Genesis Déjà vu: The New Eden

By Richard Hewitt All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


The survivors of an apocalyptic event (Genesis Déjà vu - The Beginning) are faced with challenges in their new world. The arrival of two submarines and an elderly couple from the mainland certainly helped the only two surviving, breeding couples known on the planet - but it also created other issues. Other survivors join the small community and as events unfold, relationships are strained and lives are endangered.



A meteorite had crashed into the Arctic, unleashing microbes that had taken the lives of all air-breathing creatures, it became to be generally known by the few survivors as the devastation. Throughout the world a few fortunate individuals had survived the catastrophe, submarine personnel, scuba divers, miners etc. but the only two, known, surviving couples left on earth, capable of breeding, had been on a diving holiday and they were marooned on the island of St. Santia in the Caribbean.

By setting up some automated telephones the two couples managed to contact Joan and John Hamax, an elderly couple in Maine, who had also survived the devastation because of an accident that necessitated them being in hospital wearing oxygen masks. The couple decided to make the trip from the mainland to the island of St. Santia and on route their vessel was detected by the submarine U.S.S. Augusta which was being accompanied by the U.S.S. Connecticut.

Many trials and tribulations had been encountered by all the survivors, not least of which was the fact that the two surviving, breeding couples, who had met in St. Santia as two men and two women; were actually gay. But life will find a way and the two couples did indeed produce children which coincided with the arrival on the island of the Hamaxs and the two submarines.

The submariners had made a commitment that they would visit Norfolk, U.S.A. on a regular basis in the event that sailors who had decided to leave the vessel after the devastation may someday wish to return. In addition, a small detachment of submariners felt that life would be better for them if they remained on the island of Bermuda.

Suddenly, overnight, the St. Santia community had grown and with the extra man-power, expertise and resources the submarines had brought, events would unfold that would once again change the lives of many of the survivors.

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