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I learned a lot about these beings named the FREE. They were originally from Saffar, a planet in the constellation of Andromeda, this was something I knew already. However, there was more information I had not had before.

Some decades ago a civil war broke out on Saffar. It drove two splinter cells to different constellations one to the constellation of Orion specifically to the star of Alinam. The other drove off to the constellation of Scorpio specifically to the star of Antares.

The cell that split to Alinam became known as the Carrions, meanwhile the cell that split to Antares, they began calling themselves as the FREE. The FREE composed of the elites of the planet of Saffar, they went off to conquer Antares and renamed themselves as the FREE shortly after settling in Scorpio.

When the Golordians asked for aid when the Zhiran attacked our planet, the FREE happened to be trying to expand out at the time. Seizing the opportunity to pick up the shatters of the civilization that would be devastated from the Zhiran War they came to assist. This was what the story had claimed, what really happened was something entirely different.

The FREE were here already on this planet long before the Zhiran attacked. Per what Zephyr showed me the FREE had found the means of getting in contact with the Zhiran and sent them information regarding this planet. The one leading the way in contacting the Zhiran was none other than my very own father Norman Hunraken. My father himself was thought to be a member of the FREE who came from Antares.

This was a lot to take in and I was trying to decipher all of it. It could be it was all lies. I could not rule that out. There was a distinct possibility that the Rebels had made this propaganda in hopes of tarnishing my father’s good name. There was, however, a higher possibility that the Rebels were right.

Hunraken was not a Golordian name. It was in no way shape or form a Golordian name. When I compared it to known names of those who came from Antares, especially with the known members of the Free, I could only help but to conclude that yes, the name Hunraken had to have come from these people.

There was also the question of Persephone, how was it that I knew her if it turned out she had died nearly 30 years ago? That also did not sit well with me. I had memories of growing up with the girl, I remember the love devotion and dedication she shared. I suddenly realized that when my father downloaded her personality into me…I had stopped seeing Persephone.

Could it be that Persephone was a hologram or some sort of programmed AI that my father was using all this while? The thought did occur to me.

An overwhelming question loomed suddenly upon my subroutines. Could I now execute my father’s orders? I was uncertain. Though I was programmed to execute the orders, my father had given me enough self-esteem that I could not execute an order I did not myself want to execute.

As such I was now in limbo. I did not know what to do.

I had completed target one. I had located Zephyr Ezekiel Platinumus.

I decided to enter another target.

1a. Get to know Zephyr Ezekiel Platinumus to decide if he can be executed as part of target 2. The strange primate’s words about learning what the Rebellion is really doing were starting to sink in.

The target of getting to know Zephyr was easier said than done. How did one “get to know somebody?” None of my subroutines that I had programmed into me had an adequate answer to this question. So, I asked people that I knew about this very conundrum. There was one person I wanted to know more about already, Rae. So I decided to test out getting to know her. So I went looking for her.

This was a bit easier said than done though. Before going to go find her I had decided that I needed to wear something nice so I could go talk to her. I had a hard time deciding what to wear it took me nearly an hour to finally decide on a nice blue shirt and a grey skirt and black heels.

I then went looking for Rae in the camp.

“Who’s the lucky lad?” The Bear said when I bumped into him.

“Explain?” I asked since the statement confused me.

“Usually when a young lass, such as yourself dresses like that it’s to get some lad’s attention,” the Bear said.

“Oh really?” I said looking down at myself. I didn’t see it as something that was trying to get somebody’s attention. I liked the colors and they matched well together. I knew I should had gone with that pink dress…

“I’m actually only going to meet with Rae, do you think this is too much?” I asked and the Bear looked taken aback by that question.

“Ehem…” he cleared his throat. “Ye’d be fine I think.”

“Maybe I should change I don’t want to get some lad’s attention as you said.” I said and the Bear quickly stopped me.

“It’s fine,” the Bear said. “Like I said earlier ‘usually’ that’s what it means, but I don’t think you should change.”

“Very well,” I said nodding.

“So ye and Ms. Mauve have gotten close?” The Bear said.

“You can say that,” I said my mind wandering to what had happened earlier. I felt myself smile for a moment before I shook my head and realized I shouldn’t be feeling happy. Happiness was an emotion and I wasn’t programmed to feel emotions.

“Well I’m glad fer the both of ye,” the Bear said and he walked off.

“I swear that guy makes me laugh sometimes,” a voice said and it made me turn around. I looked over and saw the same being as earlier standing in front of me about 8 feet away. How did he get there?

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