Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 7

The magistrate was in his office on the highest floor of the biggest clear bubble in the sky. He was looking at the contestants on a 3-d projection board, and particularly focusing on Alex. He understood Alex was chosen by that time keeper Charles, which made his stomach hurt just thinking about it. He was once a time keeper before his dad died. It was his dad’s way of making sure he understood what he was taking over. It wasn’t a good time for him then. His name tag on his desk still had his father’s last name on it, Windfall, but he didn’t care to read it or even utter it. He wanted to forget about it, but people would always address him by it. Mr. Windfall was all he ever heard now. His name was Lucas, and he wasn’t the same as his father, so he didn’t need to be addressed the same way. Most people close to him were very aware of his complex, and made sure to use his given name. On the other hand, Charles used to call him by his last name. He remembered Charles from the brutal trainings, and his constant bickering about past folks and their rights. If Charles wasn’t given a permanent position – his dad’s way of monitoring him in the grave – he would have fired Charles and left him to rot. Better yet he would send him back in time to live with these people, and get to hear about his miserable end the next day. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that to Charles. At least he couldn’t do that yet. All he could do was take away a few of his sick days every once and a while, and send him on missions like these. However, his candidate was another story, and it was about time for him to be sent to the graveyard. He had enough of Charles success stories, and redirections. These minutemen would make sure of that.

He yawned – it was tiring thinking so much – and turned down to look at his virtual desk. It was full of confidential information that he was supposed to read. They were only a few weeks away from what he wanted. His own path was almost set, and he could leave behind his dad’s new roads to the future campaign. He just wanted people in his time to enjoy going to the past. If they wanted it, soon they would be able to take over some past fool and make them do anything. Maybe his customers were lonely, or maybe they needed someone to hug. He would be able to give that to them, and charge a lot for it. Wasn’t that better than trying to change the universe, or Charles and his positive ripples? They wouldn’t remember so why did it matter? Well, in a few weeks it would be live, and Charles couldn’t do anything to stop it. Now how was that Alex doing? He stopped planning and decided to look over at the games. His former teacher Charles always did his research, and he laughed thinking about how bad Alex’s life must have been for him to be chosen. Lucas clicked on the window of a few minuteman and initiated their upgrades. Didn’t the spectators pay for a good show?

The button on his desk started glowing a bright red, which had a picture of a woman staring into it. He pushed it and out of nowhere his secretary Isabell appeared in his room. She was dressed in a turtle neck that had pearls stitched in, and more stitched around cuffs of the shirt. Lucas nodded at her and grabbed the stack in her hand. He was waiting for this report to come in forever. Well, the bad news for him was it was going to take an extra week to make the control system, but the good news was his secretary gave him his lunch. He looked over at her, and scoffed. He wasn’t very subtle, and Isabel sighed before walking over to him. She sat down on the chair next to him, and titled her head.

“Hey Isabel, wait there I need you to do something for me.” The magistrate commanded

She nodded her head at him, and smiled.

“I’m glad you could make it here so quick. Now, please go tell the administrator that I initiated an upgrade to all the minuteman closest to Alex, and that he doesn’t have to worry.”

Isabel nodded. She wore a nice, sexy dress today, but the boss didn’t say anything about it. He never did. He even looked upset. What was up with this boss of hers? She decided not to think about it. He wasn’t someone you could figure out overnight. She kept on her beaming smile as she went out to go find the administrator. Mr. Windfall would never meet with staff directly.


‘It would be nice if I could figure out how to use my other abilities’. Alex sighed. ‘I figured by now I would hear something about it.’ He ran down a block he might have been on before but couldn’t be sure. He didn’t have the greatest sense of direction, and he wasn’t getting any feedback from Maverick. It was funny that his first time in years not having GPS was when he was in the futuristic time scape. It felt like he had lost his sixth sense. Minutemen kept popping up as he wondered around, as he tried to find his way. He figured after about twenty more disappearing he would be able to get out of here. Alex then ran past a situation he couldn’t forget. It was hard to forget. There was a young, dashing man, and he was about to get hit by a car. He had tried to move him a few minutes ago, but the man didn’t budge. The guy who was going to hit him was a yellow taxi driver, and he was looking down at his phone. In about three seconds the taxi driver would regret having that unfortunate habit. Then it dawned on Alex that it wasn’t his bad sense of direction. Well it wasn’t the biggest factor. There must be a loop in the city to keep the players around the minutemen, and if you went too far you would end up back where you started. It all made sense now. But then what other kinds of technology did these people have? He didn’t want to try thinking about it. You would never get anywhere trying to comprehend things that were beyond your level.

Alex continued towards the west side, or at least he thought he was going that way. He scouted the blocks for anymore hapless folk to see if he could try to help them. He didn’t have anything better to do. He didn’t find anyone nearly as unfortunate as that young man. Suddenly, he heard the ominous chains start to rattle. He looked up towards the metal sounds and readied himself for the next fight. It was another group of minutemen coming down to give him some brazen, hate-filled attention. They seemed a little bit different, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. It would have been hard for him to notice anything more. However, if Charles was here he would have told him to be careful.

One of the minutemen walked out of the bunch with his head held high. He had an arrogance to him, but you could hardly see it through his shades, and the marks covering his body. This minuteman had bushy eye brows – or was it a unibrow - and swords buried in a few unfortunate places. It was another one who probably had a hard life. The guy pulled out a saber from his shoulder and pointed it at Alex.

“Hey your Alex, right? I’ve been waiting to meet you.” The man with the eye brows said.

“Oh, you know my name. Did someone tell it to you?” Alex replied

“I see it floating above your head. Your worth 20,000 dollars can you believe it? You must be strong if you’re worth that much. Now, if it’s not that big of a deal just stand still for me.” The man said

“Do you really think I’m going to stand still and let you stab me?” Alex asked

“You’re right. The smart man Mr. Alex. I’m such a quack, right. But you’re not the only one who has a hard life. If you let me end you now, I promise I’ll send you a check in the mail when I get my prize Mr. Alex. I’m not bad with a blade, and you’re going to die anyway.” The minuteman coaxed

“You won’t remember me after you disappear.” Alex reposted

The minute man giggled and waved his hand at the crowd behind him.

“I’m guessing your pretty strong for a contestant. I already took out two others just like you. You really should consider the deal pretty boy.” He said. He swung the saber around in his hand before drawing a small knife from his chest. It looked like it hurt.

“I already took out seventy-nine of you guys. Do you think I can’t take out a few more? You probably think your special, but you’re just being used.” Alex scoffed

“Well boys. I told you we couldn’t bargain with this fellow. I’ll go first and try out that upgrade the boss sent us. Now, how do you want it all to end?” The man asked

“You know your pretty nice for a minuteman.” Alex commented

“Why thank you. I noticed I became nicer a few minutes ago. You better watch out pretty boy.”

The minuteman had a name, but he couldn’t remember it now. His name was underneath his jacket, Daniel, and if he just looked down he would find it on his white shirt. He worked at some snobby restaurant on the lower end of Chelsea., and dealt with lavish spenders every day. Earlier in the day he froze on his way to work. A summoner had walked up to him and promised him money for participating in some futuristic game. He said yes and had to put on some shades for the deal to become official. He couldn’t remember who he was after that and ended up down in wall street. He wouldn’t remember this, but he did earn ten thousand dollars from the other two contestants he ran into. A stream of tears was running down his right eye, as he swung the blade at Alex. His inner demons flooded into his mind every time he pulled out another dagger to toss at the man. He felt an odd euphoria swimming through his body.

“Just die for me!” Daniel screamed

“I’m sorry, but you ran into the wrong guy.” Alex replied. He tripped the man and slammed his hand onto his chest. A stream of light wrapped around his fingertips. The minutemen weren’t the only ones with an upgrade. The magistrate up in his office looked shocked as information flooded his screen. What kind of man did Charles get his little fingers around? Daniel felt identity coming back to him as the flame passed through his body. His time in time scape was done. However, the rest of the minuteman looked happy. That 20,000-dollar price tag they heard about was too much of a temptation.

Alex found out a few moments ago that he could now use his flame of Dichotomy in a few new ways. Luckily, he could also upgrade, or he would be having a lot more trouble right now. His hands were coated with blue flames. It would occasionally flash like a real bolt of lightning, but most of the time it burned. He tried to one hit all his enemies with this attack, but there was a lot of resistance. He stomped his foot and the flame beneath his feet took him a few feet higher than the ledge of the nearest building. The minuteman connected their hands, and their chains started to glow before it formed into a tangled star like a real 3d star you would see the sky. When the chain started glowing he knew he was in trouble.

“There is an incoming attack. You might want to dodge out of the way, Alex.” A man’s voice said

“Can you tell me your name this time!” Alex yelled and grabbed onto the ledge looking down at the smiling minutemen below. The chains lit up as three of the minuteman started disappearing into nothingness. Alex didn’t know this, but something had to be used to ignite their attack. A bright beam of light fired at Alex.

“You have less than one second to dodge.”

“Fine don’t tell me your name.” Alex replied

He pushed himself off the ledge and down towards the street. His instincts told him to get as close to the ground as possible. Luckily, he made the right decision. The star beam almost hit him as it traced his descent as he approached the ground.

The minutemen disconnected their interlocked hands as their three ‘friends’ disappeared into ashes.

“You guys are a heartless!” Alex yelled. He grabbed two of them as his blue glowing hands slammed them into the ground. He spun off the ground and attacked with a new not named technique. It sent out a streak of light that swam through the circle. He controlled it with his finger like it was a remote-control helicopter. They tried their best to block but couldn’t handle Alex’s new and improved attacks. It was child’s play from then out. The minuteman wouldn’t stick around and face someone who they couldn’t approach. They weren’t that dumb. Finally, the last of the twenty vanished into the air, as that voice who’s name Alex would never find out confirmed he had finished his mission. He felt a force pulling him up into the sky, and he vanished from the battle ground.

“Well that was fast” Lucas commented up in his luxurious bubble in the clouds. He crumbled up the picture on his screen with Alex’s face on it and threw it into the trash bin on the bottom of the 3d monitor. He would have missed, but the trashcan icon moved and gracefully caught the incoming ball.

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