For The Love Of Telepathy

By TanyaMcGraff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 4

It’s been eight years since Adeline saw something special about Dominique and now she’s finally talking to him, even though it’s not in person. The two spend all night and all morning talking about how Dominique hates his current, second wife. Oh the Hollywood life.

“She doesn’t understand me,” Dominique repeats over and over again.

“I understand you,” Adeline says.

“You don’t even know me!” says Dominique.

“I feel like I know you…” says Adeline.

“The actor me or the real me?” says Dominique.

“The real you.” Adeline says, blushing. Not like he can see.

“How?” says Dominique.

“I can’t explain. I just feel like I know you. And I should probably go to bed now; It’s 6 a.m.” Adeline says.

“No don’t go anywhere. Get on the floor… on your knees” says Dominique.

“Why?” asks Adeline.

“Don’t ask questions.” demands Dominque.

So Adeline, gets down on her floor and kneels down beside her bed, thinking, “What a strange request.”

“I can hear you, you know. Now take off that stupid nightgown.” says Dominique.

“WHAT! You can see me? OMFG, I didn’t shave my legs or anything. Noooo. I’m not taking anything off!” says Adeline.

“I can’t see you, I promise,” lies Dominique.

“Ok…. Fine but I can’t take anything off. Someone might walk in.” says a gullible Adeline.

“Just do it really quick.” Dominique demands.

“Fine,” says Adeline.

She takes off her yellow, cat-faced nightgown. Then something weird happens – one of her breasts move like someone just flicked it. Adeline freaks out and puts back on her clothes. But Dominque isn’t done with her yet. He bites into one of her feet leaving teeth marks.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!?” Screams Adeline.

“Horny.” says Dominique.

“I don’t understand. How were you able to touch me and bite me? Are you in my room?” questions Adeline.

“Nope.” says Dominique.

“Then?” says Adeline.

“Don’t worry about it. Get in the bed.” says Dominque.

Adeline gets in the bed, scared, wondering if he’s actually hiding in a corner with an invisible cloak or something.

All of a sudden, Adeline feels the biggest orgasm that goes from her core all the way through her throat. It throws her off. Like what the hell just happened.

“I did that with my mind” says Dominique.

“What is this, what are you? Is this like that rainbow sex from Earth Girls Are Easy?” asks Adeline.

“I guess you can say that,” says Dominque. “But that’s all your getting for now. Takes a lot of brain power.”

“What else can you do?” inquires Adeline.

“You’ll find out…” says Dominique.

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