Skylar Lodge: Origins

By Zelda Ackerman All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy


Imagine a world with technology, magic, cars, wizards, skyscrapers and dragons. A world where some kids go to school to study the law, while others learn to control the elements. A world where some are born talented at drawing, while others are born talented at magically healing. This is the world where Skylar Lodge lives, a teenage girl with powers and big dreams. Her biggest ambition is to become the greatest Mage, but when everyone, including her parents, are against her, will she make it? One thing’s for sure, Skylar Lodge may be a completely average loser, but she never gives up.


As the sun was slowly setting, Lisa Dunberg was begining to worry. Her husband was supposed to arrive in any moment, but the hours were passing and he was nowhere to be seen. She had never felt so helpless than she was at that moment, as everything she could do was to look through the dirty window of the motel at the people that were passing by and hoping one of them was Kirk. With every face she saw that wasn’t his, the woman’s heart was feeling a little heavier. She stopped looking through the window only to look behind her, at the king sized bed on which was sleeping her two-month-old child. There was a certain kind of innocence in the way the baby slept restlessly, as if it’s parents weren’t chased and everything was right in the world. The child’s face made Lisa feel a little bit peaceful, but it wasn’t enough. Without wanting to, horrible thoughts began to wander through her mind again. What if something happened to her husband? What if he was caught by Him? But that wasn’t possible, Him couldn’t find them. They were always careful, they never let themselves be traced that easily.

And what if, somehow, he found a way to trace them? He was after all a great wizard, but powers few could understand. How hard could it be for Him to just find them? But what if His servants were the ones that found them? Just when she was beginning to panic, Kirk stumbled his way into the room. He looked behind him, as if he was afraid he was being followed, and then he closed the door. Together at last, the young couple was finally breathing relieved., even if the horror was far from being ended. The man searched through his pockets, and then he finally showed his wife the fake passports that he managed to buy.

“Good,” he said, seeing that Lisa had already packed.

“Why are there only two?” she interrupted him.

She wasn’t seeing things, her husband gave her only two passports, one for her and one for him. That wasn’t the plan. As soon as Kirk managed to buy the fake passports, the couple and their child would leave the country with the first airplane. Why hasn’t he brought a passport for the baby? Lisa looked at her husband with worry on her face, just in time to see the panic and guilt in his eyes.

“There’s been a change of plans,” he murmured, looking at the floor, as if he were to look at his wife, he would remain speechless.

“Kirk, what did you do?”

Her voice began to crack, and for some reason, that annoyed Kirk. He was beginning to look more panicked, and he was constantly looking at the door, as if he was expecting someone.

“Lisa, we don’t have time!” he yelled, making a step forward towards the baby.

But the woman was faster, and in a heartbeat, she placed herself between her husband and her child. She wasn’t going to move until he would tell her the truth, and her determined look was sending the message clearly. The tension in the air grew, as Kirk couldn’t find his words. He couldn’t hide something from her. He would always tell her the truth, but he just needed a little push.

“What did you do?” repeated Lisa.

Under his wife’s gaze, Kirk gave in. He couldn’t lie to her, so he might as well just tell her the truth.

“I made a deal with Him,” he said softly, making the woman gasp. “He said that if we give him the child he would leave us alone.”

While trying to get over the shock, Lisa yelped. She looked behind her again, and her baby was still sleeping peacefully. When the thought sank in, the situation was beginning to feel ridiculous. All this time they believed that Him was after one of them. This made sense much more than the truth, that Him was actually chasing their baby all along.

“What does he want from our child?” she asked Lisa, as she couldn’t find the strength to say something else.

Not even the argument between it’s parents managed to wake the baby up.

“I don’t know,” said Kirk frowning. “He said the child is The Two-Souled-One.”

“The Two-Souled-One?” laughed Lisa, looking at her husband. “It’s just a fairytale, there’s no such thing.”

“Tell that to a crazy killer!” shouted Kirk. “Don’t you get it, Lisa? There is no other option! It’s the child or us, that were the terms!”

He ended his speech by punching the wall, making Lisa shiver. Seeing the fear on his wife’s face, Kirk relaxed. He didn’t like to see her like that and he despised the fact that he was the one that made her feel this way.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, embracing her. “But we don’t have a choice and we are too young for a child anyway. This is our only chance for a future, and who knows, maybe we can make it right then…”

With tears rolling down her face, the woman nodded. She grabbed her child carefully, as she was always doing it. It was still sleeping, and maybe in its dreams it was safe. If they weren’t giving the child, they were going to get killed. They couldn’t run anymore, Him was going to find them no matter where they would go. It was either the child or them, there was no other option. In a desperate act, Lisa touched her child’s forehead and she closed her eyes. The baby vanished from her arms in a second, so fast that Kirk could barely understand what happened. She sent it far away from its father that wanted to sacrifice it, in a place where Him could never find it. This was her gift, to hide small things in places that only she knew. This was her power, something that even though seemed useless and boring, it saved her baby’s life. Kirk screamed, grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her violently, the fear of the death making him show his true colors.

“You killed us!” he cried. “Bring it back!”

But she didn’t care, nor she was afraid. If her child was safe, it didn’t matter what would happen to her. Him could torture and kill her, but he would never find the Two-Souled-One. The lights in the room began to flicker and the ground to shake, making Kirk cry harder. Their time was up.

“It’s over!’

Maybe it was over for them, Lisa thought, as she closed her eyes. But she didn’t regret it, she would have made the same choice.

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