For The Love Of Telepathy

By TanyaMcGraff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 2

Three years pass. Adeline is now in her third year of university. No messages have come since that day the air conditioner broke down, and her face is back to normal. She lays in her bed, drifting off to sleep.

“I’m not marrying her,” says Dominque Van Tonder in relation to Adeline.

It seems to be a dark auditorium that Adeline is in. Many unrecognizable faces are there, except Dominque’s.

“Look, I’m already engaged,” Dominique yells to an unknown man.

Adeline looks down at her hand; there’s now a ring on it. The only person talking is Dominque. Everyone else seems to have telepathy and are talking amongst themselves in their heads.

Adeline wakes up. Little does she know, she’s now in an arranged marriage with Dominique for real. She was transported to an undisclosed location for the ceremony.

But she doesn’t realize this yet. There was no wedding gown, no pastor, no church, no family members and Dominque wasn’t dressed up. How was it a ceremony?

Adeline looks down at her ring finger. There’s no ring. She chalks it up to being a weird dream.

Another year passes. Adeline is fast asleep. She’s in the auditorium again, but this time a different area. There’s a pool, and the only other people there are Dominique and another movie star, an older one that Adeline had a crush on years prior, Marty Levine. Adeline is watching herself in the pool while Marty has a stop watch and Dominique looks on.

“I can’t swim!” screams Adeline. “I can’t, please can I get out of the pool?”

“Try dear,” says Marty.

“Why are you doing this. I can’t do it,” Adeline shrieks.

Marty motions Adeline to get out of the pool and hands her a towel. He motions her to go through the door.

Adeline wakes up.

“What was that?” Adeline says to herself.

The next day Adeline sees a videogame trailer for one of her favourite games about simulated life. There’s a new game about to launch. Adeline is stoked. She clicks the link to the new trailer.

It’s set in Egypt, a place Adeline feels connected to. To her horror the main simulated character looks exactly like Dominique. He’s wearing, Indian Jones garb.

Adeline follows the camera and spots herself dressed like she just came out of Tomb Raider. She’s waiting in a market square for Dominique. She spots him and carefully follows behind, without him seeing, into a hidden tomb in one of the pyramids.

It seems that this virtual Dominique came for a diamond of some sort. In the tomb there are illuminati symbols. Virtual Adeline looks around and is spotted by the virtual Dominique who isn’t too happy to see her. He angrily asks her “What do you want?” as a mummy descends out of its casket. The screen fades to black with credits.

“What the fuck?” says Adeline. She watches the trailer another five times. It’s a mindfuck.

Fresh off of watching the trailer, she switches the TV on to try to relax. She has no idea why a videogame company would put her and Dominque in a trailer. Or maybe someone knew that was her favourite game and had it purposely done so she would for sure see any messages.

Not even two minutes pass before she hears the name Van Tonder on the screen.

“Seriously, what the fuck is going on. This is weird. Is this a sync?” questions Adeline.

It could be a sync, or it could be serendipity. She was just married to Dominque in an unknown location.

Adeline goes back on her computer and types in the word psychics.

“Hopefully, they can help me get to the bottom of this,” stresses Adeline. “Aha, here’s one. A futurist…”

Adeline dials the number and gets a friendly voice.

“Hi, this is Yolanda speaking,” says the psychic.

“Hi, I would like a 15 minute reading please,” states Adeline.

Adeline gives her credit card information.

“So how can I help you?” says Yolanda.

“I keep seeing someone pop up everywhere. I know this sounds silly, but I keep seeing things about Dominique Van Tonder and I just wanted to know if I’m ever going to meet him,” Adeline explains.

“Yes, I see you will a sixth from today. Could be days, months, years,” says Yolanda.

“So do I marry him. What’s the relation?” questions Adeline.

“I do see a relationship with him, one where you are married. Oh I’m so excited for you,” says Yolanda. “I see a wonderful life where you’ll be working with movie stars.”

“Oh really. Good because I actually want to be a screenwriter!” exclaims Adeline.

The conversation goes on. Yolanda paints Adeline’s life as being everything she always dreamed about.

The syncs keep on happening for four years straight.

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