Melons and Emeralds, The Green Eyes Series

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Scifi / Thriller

Chapter 17

Kevin watched everything taking place in Annie’s room until he fell asleep. An hour later Tina woke him up for school. He tuned into Annie but she was sleeping and nothing was going on in her room.

He fell asleep during his first class and was running late for his next one. As he dragged himself through the empty hall he saw Nancy. She had a look of fear in her eyes. It was the same look she always had when she was around Todd. He chased after her as she rounded a corner down a short hallway. When he turned the corner he saw she was not alone. Todd was there. He had her shoved against the wall and wouldn’t let her pass.

Kevin hurried up to them. He grabbed Nancy’s hand and began to pull her.

“Come on Nancy. We’re late for biochemistry,” he urged. As he tried to get past, the bully pushed him down.

“You think you’re something because your father works here. How stupid letting a four-year-old baby into PIGC.” Todd glared at him. Kevin always knew Todd resented him but this was the first time he was confronted by him.

“Don’t let that bully push you around Kevin,” said his mother in his head.

“He’s bullying Nurse Jane’s daughter too. That’s Nancy,” he replied.

“Don’t let him get away with it. Look him straight in the eye and tell him to leave you alone.”

Todd was twice Kevin’s size. Kevin was scared but his mother’s voice gave him confidence. He rose from the floor and locked eyes with the brute.

“You will let us pass and never bother us or anyone else again,” he said calmly.

Todd stepped back as though someone had grabbed him by the back of his neck. He watched as the two pass him and hurried to their class. He knew he would never mess with them again but he did not know why.

Annie watched as well. Her suspicions were now confirmed. She and her son could control people. She wondered if those who controlled their lives knew. She wondered what else the serum had enabled them to do. Perhaps now they could escape. Somehow she had to get away with her son and daughter.

“Did you see me, Mommy? I stood up to that bully and he let us pass.” Kevin was very excited as he talked to Annie after school. She still wouldn’t let him talk to her during his classes.

“I saw Kevin. I’m very proud of you.”

Kevin looked at Annie and saw that the rings under her eyes were gone. She looked much stronger. He looked at Anastasia who was being held by his mother. She was so cute. He longed to be with them.

“Mommy…I’m going to ask Trent to take me to you.” He saw the concerned look on Annie’s face. “I want to be with you and my sister. I need to be with you!”

“Think about this Kevin. How will you explain that you know about us? No one has ever told you about me. How could you explain knowing that I just had a baby? Will you tell him that we can see each other and that we talk?”

“Do you think I should? Are there other children who can talk to their mommies in their head?”

“I don’t believe so. It’s the serum I’m sure, that allows us to talk.” Annie thought for a moment. What if Kevin told them about their ability? Would they allow him to come to her? It seemed they didn’t know much about the effects of the serum. This might be a way to get all of her children together so they can escape. Trent and Mr. Gaydos had left the hospital after visiting Anastasia. Perhaps they were going to see Kevin. “Kevin, you need to look him in the eyes and tell him to let you come here just like you did with that boy.”

“I saw you tell the doctor to leave the baby with you. I think we can make people do whatever we say.”

“Yes, I think that too. I think they have to look into our eyes so you must tell Trent Gaydos when he is looking at you.”

“What else do you think we can do? I saw a spark when Anastasia touched your face. Did you feel anything?”

“I felt a surge of strength.”

“When I saw the spark I knew I could help make you stronger. That’s one of the reasons I need to be with you. You need me, Mommy.”

After thinking for a few moments Annie told Kevin not to let Trent know they could talk to one another. He was just to tell him that he could see her and the baby. It might be to their advantage for no one to know.

Later that week the Gaydos men did indeed come to Hawaii. After greeting Kevin they took Scott and Tina into a separate room to talk. Kevin listened at the door and learned they wanted to bring Anastasia there.

Annie was able to see into the room since Kevin was so close to it. She now had the ability to hear others as well as see them. It took very little effort for her gaze to expand and see the four seated in the dining room discussing her daughter’s future. She knew for sure then that they had no intention of freeing her and the children ever.

“What does the baby look like?” Tina asked Trent.

Trent smiled widely. “She is the most beautiful baby. Her eyes are the same color as Kevin’s but her skin is a lighter hue. She actually looks a lot like Kevin in her facial features.”

“Why is she being taken from her parents?” Scott asked.

Mr. Gaydos glared at him. “You don’t need to know those details!” he said sharply. “We simply need you to take in another child. You will be well compensated.”

“Kevin and his sister are special children who need a special upbringing. We believe you and Tina are able to give them what they need,” Trent chipped in softly. “We are not at liberty to discuss their parents.”

“I see,” Scott responded. “When would the sister arrive?”

“Not for a few months. Maybe even longer. We just need to know that when it is time, you and Tina will welcome her here.”

“I…I always wanted a little girl Scott,” Tina said smiling at her husband. He had his ‘little man.’ Why shouldn’t she have her little girl?

Scott looked at his wife. She was finally getting along with Kevin and was becoming a good mother. Perhaps a baby girl would be good for her. “I guess that’s a yes,” he said grinning at her then turning to Trent.

Trent walked over to him and shook his hand. The four then headed to the door. As Scott opened the door Kevin fell into the room.

“I have a baby sister and she’s coming here?” he demanded. “What about my mommy? What are you going to do with her!?”

“You shouldn’t listen in on grownup conversation Kevin!” Tina reprimanded.

Kevin walked up to Trent and stared him down. “You take me to my mommy and sister.” His eyes penetrated deep into Trent’s brain. “You will take me to them!” he said calmly.

“I…I…guess we can…arrange that,” Trent stammered.

“What are you saying, Trent?” Mr. Gaydos said nervously.

Kevin turned to him and locked his eyes on the old man’s. “You will arrange this Mr. Gaydos won’t you?”

“Yes, Kevin. Yes, yes I will.” The old man felt the power behind Kevin’s words. In that instance, he feared the little boy. He was compelled to obey him. He had always been the man with the power and now he was being controlled by a mere child. His mind started to race for the best solution to getting Kevin to his real family. “I can take you in the jet with Trent and me. We are going there tomorrow. Is that alright with you Kevin?”

“Yes, Mr. Gaydos. That will be satisfactory. I need to pack.” Kevin ran upstairs to his room leaving behind four bewildered adults.

Annie smiled. Kevin had pulled it off without divulging the fact that he already knew about her and Anastasia. Soon she would have both of her children together and nothing and no one could stop them.

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