Human Chemistry

By Harlow K. Brunton All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance


Human Chemistry is the first installment of my Humans series based around a flirty man from a small town in Virginia. Talon is drugged and held in an illegal lab owned by an organization known as Peppermint. There he is experimented on, gains new abilities, and falls in love with a man that cant risk growing close to anyone for fear of losing his little sister.

Weird Injections

Two bangs on the wall outside the cell. Talon shot up from his bunk and hit his head comically on the ceiling, “Fuck!” he rubbed his head groaning as he climbed down to the floor. The bunk under him was empty. There were only so many people there so he didn’t have a cellmate yet. He smirked seeing the tall, beautiful, silver-haired woman standing outside the bars. “Morning Tai.” She just stared at him with the same cold absent look she always had when she first came to his cell in the morning.

“It’s time for your morning tests.” her voice made it obvious she’d grown up in Russia or at least that’s what she told him once though he wasn’t sure what that meant. She tapped a code into her tablet and a loud buzzer sounded as the door rolled aside on a belt. Talon stepped out of the cell with a bright smile and stretched glad to be in a larger space.

“So what am I in for today? Drugs, men, adventure?” he laughed, “ Or maybe I’ll finally get some new clothes?” The woman couldn’t help but laugh softly, “It’s your own fault your current clothes are in the state they’re in.” Talon looked down at his shirt with a grin remembering last week. “Yeahhh.” With that, the woman led Talon down the familiar hallways. At the sight of the clean white….well everything, around him he felt a sense of loss though he wasn’t sure why as this building is all he’s ever known. They soon arrived at their destination, a set of steel doors leading into an all too familiar lab and an all too familiar doctor. He’d never seen his face or heard his voice but he recognized the shock of blond hair pulled into a tight ponytail, presumably to keep it out of his face. It seemed that the doctors here believed there to be a defect in how the drug affected him or at least that’s what they said in the beginning. Talon figured that now they just used him as a sort of guinea pig for random concoctions even they don’t understand.

He was lead gently by Taisia to his table. She had always been nicer to him than any of the other guards. He really wasn’t sure why but he liked to think it was his bright personality. The doctor stared at him a little longer than usual making his heart do unwelcome little flips in his chest. When you only have a years worth of memories and half of them are of the man sticking needles full of who knows what into various parts of your anatomy you grow frustrated with the way his eyes could lock you in place with very little effort. He smirked up at him, “ Ready to stick more mystery chemicals into my veins?” Honestly, the sentence shouldn’t have seemed sexual in this context but Talon had that effect on things. It was like every word that came out of his mouth was an innuendo. The doctor was used to Talon’s antics so the remark shouldn’t have affected him and yet he seemed concerned. He grabbed a syringe from the metal tray next to him and did his usual doctory things with it. Talon wished the man would just shove it up his own ass and see what happened. Now maybe that was because he hated him and wanted to see him suffer but truly it was mostly about getting to see the mysterious man’s ass. Though he kind of wished he could discover that in a nicer context. Once everything seemed ready the man had him pull off his shirt and lay on his stomach. “See something you like Doctor?” the words came out in a sort of cocky purr and his smile could eat shit with confidence. Sadly the blonde didn’t respond. Instead, he simply jabbed the needle into his spine without much in the way of a warning.

“ Well fuck you too,” he muttered before looking the man up and down about as obviously as one would think possible. “Not that I would be opposed to the idea.” The man ignored him and went over to Taisia to talk with her in private. Talon regrettably couldn’t hear a word they said and wanted the attention back on him. He sat up on the table, “Heyyy guyssss!” the two sighed in unison and walked back over to their little redhead attention whore. He would have continued with his usual sarcastic banter but he was cut off by a sharp burning pain shooting up his spine from the area he’d just been stabbed. You’d think pain wouldn’t be unexpected after something like that. Especially not unexpected enough to get someone like Talon to shut up, however, this wasn’t just pain. This was something more. It felt like his ass had been dipped in acid and it was spreading rather rapidly through his systems. His face seemed to be locked in a look of severe pain and he stopped breathing. Talon wasn’t one to let pain through his smile so the lack of any attempt to cover it up left the other two speechless. It wasn’t long before the searing pain had spread across every inch of his body. He was reduced to a sobbing ball of agony and there was nothing either of the two with him was allowed to do about it.

Talon had no idea when he blacked out or when the pain stopped but there he was lying in bed staring at his ceiling. Something certainly felt off but he couldn’t quite place it so he just made his way down to the floor. He yawned as he lumbered over to the bars on his cell and leaned against them lazily. “Tai Tai!!“ The bored cries went unanswered as he expected. They did earn him a few tired glares from other prisoners across the hall though. Talon sighed heavily and sat on the floor of his cell wishing he was still asleep.

Talon probably would have spent the rest of his day like that if he’d gone uninterrupted. He was normally rowdier and would find countless ways to irritate those around him but he felt a bit out of it. Taisia soon stood above him from the other side of the bars. “You of all people sitting peacefully on the ground…I never thought I’d see the day.” Talon glared up at the woman as she seemed to be mocking him.

“Oh shut up Mother Russia.” Taisia sighed, “I was told to bring you back in when you woke. Dr. Sweeney was worried about your condition.” He grinned, “So that’s his name!” The woman just lets him out of the cell with a concerned smile. Talon didn’t quite understand the look. Taisia had no reason to be concerned for him he was just another prisoner she had to keep in line.

Soon enough they were back in the same lab as before and Dr. Sweeney seemed to have been pacing as he waited. He turned around hearing the door and sighed in relief when he saw Talon up and moving. Taisia led Talon back over to the table as always. The doctor moved over to him quickly and looked him over. Talon wasn’t sure why the man seemed so worried for him considering that he’s the one that injected the mystery shit into his spine in the first place. Dr. Sweeney seemed to find that there was nothing wrong with him externally as he walked back over to some of his instruments. Talon figured they would go through the regular tests as usual and he’d be sent back to his cell. He was almost correct in that assessment other than the fact that the “usual” tests weren’t all that usual and they took about three hours. By the time they were finally finished with him, the Doctor was much more invested in his findings than he was in him. Talon huffed indignantly at the lack of attention as he was being led away by Taisia. Before they went through the doors he turned back and called out to Dr. Sweeney. The man looked over at him reluctantly just to see Talon blow him a kiss, “Till I see you again Dr. Sweety.” With that, he left hoping he had at least caused a small blush under that mask.

Talon spent most of the way back to his cell trying to strike up a conversation with Taisia. The woman indulged him for the most part though she still refused to reveal anything about herself. All Talon knew about her was that she came from a place she called Russia and that she wasn’t like the rest of the guards. She would never admit it but she always made sure to be the one to deal with Talon as much as she could without raising suspicion. Taisia wasn’t exactly Talon’s type but she was mysterious, kind, and beautiful. She had this long, wavy, silver hair that cascaded down her back in a sort of icy waterfall. It was always a bit of an adventure to talk to her. Sometimes she laughed with him and others she became a violent-minded mother. Talon really wasn’t sure what it was about her that reminded him of the word mother as he didn’t really have a clue what it meant but it just felt right.

“Hey Tai.” The woman acknowledged him with a small nod, “Can I ask you something?” She laughed softly and waved for him to go ahead as she opened his cell door.

“You can ask but I won’t guarantee an answer.” Talon chuckled and stood back as she closed him back into the cell.

“What’s a mother?” Talon hated feeling like he was missing something important and seeing the sad look on Taisia’s face gave him that sickening feeling in his gut. She sighed and reached through the bars to put her hand on his shoulder.

“A mother is the only woman in the world who will still cradle you in her arms even if you’ve stabbed her loving heart. She is the most amazing, strong, loving, and heroic woman you will ever know.” Taisia smiled softly, “You have one out there somewhere. I’m sure you’ll see her one day.” There was a sad look in her eye as she spoke and he couldn’t quite believe in her fantasy. Despite his disbelief, he found himself holding onto the idea long after she explained it.

Taisia had left Talon in his cell hours ago. In that time he had antagonized a small orange haired girl, flirted with around eleven various guards and prisoners, eaten his shitty dinner, worked out for the sole purpose of attention, and hit his head repeatedly against the wall out of sheer boredom. Now, absolutely none of this was terribly unusual for him. At least it wasn’t until he went to scratch his head only to find blood. You’d think he would have noticed if he managed to hit his head hard enough to draw blood but in fact, he hadn’t felt any pain at all. Talon being Talon thought it wise to explore this discovery further by finding numerous ways to injure himself. He clenched his fist and smirked staring at the wall debating whether or not punching it would be a good idea for much longer than anyone would have expected him to. In the end, he shrugged, “Fuck it,” and punched the wall. His hand came away seemingly uninjured and Talon grinned rearing up to punch it again. This time he didn’t hold back. He wasn’t really sure why but punching things felt oddly natural. The hit landed with a very prominent crack and Talon could no longer move or feel his hand at all. He let out a laugh as he wiggled his limp hand around at the wrist. As much fun as he was having the tiny bit of common sense in the back of his head told him to at least try to get a guard to take him to the infirmary.

It only took a few minutes of yelling before a man came over to his cell. Talon looked him up and down appreciatively before anything else. Seeing the cold glare of the man towering above him he donned a sly grin, “What? I’m not one to deny myself a long look at a man in uniform.” The officer’s expression didn’t change; he just turned to leave. Talon’s grin faltered as he remembered why he called the man over in the first place, “Wait! My hand….” Talon lifted his arm to show him.

The man sighed as he turned back to him. Seeing the bloodied hand he raised an eyebrow in amusement. He let him out of the cell and held his uninjured wrist tightly as he dragged him through the halls. “You know, you could at least take me on a date first,” Talon said with his patented shit-eating grin.

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