Melons and Emeralds, The Green Eyes Series

By dmbproject All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller

Chapter 23

Belinda reread her son’s letter for the sixth time. It was a lot to take in. Devin had mentioned the dreams of his father but she never really thought much about them. The thought that her husband could see her when Devin was near was very comforting. That was how he knew when they were in need. But where was he? His P.S. at the end of Devin’s letter never hinted as to his whereabouts. They were instead words of his never-ending love for her. He assured her he would watch after their son. He hoped to see her again but didn’t make any promises.

Belinda gently touched the words on the letter. Her husband was alive but something was very wrong at PIGC. She prayed her green-eyed son would be safe.

She wrote a letter to him but addressed it to the address Mr. Jones had included on the envelope. She wrote to her husband in a P.S.

Later that day she met with Nicky and showed her the letter. Nicky was even more disturbed.

“I knew there was something strange about those green eyes! What is going on Belinda?”

“I know only as much as you!” stammered Belinda.

“I am so sorry I urged you to let Devin go.”

Sheila came running into the room. “What’s the matter with Devin?” she screeched. She was holding the little dog.

“Don’t worry honey,” Belinda assured her. “Devin is just fine. We just miss him that’s all.”

Sheila looked into Belinda’s eyes and could tell she was keeping something from her but she let it go. She knew the grownups would never confide in her even though she was a big seven-year-old. She went back down the hall towards her room and shut the door. She did not go in but snuck back up the hallway until she could hear them.

“…years he has been seeing us, watching Devin grow up. It’s just so strange. How can this be?”

“And to think he went to that school when he was a year old. I knew he was smart but geez.”

“Yes, he was always so smart. Sometimes I felt like he was hiding his intelligence from me. I think Devin did that too. Then there was the closeness between him and Devin. He loved that baby in a way that seemed too intense. There was a spark between them that I can’t describe.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s hard to say. Sometimes he would stand there staring at Devin when he was asleep. His expression was loving yet…fearful I guess. He reminded me of a cornered animal protecting its cub. Then Devin would always wake up and reach out his hand to him. One time I saw a tear fall when Kevin took his hand. It was soon after that…”

“When he left?” Belinda nodded. A tear dropped from her eye.

“I have to get Devin back!” Belinda said suddenly.

“How you gonna do that? He’s in Hawaii.”

Belinda’s shoulders slumped. “I don’t know. What do you think I should do?”

Nicky put her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Wait until you get another letter. Write back and ask Kevin what you should do.”

“I already wrote a letter but I haven’t sealed it yet.”

“Maybe you can get in contact with this Mr. Jones and see if he can help. He is Kevin’s father, right? Besides, you really don’t know what’s going on. Kevin didn’t tell you to take Devin out and Devin doesn’t seem to be in any danger right?”

“I guess not. I’ll write to Mr. Jones too and see if he knows what going on with the school and my Devin.”

Nicky took Belinda into the kitchen to get some tea. Sheila ran into the living room and quickly wrote down the return address on the letter. When she went to school the next day she asked her teacher how to mail a letter. Her teacher told her if she wrote one and had the address, he would help her mail it. During recess, she wrote to Devin and the teacher helped her send it to Mr. Jones.

The picture shook in the old wrinkled hand. The old man tried to steady his hand by grasping it with his other one but both hands shook so badly that he could barely see the photo. The best doctors in the world could not diagnose him. It was not Parkinson’s they were sure. Something different was going wrong in his brain.

He managed to lay the photo down on an end table. Now if he could just focus on the face. His head tremored violently as he peered down at the picture. He closed his eyes and willed his head still. When he opened his eyes he was looking at the boy who stared up at him from the photo.

“Those eyes,” he exclaimed out loud.

Even though he had seen the picture of Devin Winslow many times he made sure he looked at it every day.

When Trent arrived he found his father bent over the end table. The nurse had told him the old man had been in that position for over an hour. This was not the first time Trent had walked in on him like this.

“Our boy is doing exceedingly well,” he said jubilantly as he gently pulled back his father’s shoulders. He looked down at the man’s face. He seemed so old. His eyes were so dull. He was never the same after Kevin had left with Annie. “All of his teachers say he is the best student they have ever had. He is his father’s son.”

“Have they spotted Kevin?” The old man’s voice was weak and shaky, but there was a desperate quality in it that Trent had heard before.

“He does not seem to be in Hawaii or Dayton. We just don’t know where to look. We don’t know what name he is using right now. We don’t have anything.” Trent fell into silence and waited. He knew what was coming next.

He looked around the richly furnished den that was his father’s favorite room in the mansion. He recalled a time many years ago when Mr. Gaydos had invited the Jones’ and Kevin there. He had them flown over in his personal jet. Kevin had run around the house enjoying everything that was new to him. He was only three and not yet talking but his expressions were worth a million words.

Trent remembered thinking what a joy the little boy was. It was a shame that he was created for use by evil people. He had been honestly relieved when the boy escaped with his mother and sister. Now the boy was a man and Trent was older and less compassionate. He glanced at the picture of Devin. “Yes,” he thought. “It has taken years but we finally will reap the rewards of the serum.”

The old man was watching him. Trent looked again at the ancient face. He could see the words forming on the thin wrinkled lips.

“I want to see the boy!” The voice was strong and demanding. “Quit putting me off. I will see the boy!”

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