Melons and Emeralds, The Green Eyes Series

By dmbproject All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller

Chapter 12

Kevin quickly adjusted to his life at PIGC. He lived off campus in a house on the island with Tina, Scott and the nurse and took private classes with the professors. He was the only toddler ever to be admitted to the school but he was not allowed to mingle with the other children.

At two years of age he was potty trained, could do complex math problems, could feed himself without making a huge mess, could read at a 7th-grade level and tie his shoes. Even so, he did not talk or attempt to try. He communicated by writing. Doctors had determined there was nothing preventing him from speaking.

Kevin found human emotions very interesting. He studied everyone he came in contact with. His eyes would watch their faces as they spoke. He remembered every lifting of the eyebrow and in what situation it occurred. Every twitch, grimace, bend or uplift of the lips, nose and brow wrinkle and pout was recording in his mind. He learned to listen to expressions as well as the words coming out of people’s mouths and understood that the words sometimes lied. He loved to look in mirrors. Scott thought he was just having fun making faces but in reality, he was practicing the look of different emotions.

Kevin loved to try his faces on Tina. He knew she really didn’t like him. When they were alone he would imitate her look of disdain and stare at her. That really irritated her. Sometimes she would yell at him to stop looking at her like that. Then he would put on the expression of anger or fear. Both had the desired effect of upsetting her more. One day after staring disdainfully at her for a good five minutes, Tina burst out of the room. Kevin chased after her making sure to change his face every time she looked back at him. She ran into her bedroom and shut the door in his face. He sat outside the door until Scott came home. When he turned to look at Scott he had the saddest face he could manage. He even allowed his eyes to well up with tears. Scott scooped him up compassionately and took him to Kevin’s room.

“What’s wrong little man?” he asked as he sat him on his lap and placed a pad and pencil in Kevin’s hand.

She doesn’t like me, daddy.” Kevin wrote. He let a tear fall.

“That’s not true Kevin. She’s trying to be a good mommy.”

Kevin knew she wasn’t his mommy but let it drop. He didn’t enjoy using the faces on Scott because he loved him. He turned his body around so that he could hug him. Scott wrapped his arms around him and kissed the top of his head.

Kevin heard Tina approach the door. He pressed the side of his face against Scott’s chest but looked at Tina in the doorway. He put on a happy face as he stared at her. He recorded her look of hate mixed with fear in his mind.

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