no? Where did that come from?” asks Dominique.

“I don’t know. I just thought aliens would work with the government,” says Adeline. “Anyways let me google some more. I want to find another psychic to tell us if we’re really going to be together.”

“Ok,” says Dominique.

“I’m still mad at you though for having a baby without me,” says a sad Adeline.

“I’m sorry. Maybe we can have Ludlow. Let’s ask about him,” says Dominique.

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