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From the year of 2002, the class of 2020 was made to be special. In most high schools across the world graduating classes are nothing more than a collection of people born at the same time and forced to sit in boring lectures. People come and go, but the heart is always there. The friends are always there. Growing up in Nipawin Saskatchewan there isn’t much to do besides bond, and bond they did. Everyone from the athletics of Kyle to the art of Persephone, everyone could talk to anybody. In a town of 5,000 people it seems odd that such a collection of people this important to the fate of humanity would ever be in the same location. 68 young men and women prepared for what will come next in their lives. One after another piling on top of each other outside in flowing dresses and smart tuxedos. Some nervous, others excited. Mostly both. One of these people were salutatorian Kira. One of the many people in this grade that has been around since kindergarten.

"Well this is it Boys!" yelled a bulky individual named Mark.

"Shut up Mark!" a girl named Emma chirped up.

Across the small parking lot area A group of 4 boys hung out. Colby, a very average looking boy with dark hair a round face and always with a hat on. Anson, a polite young man with a large cowlick Camren, A stocky outgoing tall fellow and Teagen, with large braces and almost always having headphones on. A small clique of girls from the Philippians. stood in the opposite corner. They had been through everything and were ready for the next step. Not one of these people noticed the sharp dressed, tall, dark skinned man standing in the very back of the parking lot, talking into an earpiece. As the generic country slice of life song that previously beat out smash mouths "all stars" in a vote began to play on tinny sounding speakers across the auditorium. The collection of misfits and popular kids began to flood in as cheers erupted from the proud parents in the crowd. The ceremony continued exactly as previously planned. As the people walked across the stage to receive their diploma. The long drawn out speeches were made. Everything went exactly as it had since the 1960s at L.P Miller comprehensive. That is, until what appeared to be the end of the ceremonies. When the intense, tall principal stood up

"Today, we have a special presentation." started the man "we have a special drink for all the graduates tonight.." he continued

"Booze!" shouted the human epitome of a frat boy named Davis, the students erupted in laughter and before continuing the speech

"So..." The principal explained as teachers came through and passed around champagne glasses full of orange liquid "To adulthood." He rose his glass signaling a toast. Naturally everyone followed "To Adulthood!" echoed a chorus as the students shot back the drinks. All at once, the vision of 67, 18 and 17 year olds became fuzzy before finally turning black.

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