For The Love Of Telepathy

By TanyaMcGraff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It’s 10 o’clock at night on a hot June night. The air conditioner is not broken for once. Adeline is listening to a paranormal radio show. Alright she’s listening to Coast to Coast!

“Up next we have Psychic Denise who will tell us about shifts in timelines,” says the radio host. “As always, you can view the bios of our guests on our website.”

Adeline goes to her computer and types in the url of the radio show. She clicks on Psychic Denise’s website.

There’s a picture of Psychic Denise holding two hangers parallel to each other, under the heading dowsing.

Adeline clicks on the dowsing link.

“You can find lost items with dowsing…” Adeline trails off. “I wonder if I can find stuff in my room like this.”

Adeline gets out two wire hangers and holds them exactly how Psychic Denise was holding them, while still listening to the radio show.

“You know when you hear that someone has died and then miraculously they’re still alive? Or when lyrics to a song has changed? That’s a shift in the timeline,” says Psychic Denise.

“Dowsing hangers, is my whistle here?” Adeline asks.

The hangers close hard in her face as if it is saying no. She wonders around the room asking where her whistle is, always getting the same answer. But Adeline knows where the whistle is; it’s in her beside drawer.

Adeline goes to her bedside drawer.

“Is my whistle here?” Adeline asks again.

The hangers open now, as if it is saying yes.

“Hmm. I guess it works. I wonder what else these hangers can do,” says Adeline. “I wonder if I can call dead people with it, like a medium, or something.”

Adeline takes the hangers as she sits on her bed and holds them in front of herself.

“Hangers, please let me speak to my grandma,” asks Adeline, a little scared.

The hangers open wide for yes.

Adeline closes it out of fear. She doesn’t like ghosts and it’s almost her bedtime.

“Hangers, can I please speak to Dominque Van Tonder,” says Adeline. “Dominque Van Tonder, are you there. Dominque Van Tonder.”

“Who is this?” yells a voice in Adeline’s head.

Adeline speaks aloud. “Dominque is this really you? The actor?”

“Yes”. The hangers open. “Who is this?”

Adeline tells him her screenwriting name.

“And who are you?” says Dominque.

“I’m a screenwriter. Can you read my script?” says Adeline.

“Not right now,” says Dominque.

“Why? It’s really good? I tried to send it to you two years ago,” says Adeline.

“No now. Tell me your real name,” says Dominque.

“My real name is Adeline,” she says.

“Adeline what?” questions Dominque.

“Adeline Stark.”

“What do you want?” asks Dominque.

“How are you able to hear me?” says Adeline.

“I just am,” says Dominque.

“Do you have hangers?” asks Adeline.

“No,” says Dominque.

“I have hangers,” says Adeline.

“Why did you call me?” says Dominque.

“I just wanted to see if I could contact you and I did” says Adeline.

“Well what do you want to talk about?” asks Dominque.

“I don’t know. Anything. This is so exciting!” exclaims Adeline.

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