Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 3

Alex began his initiation without realizing it. He looked over at Alecia directly in front of him. She was sitting on a chair with her leg folded over her thigh. She was beautiful. Her dress seemed a little shorter now with it hanging over her leg. He nervously looked at his watch to see if any time had passed. It had been stuck at eleven eleven, which felt like it was about an hour ago. Now one second on the clock had passed, 11:11:01. If only life moved by this slowly, just imagine what he could do. Can you imagine? Alex looked back up and down her body one more time and swallowed. He turned towards Alecia, and they made eye contact a moment later. She smiled with her unreal, beautiful cheeks curling up a smile and a glint in her eyes. She fixed her hair, and puffed her lips.

“He made me to be quite beautiful don’t you agree honey?” Alecia questioned

“Who? You mean your creator? I think it would be hard to make you naturally.” Alex scoffed and Alecia giggled leaning over her arm with a coquettish charm.

“You really are too handsome. I wish my creator was a handsome guy, but he’s not darling. He is one of those men who spends all his times indoors, and he just had to make me so pretty. I hope you don’t mind that I speak my mind right now, as you certainly have the time to listen. Do you know I’m not that much different than a human, Alex? I have a code that lets me somewhat evolve much like the genes in your body, and I even have constraints by the system. But I am getting ahead of myself, as I am here for you Cutie Pie.” Alecia smiled

“I really don’t mind hearing you out and all, but can you tell me why we are here? Also, why isn’t Charles here? I figured he would be here?” Alex asked

“I hope you understand that I have a limited amount of information I can give you, and I can’t tell you anything about Charles. He would kill me if I said anything he didn’t want you to hear. You are so lucky you got him as a time keeper. I bet you didn’t know he was one of the top in the company we work at. I almost can’t believe how lucky you are. If only I was good at statistics, Alex. Ugh, I’m going off topic. Its unfortunately one of my installed quirks is to discourse as my creator so ruefully applied. What I would do to code my maker, and pay him back for this unfortunate quality. I guess you humans must feel the same way if your parents don’t take care of you when you’re a child. Regardless, we are here to find out what you can do against the time keepers. I hope you don’t mind going through the process now. Think of it as your Second Life time awakening. Oh, it’s already started. I forgot I hugged you darling. So amazing for me to forget. Now please come over here, Alex” Alecia motioned him over, and cutely tilted her head to the side.

“So, I just got to come over to you, and you’ll show me how to start my awakening? I’m a little bit worried for some reason Alecia. Tell me if there is anything I need to do first, and tell me what’s going to happen after its done.”

“It’s hard to explain, Alex. I can tell you that it won’t hurt, and that you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more after you complete your awakening. Think of it as becoming a butterfly.” Alecia giggled somewhat evilly and walked over to Alex and flapped her arms playfully. “I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about me, Alex. I could tell you were thinking about it with that glimmer in your eyes. You want to know more about me, right? Wait what am I doing? I shouldn’t be asking you about those things darling. Anyways, do you have any questions before we start?” Alecia asked and wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist.

“You feel so real. It’s hard to imagine that you’re an AI.” Alex blurted.

“I’m more human than some of the people I’ve met darling.” She rubbed her hands against his waist. “Now let’s get started before one of my other bad quirks takes over” She laughed and slowly turned around. It was one of those weird movements that Charles made a few minutes ago that he never saw anyone do before. She smiled at him, and her body seemed to disappear along with the furniture in the room. The window curtains opened, and light started to fill the space. He watched it curl around his body, and everything disappeared. It was now just him, and the light.

“Identifying Second identity. Please hold on.” Alecia said with her voice echoing in the space.

Alex felt a feeling of intense heat spreading throughout his body that he could feel in his head. His arms and his veins were glowing blue and red. The light spread around trying to look for something.

“You said you were going to tell me what this was about Alecia!” Alex yelled.

“We are just looking through your body to see which kind of abilities you can handle, Alex. If you don’t mind taking a seat darling it will be over in a second.”

“It’s kind of hard to judge a second when all time is stopped, Alecia. Can’t you just tell me exactly? I know your able to calculate things like that. You’re an AI from the future!” Alex pleaded

“Sorry to say Alex. My creator gave me the unfortunate quirk of being terrible at math. He said it wasn’t a skill for someone of my appearance. Just sit down there and you’ll be done soon enough.” Alecia commented

“Your creator has to be one of the weirdest computer scientists ever!” Alex exclaimed

“You know he’s really just a boy stuck in a man’s body. He is such an idealist, Alex. Now take a seat pretty please.” The chair moved to him and Alex fell onto it. It should have hurt to fall, but it didn’t.

“Did he give you a quirk letting you lie? This awakening is quite a bit agonizing, Alecia. He put his hands around the chair and squeezed it tightly. It was a soft, wooden chair. He squeezed with all his might but just felt like he was touching jelly. The next moment he didn’t know where he was. It felt like the chair was spinning, and the floor had opened. An electric current traveled through his body like a combination of eels and snakes having a party. It lasted for just a moment, and then the pain subsided. He felt himself stop spinning, and the chair landed on the floor. Alecia was giggling and leaning on his shoulder with her arms still tightly wrapped around his waist.

“I’m so glad you made it through, Alex. Now time for the fun part. We get to see what you can do!” Alecia grabbed him by his handles and pulled him closer. “I just have to say this. Do you trust me, Alex?” Alecia smiled

“I’m going to have to say we are a work in progress.” Alex answered.

“I appreciate the honesty, Alex.” Alecia glowed like a light bulb for a second, and her eyes flashed with a bizarre light. She continued.

“Three abilities in time-scape, Alex. One rare, and two unique techniques, and the ability to upgrade. Do you want to hear what they are?”

Alex found himself back in the space he was in before. The chair Alecia sat on was a few feet away from him, and she had her hands still tightened around his waist. He wanted to answer her, but couldn’t help but feel this was all a load of bullshit. The whole idea of time stopping was so unreal he figured Bart put something in his drink earlier in the morning. On the other hand, he could literally feel Alecia’s golden hands snuggled tightly around him. Part of him knew this was real, so he might as well just give what Alecia says a try. He answered her with a nod.

“One, accelerate- a rare ability in second identity Alex. You can move around quickly honey isn’t that fantastic! Two - your unique abilities are even better by the way – flame of Dichotomy. A mix of thunder and flame that can be used on enemies with swift speed. Three – I think this is the coolest of them all – mind amplification, which lets you get acquire new skills from drawing any ideas you have in your head, and even effects your stats. Four, upgrade evolution, which gives you skills depending on your daring in battle. Quite an ability, Alex. No wonder Charles was expecting so much from you, Alex. Your over powered!” She tightened her fists and smiled. “A window should pop up in the side of your vision very soon Alex, and you’ll be able to see your statistics, and attacks. Think of yourself as a one-man hulk about to take on an army of treacherous minuteman, and evil organizations.”

“I could really use Thor’s hammer. How am I supposed to use a lightening flame? I also got to ask you this. You said that these are unique abilities right, so that means I’m the only one who can use these abilities right. It’s hard to figure out what is so unique about me, I’m just a bad dad that couldn’t even keep his wife because of his anger.”

Alecia was just staring at him. She paused, and seemed to be really thinking about it. She looked at Alex like she didn’t know what to say. Although she was an extremely well programmed ai, her experience with her family was vastly different from anything Alex would ever have to deal with. She knew what it was like to be a mother, but never had to give birth.

“You know. I’m not able to answer that. I seem to lack the information to figure out what to say, but as far as I can tell your just a man who has quirks like I do sweetie. On the other hand, you luckily can work hard to turn them off. Unfortunately, my quirks are stuck like this until my master does something about it. Anyway, I will tell you this. You already changed since you left her, and you even changed since you met Charles. You’re such a handsome man, and have a pretty good job. By my books you’re doing better than the average of the population in New York. Just sit back and put it in perspective, Alex. You really have all that you need right now, and you might even get a second chance!” Alecia smiled “Now go test your abilities!”

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