Science Fiction Short Stories

By Brian C. Alexander All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Mystery


This collection of Science Fiction stories are the first in a collection of hundreds cooked up by the mind of Brian C. Alexander. Fantastic, apocalyptic or ethreal, they dwell in unknown space.

Exile Faeries

In the night they came. Like little fluttering balls of fuzzy light, like mana, they fell from the stars and flew in from opened windows and under closed doors. It was the nature of these things, these beings of no identifiable sentience, to gently float into the rooms of the sleeping and guide their way in through the mouths, ears, and nostrils of the defenseless.

The sleep was their ticket into the human mind. Down the hatch, they went to perform devious tasks inside the brain. They evaporated like particles of fog, breaking like a bubble at the tip of a sharp surface.

In they went, and that was all it took for one of us to become one of them. Forward and simple, they were extraterrestrials. Well, more simply… they were living bacteria; like microscopic beings, fully capable of level-headed thinking, but with a sinister function.

So we assumed. It wasn’t until the following morning, in the day after the night the balls of light had infected half of the people on the planet, that the first hundred stepped forward and declared their existence to the people of Earth.

The beings did acknowledge, with no remorse or boastful appearance, that the lives of those they had taken over were truly lost, and any futile attempt to remove them from their human-vessels would only result in further loss of life and needless conflict.

Instead, these beings wished to live alongside humans. And while the decision to coexist alongside a race of beings, who had just knocked off half the planet’s population, was the quickest and most tame way to have ended the conflict the very day it had arisen, nobody was having it.

No, a war did erupt and at the end of a century of conflict there stood a society in which the possessed, now dubbed ‘Faeries’ due to their original glowing appearance before possession, had integrated into society by the wills of the rest of humankind.

It was only after the war that the human race was willing to sit down and hear the Faeries’ side of the story. Their race had fled from a faraway place, constructed of light thread and thought-clouds, fleeing away from a looming blackness which had continued to swallow all of space and had worked it’s way upon their chunk of the cosmos.

It was at this time, before this spacey darkness could swallow them up, that the Faeries fled from their realm, out from the periwinkle stardust of a far-away quadrant, and came upon our planet where they were to choose a mortal body and bonded with it to survive.

They had no ill-intent. They were merely a race of unfortunate souls escaping a violent death at the hands of one of the universe’s many threats. In that respect, they had become a threat to themselves.

Scholars had believed the Faeries to be the remanence of an ancient species. One that had possible evolved beyond a need for any physical form, but were on the decline, back, hence their sudden need for hosts.

The consciousness of the Faerie would simply erase the human’s mind, and from there the body would become immortal and almost doll-like in appearance. The Faerie’s soul fueled the whole and as humans rotted away the Faeries flourished in their controlled population.

For the Faeries did not multiply. They were a contained race of exactly three-million or more particles of living orbs. This helps much with their integration into mortal life. There was never any fear of them overtaking the planet, combined with the fact that many years of passive aggressive behavior had proven that their race did not wish to terminate mankind.

Long after the cities of old were rebuilt, and communism was set back into motion, the human race had settled in Europe and the Faeries were given the option to live their immortal lives in, what used to be, the other side of the world.

This being America and Canada since the Faeries didn’t seem to care for any particular climates. Where London once stood, there, from top to bottom, was a free space where both the humans and Fairies could live together.

After the Faeries had taken human hosts the body they had taken would be, by all scientific knowledge, dead by definition. The reproductive organs shut down and the body could no longer take in nutrients.

The Faeries ran purely on thought. Back in those days we only knew what they did, and even less than they’d let us in on. Still, there was no reason to hid anything from us. All these decades later and it would seem that the Faeries have… or had, no ulterior motives.

Not unless they had a secret agenda which included living peacefully alongside humans for x-amount of years and conforming, without complaint, to our orders and regulations regarding their race’s privileges on our green and blue sphere.

No, now we could see the Faeries were, for lack of any other term, peaceful. That is, peaceful, as thinly as we could stretch the word. Couples rarely formed, but, of course, there did arise those peculiar humans who did wish and intend on mating with the possessed mortals.

And in the days in which both races were coming to terms with that bit of beautiful imagery, both races had also witnessed the first hate crime committed on the side of the humans since the Great Fat War.

A mortal man, from the South, had blown the brains out of a Faerie, killing the little being and enraging the collective. It was at this time that the Faeries had begun to show their patience wearing low and demanded action on our part.

The man was locked up as an example of the laws of the new world and from that day forth that any human who took the life of a Faerie, and vice versa, would be sentenced to death. Not many more hate crimes erupted after that and life went on as it usually had.

There was nothing any opposing humans could do after that. All any of us could do was sit by campfires and hear the Faeries tell stories of the things far beyond our galaxy. Of worlds, wonders, and terrors that lurk out there, beyond discovery.

They never hesitated to mention the threat which gobbled up their world and often remarked as to how their actions almost caused the complete breakdown of the human race, just as that force which threatened them might, very well, just have been the escaping victim of another extreme destructive force, come to ravish them for its own good.

It was this philosophy, panic and a reluctance to act which caused misplaced carnage, and anger in the eyes of the victims of these cosmic-scale catastrophes; theorized as a chain reaction of destruction caused by salvation.

The broken star disrupted the flow of the black energy, causing it to flee. The black energy’s need to feed pushed it toward the Fairies’ home, causing them to run away and settle in the bodies of earthlings.

The only difference between the previous forces and the humans was the fact that we were stationary. Humans stood and fought the fight that no previous force, great or as mighty as they’d claim to be, would fight.

Some supposed that it wasn’t due to lack of trying. For you see, in those days we had no means of interstellar travel. And certainly not on a grand scale as was needed to clear roughly three-million people off the face of the planet.

At that time. And even if we had, by that time we’d all have been getting cabin fever, locked up in a big old can in space, combing the universe for another inhabitable planet. That is if one could even be found.

A while had passed and a new threat had emerged. This startling reappraisal of life on earth came at the supposed halt of the Faeries’ peaceful intent towards humans. Mankind had first taken arms up against the Faeries, and now most believed, this being a long time coming, that the Faeries were to take up arms against us.

It all began with an altercation between a Faerie and a man, somewhere in the UK. Well… what used to be the UK. No one was really sure what happened, but it was prominently made out to be the hate-slaying of a human at the hands of an extraterrestrial.

At first, not many people believed it to be true. In fact, those now sitting in charge of the planet, who decreed what was fit and unfit in the new world, were prepared to shrug it off as anti-Faerie extremists trying to raise a fit.

At first, the Faeries had no opinion on the altercation and refused to comment, despite being a collective and having full knowledge of the situation. This only arose suspicions. Hate groups had arisen almost from the immediate closing of the old war, and even all these centuries later, there were still those who believed the Faeries had yet to complete some hidden plan.

I myself, being a professor of psychology, was prepared to give the Faeries the benefit of the doubt. Rallies across the earth were held in defense of the alien race, and soon the fire began to die down.

Space travel was created with their help and soon it began to look as if total peace was completely achievable. That was… until one night, on a particular bias news network, a recording had come out, in regards to the Faerie that had supposedly taken the life of a human all those years back.

The recording was of the convicted Faerie walking into a confessional, in a human church, and confessing to the sin of murder… out of fear. The Faerie admitted later that he had taken the man’s life because he had believed his own was being threatened, and unlike his past brethren, he was unwilling to stand there and let his life possibly be taken by a man granting him a hostile look.

He took action against a man he believed was trailing him, smashed his head in with a wooden cane and fled the scene. It wasn’t until later that the Fairy admitted overreacting to the situation, yet, the collective chose to play dumb on behalf of their brother.

It was a priest, of the anti-Faerie variety, that brought the recorded confession to officials, all for the chance to put a hole in the trust of both species. No one could have predicted it from the start, but that priest single-handedly set off the series of events that led to the Faeries being exiled off the planet.

Once the recording fell into the hands of officials it remained quiet for a bit. Then, the priest had made copies and ensured they had gotten out. He even revealed that the human government had purposely hidden the truth behind the slaying.

This was all the proof that anyone needed. Chaos erupted like never before. The Anti-Faerie movement had just started to rise again, and past questions about the alien race’s need to be on the planet began to spring up.

The papers dubbed it The Panic-Slaying Heard Across The Cosmos. Utter bullshit. Through a few more years of fighting, and many unsuccessful court cases later, it was finally decreed that, with the use of new space travel technology, that the Faeries were to be banished from Earth and set up shop on another planet immediately.

Extended travel would be no issue for them. All they needed was their human vessels. They did not need to breathe and they never aged. So, on a date I don’t care to remember, the Faeries boarded up ships and left for a life back into the vastness of space.

And it was there, among the stars and the far-away belts of a glorious ethos, that they were to find a new home. And for the first time in a long time, the Anti-Faerie percentage of the planet had nothing to say.

The one thing they had wanted from the beginning had finally happened. In an instant, there was no one who could maintain armies, work power plants or upkeep whole countries. America and Canada were blown away with not enough people to tend to them.

Half the earth fell apart and the human race was at it’s lowest population. The hate groups had never thought ahead. The loss of so many workers, contributors and helpers collapsed society.

Our economy fell apart as half the earth had vanished in a day. And they cheered. God dammit, they cheered when it happened. Needless to say, they aren’t cheering now. Reactors went unattended for months and self-destructed.

The oceans have gotten bigger and the land is a great dune. The Fairies were gone, without any further struggle. And most mortals had to get on with the fact that it all ended without bloodshed.

I believe a great many were disturbed by that fact, sick as it is. I also believe we truly lost something that day. Space extended its hand and we swatted it away, proving that we were not ready for something like this.

We had spaceships, capable of travel, but all they did was collect dust in hidden bunkers. There were some of us who missed them; the Faeries. And moving forth from the day they had left, there was a certain emptiness on the face of the planet.

A panicked rush to rid the world of anything new or bizarre. To alienate, and destroy and push out anything that wasn’t human. Still… they were more human than we had ever thought they were.

I believed, at least.

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