The Enchanted

By Paula Osheroff All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Romance

Chapter 6: Adam

Adam reminded me a little of Val Kilmer in the movie Willow…the long brown hair, kinda scruffy, but charming and a little goofy. I guess that’s why I found him sort of attractive. Not the “must have him” sort of attractive, but a basic physical lust sort of attraction. I didn’t have any major objection to sex with him, but I wasn’t salivating over the idea either. I was beginning to question more and more why I was even here. Andie was offering me something I wasn’t even totally sure I wanted. I was honest when I had said “been there, done that, bored with it.” My only real sexual experience had been that one time in the living room while my parents were out, and frankly, while it wasn’t terrible, it didn’t leave me looking forward to a repeat performance either. It had been 5 or 6 year since, and I really hadn’t had any major urges since then. I knew I was the oddball since sex was rampant on the island, and I remembered the moment with Shane, and to be honest that idea appealed more than Adam, but I wasn’t about to ask Andie to sleep with Shane instead, and I had no intention of telling Shane anything about this new ability.

I worked through my closet for an hour or so, realizing after a while it didn’t really matter what I wore or how I looked, I was going to be a rather invisible part of the equation. I was questioning more and more whether or not I should go through with it. I was pretty close to talking myself out of it when I heard a knock at my door. The twins stood there with matching grins.

“So what are you up to tonight LaLa? We haven’t been to the main for a while, so we were contemplating the normals bonfire, you in? Or are you still mad at Andie for something? What’s up with that anyway – she’s been bugging the fuck out of us on our cell phones trying to get us to get you to call her. No one has been back over in weeks.” I couldn’t see their hands, so I couldn’t tell which one was talking.

“That’s the exact reason I refuse to get one of those damned phones. No, I’m not mad. She came to the island yesterday and we talked it out. We’re meeting up tonight at Adam’s music studio around midnight, you guys are welcome to stop by if you want. I’ll get Andie to text you the address…” I gave us a couple hours leeway to see what happened – I didn’t want the twins walking in on that little scenario.

“OK, glad to hear you are back on speaking terms. Did you say Andie came here? That was colossally stupid. What if the WSGF finds out?” I never realized how frustrating it is to hold a conversation and not know who you were actually talking to. I grabbed the arms of the person talking and pulled them in front. It wasn’t xxx.

“Yes, xxx, Andie came here, and yes it was dangerous, and you know Andie. Anyway, she wanted me to see Adam’s bands practice space, but he doesn’t get off work until 11:00 so I’m meeting her later. You guys are totally welcome to drop by if you want.” Neither of the twins was into music much, so I didn’t think there was much chance of them taking me up on it, but I’d have to keep it in mind for later.

I spent the next couple hours pacing in my room. No good reason, just nerves I guess. It was one of those check the clock every 10 minutes sort of things. I could almost hear “are we there yet” in the back of my head. Had it gone on much longer I probably would have psyched myself out of going at all, and hindsight being 20-20, I wish I had.

I popped near the back of the studio. I figured it would be safe there at that hour, and I was right. I walked around to the front and the door was open. Andie and Adam were inside talking quietly when I walked in. They both looked up but only Andie was smiling. Adam’s face was a little intense. I’m guessing Andie filled him in on the general idea of our plan, and he looked none too thrilled. I was surprised to find a guy who wasn’t interested in a 2-girl 3-way, but this was a little different from the norm and I wasn’t going to force anything on him, and I wasn’t going to be sneaky about it either.

“Hey Andie, hey Adam.” OK, I know – could I get any more banal, but what was I supposed to say “Hey Adam, did Andie tell you I can join her at a cellular level and she wants you to fuck us that way?” I thought a slightly more diplomatic approach might be better received, but I had no idea what Andie had already said.

“Hey LaLa. I’ve kind of filled Adam in a little on what we’ve been working on, and he wants to see it first-hand. You ready to show him?” I could tell she was intentionally leaving out the rest, and that she hadn’t said anything to Adam about his supposed part in all this. That’s probably a good idea, to let him see what happened, how it worked and that no one got hurt in the process was probably a good starting point.

“Yeah, Andie, sure. Stand over there. Stay still.” I switched my gaze to Adam. “You need to understand that you can’t ever tell anyone what you are seeing us do. It could get all of us in serious trouble with the WSGF, meaning potential jail time for Andie and potential removal for me if we get found out, so we are trusting you with our lives at this point. If you aren’t OK with that level of secrecy, I’ll leave right now and pretend none of this ever happened. Are we good?”

Andie looked a little distressed, and Adam just nodded. “Out loud – you have to say it – you have to promise us both you will never ever tell anyone else without discussing it with both of us first. Can you do that?” I know I was being a bitch, but it really was my life on the line here – incarceration for them, but potential elimination for me. We’d had a few people go missing over the years after involvement with the normals, and we never saw them again or had any idea what happened to them. I didn’t really want to use this as an opportunity to find out.

Adam’s voice was soft, but he finally spoke up “LaLa, I know you and Andie are up to something wild, but my goal here is to make sure Andie is safe, that she’s not putting herself in harms way with your experiments. I would never do anything to risk her safety, and that certainly means telling anyone anything that could get her arrested.”

Well, it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, since it sounded like he felt like I was taking advantage of Andie in this process and if anything it was Andie initiating it, but in the end, he’d promised not to tell in order to protect Andie, and I guess that would have to be good enough. I walked over to where Andie was standing, set the fade and walked forward and blended in the way I had done before. I began breathing and I felt Andie’s muscles relax.

The look on Adam’s face was actually pretty fucking funny. It was the cliché’d dropped jaw, mouth hanging open and eyes bugging out that you always see in the movies but doesn’t really happen all that often in real life. I couldn’t’ help but laugh. “Andie, do you see that face?” “Yeah, Lala, I see it. Adam, you look like something out of a cartoon. I promise I’m not being hurt, in fact it’s a pretty amazing feeling. You can touch me if you want.”

“Seriously, she’s in there with you. She just disappeared – so you’re serious, it doesn’t hurt?” Pretty much the predictable reaction. “Andie, let me try something. Stand still” and I set the fade and stepped out between her and Adam. “Adam, are you willing to let me try it with you? That way you can see no one is doing Andie any harm.” His face went through several emotions before he looked at Andie. “Adam, seriously, it’s feels amazing, you should try it. Just don’t freak out at first, she has to breathe for you, but she knows how it works now, so just don’t panic and you’ll be good. I promise, you’ll love it!”

After a minute he just nodded. I knew that was about the best I was going to get. “OK stand still.” And I repeated the now fairly straight-forward process and stepped into Adam. It was a completely different sensation than with Andie. There was a feeling of strength, exhilaration, almost a high and I took in a deep breath. “Adam, you OK?” It wasn’t out loud, but I could tell he heard me. I could feel his confusion as his heartbeat quickened just slightly, and something else…oh shit, I could feel him getting aroused. I know Andie said it felt that way for her, but then Adam was different. Being male his arousal was a little more overt.

“Lala, what the fuck!?” It was Adam’s voice. I think he said it out loud, but I was distracted by the erection and the effect it was having on me. With Andie I had never really felt what she felt, but with Adam I definitely did. “Sorry dude, had no idea that would happen!”

I could hear Andie laughing. “Just wait till she walks away – you may want to have some private time when she does that – it’s pretty erotic.” I could feel he panic setting into Adam’s head.

“It’s OK Adam, at this point we have no idea what will happen, but just let nature take its course. It’s just us, and we’re all sworn to secrecy, so whatever happens, happens.” I was saying all this in my head – it wasn’t for Andie, just for Adam. “I’m guessing Andie’s seen you come before, so if you do, it won’t be anything new for her right? And I’m eventually going to have to step out, so we might as well just do it, right? OK, how about we sit on the couch? Just walk over like normal.”

Poor Adam, he was a bit shell shocked, a strange presence in his head and the erection of the century in his pants. I had a feeling he was worried this wouldn’t end well for him, but I knew he was feeling no pain – the sense of euphoria I got from him was intense, and I had a feeling he was trying to understand it all. I was surprised to see Andie approach. To be honest I’d sort of forgotten she was there. I was even more surprised when she unzipped Adam’s shorts and wrapped both hands around his erection, then her mouth, and my head was spinning, OK, Adam’s head…what the fuck!

I set the fade and stood up and walked away, passing through Andie’s kneeling body to get away as I heard her moan loudly and Adam screamed “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” In my peripheral vision I could see his body spasm hard, but it didn’t appear to be a bad thing. Good thing this room was sound proof. Well, I guess he was convinced no one was getting hurt…and I’m betting it wouldn’t be hard to convince him to participate in Andie’s plan, but now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to. Interestingly there was a much greater intensity to being joined with Adam than there ever had been with Andie. Unlike with Andie, I could feel the pleasure Adam felt as long as we were joined, and there was no letdown when I stepped away. This could certainly get complicated. Not really on par with any ménage I’d ever heard of that’s for sure! I took that moment to disappear. I wasn’t ready to continue any of it right now, and I needed some quiet space.

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