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Society has changed. Humanity is now named after mere numbers. A new Utopia has been born from the ashes of their own. Marco, a young Terran born from the blue Earth feels compelled of his own identity in a society that disregards Terrans. But after a disastrous event almost put their society in jeopardy, his conviction proves well of his own skills. in this first book series 'Utopia', Marco sets out into a dangerous voyage filled with secrets and deceit that will put his won loyalty to the test. Beyond the crossroads of destiny, he will discover his true purpose that will question is own humanity. Only then will he know the true meaning of Utopia.

Chapter 1 Assault

Datalog #001457

Soldier Richard Eleven - Utopian Spacefaring Colonies.

15th of August, 2317.

It’s been three days since we left Utopia, and it feels like traveling a long journey. I realized that doing these travels around space isn’t that bad. After all, this is my first mission through space, and it’s going smoothly. Getting to know the crew feels good, at least. But, they are more or less the same. Today I talked to a soldier named Julian Three. We talked about our lives on Utopia. Basically, it’s not very impressive. He mentioned that he joined the military just to serve the Emperor. To serve his rule and might, and to guide our civilization to a brighter future. His enthusiasm is admiring. I too joined the military because my parents control the Military Police. And I wanted to be like them, make them proud. Life in Utopia is pretty boring, if you ask me. But, I feel that joining the military is like flying away from my problems, so I guess it’s not half bad that I joined this expedition. And also, to write this diary for myself. Which keeps me sane from the space journey.

We are still traveling to our destination. It is estimated that we will arrive to Nova 14 in approximately two days. I heard in the briefing that Nova 14 is a small colony, and we are to deliver a precious package to the colony. God knows what. Count Diaz, the lord of Sector Seven, is on board here, in the USV Hermes, to supervise the delivery. I mean, this package is super secret that not even the Count shared it’s details. The Council really want this thing delivered. His Highness also mentioned that an important guest will be waiting for us at Nova 14. Someone from the higher ups. I really am nervous about this. In truth, I hope I made the grand decision of doing this. I hope my parents are proud of me. For now, I will write other stuff in my diary if I get bored.

Datalog #001458

Soldier Richard Eleven - Utopian Spacefaring Colonies.

16th of August, 2317.

I was awoken by the intercom of the ship. They say that the ship has changed course from our original path. Apparently there was a mass of asteroids on the way so, they took precautions. Guess the days will be a little longer now. My post was to scout the Engineering Deck for at least two hours until my shift change.

I talked around the ship, and I met Julian again. He was worried, for some reason. He told me that he heard that Nova 14 has been invaded by space pirates. It is true that space pirates are nasty in every way, but the colony must have their own missile defenses. I doubt they will infiltrate the colony so easily. I understand that the Royal Guard are powerful enough to expel a legion. They can’t fall. Not now. To be honest, I’m kind of scared right now. Never shot a person before. I hope I won’t do that when we arrive. I guess talking to Julian was comforting from the other soldiers, the faces of them are blank with no sense of emotion. More like robots, just like in Utopia. Julian is different. So am I.

As I write this log, I began to snoop around the interior parts of the ship. I was commanded to patrol the areas, but I decided to take a little peak at the Relaxation Room. They say that it’s a place of numerous things to release stress. But, it’s for high ranking personnel that have the privilege to step in. This time, I wanted to see it. I knew that at this hour, everyone was upstairs with their briefings. I step inside and sat down in one of the relaxation seats. It was smooth and relaxing. The seat gave me a release of stress, which I needed it. A row of TV sets, displayed the Utopian insignia, a shield with a sword with wings and a crown above it’s tip, twirling around. On my right, I saw the greatest view ever, millions of stars decorated the window. I always wonder what will it be out there, on the grand universe that we live in. Will we meet another race? The thought makes me laugh. Probably will never happen. I once dreamed of seeing Earth, of seeing that precious blue planet. To know what it is. The Terrans are really lucky. But, I guess it’s nothing more than a dream to me. Anyway, I guess I’ll lay down here for awhile. It’s better for me to relax, than simply patrol this giant ship.

Datalog #001459

Soldier Richard Eleven - Utopian Spacefaring Colonies.

16th of August, 2317.

I woke up from my nap(long sleep), and I saw a red alarm blaring inside the Relaxation Room. As I write my log, I took my gun and quickly ran toward the main hall. Maybe there are enemies inside. Perhaps the Space Pirates got us. Soldiers from every rank came pouring in into battle. My legs were shaking. But I’m heading to defend the ship. I’ll write more of what’s happening.

Datalog #001460

Soldier Richard Eleven - Utopian Spacefaring Colonies.

16th of August, 2317.

My name is Richard Eleven. I was born in Utopia, on Sector Eleven. If anyone can read this, please call for help. Our ship has been invaded by unknown assailants. They wear red armor. They have dog helmets. They came and slaughter most of the crew members. I remained hidden, trying to decipher the situation. They came from the Flight Deck. No doubt they will take control the rest of the ship.

I called for the Count using my WEB but communications are jammed. There’s no way I could call for back up. The red armor soldiers are moving quickly. They look desperate, like searching for something. I have to move and help my friends. I have no choice. I have to fight. I will update this diary for any changes.

Datalog #001461

Soldier Richard Eleven - Utopian Spacefaring Colonies.

16th of August, 2317.

The red armor soldiers have taken control of the Flight Deck. I remained hidden from sight. It is unknown if the Count or any soldiers are still alive. But I remain hidden on a ventilation shaft which leads to the other side of the deck.

My dear brother, if you are reading this, tell my family I loved them, even though I was nothing to them. Only you understood my emotions. I failed you. I have become a coward, destined to fail. I don’t even know if I can escape from here. They are heavily armored and ready to go to war with the Utopian fleets. I overheard the enemy soldiers about a name. Zero, it was called. They say it’s the objective they are looking for. I bet it’s the package we were supposed to deliver at Nova 14. But, I promise you this, I will do everything in my power to save this ship from collapse. I will protect the package and save the mission from failure. I want you to know that I wanted to be like you, a great knight of the empire. Even though I joined the military, I still worshipped you always. If you are reading this, brother, please notify the Utopian Imperial Fleets.

This is my final log. I love you.

Richard Eleven

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