Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 2

Alex opened his eyes and found himself in his office. The room was still the same. Bart still had a cookie in his mouth, and Charles was still standing by the window. There was an odd shadow of light glowing underneath his body. He noticed Charles was smiling at him.

“You seemed to have transitioned nicely into time scape, Alex. Judging by your stats I see in the window looks like the minutemen won’t stand a chance.” Charles laughed “Why don’t you look down for a second, Alex. I know this situation is overwhelming, but I think now is not a good time to get stuck in your head.” Charles pointed

“Why do I have to look down?” Alex responded before glancing his eyes down at his lower body. He was immediately shocked

“What happened to me? What is this? Alex screamed. He was clearly not the same as he was a minute ago. His entire lower body was completely made of light. It was shocking. He looked towards Charles with a baffled expression, and madly gesticulated. He pretty much meant you better tell me what this is Charles, and the British man laughed at him before deciding to explain it.

“You’re in time-scape now, Alex. It’s the next step after virtual reality, and it’s called Second identity. It’s a way of your body becoming a different substance that you can control from a distance, albeit with a little bit more technology then I am able to explain. It’s comparable to astro-projection, Alex. Soon the beautiful Alicia will come down and explain to you how to use your new body. It’s amazing the personality on these new AI’s. I swear she could be here in a Nano-second, but always decides to come fashionably late. Whatever you do be nice to her, she hates it when you call her names. She probably has some faulty programming that her coder decided to put in. Who doesn’t like an AI with problems? They are the most loved machines in my opinion, but I’m getting way ahead of myself.”

Alex folded his arms, and almost tore his glowing hair out. “Before you tell me anymore, Charles, please just tell me that I will be able to return back to my body. I just met you, and you already turned me into a lightbulb. What else do you have in store Charles?”

He looked at Charles, and then looked around. He noticed Charles hand pointing over to the crevice in his desk. Alex turned towards his desk, and saw himself between the gap staring at Molly’s picture. It was weird for him to see himself in the flesh. He could see the agony he was experiencing when this minute began. The whole seen of Bart preparing himself and getting ready to walk over. The entire world seemed entirely focused on moving along at a normal pace until this Charles showed up, and literally took him out of his body. Now he at least knew his body still existed.

“Do you mean by that I am alright Charles? You seem to have a habit of not saying anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Is that some kind of method of yours?” Alex inquired

“You seem to be catching on, Alex. I can’t figure out why someone as sharp as you aren’t the boss of your own business. I have a feeling you would do really well as a boss taking control of your own ship, and steering the world through your marketing, Alex.” Charles smiled before looking up at the ceiling.

“It’s been five minutes Alecia, and Alex is starting to get impatient. Can you save your shenanigans for another day, or do I have to find you a replacement.” Charles sighed. “I’m really sorry about this, Alex. She must be busy arranging her families code, or something extremely important. Please don’t let it bother you. She is worth the wait if you know what I mean” Charles giggled

“No worries, I mean I got all the time in the world, right? But I must ask what do you see in me, and why do you think I will be a good boss?” Alex inquired

“I’ve only known you for maybe ten relative minutes of a second, Alex, but I do see some extraordinary things in your time-scape presentation. It’s like seeing what your brain can do in physical form. Time keepers can see the way you tick when you enter your second identity. You have the genetic makeup of a very smart, capable leader, Alex. You just must get rid of that tendency of belittling everything around you, and that unfortunate sarcasm. You must know that isn’t good for you, Alex.

“You sure know how to stick it where it hurts, Charles. Although what your saying will help me, will I even remember this after your gone? It would be weird that I would be able to remember something as amazing as running into someone from the future. I hope I remember this, or this would all be pointless right?”

“You catch on quick, Alex. If you do remember, what you do remember will be up to your effort, and what your able to do on your missions. I will let you know that only one in ten are able to complete two missions from time keepers, and only one in three of those are able to complete the final challenge.”

“What's so hard about the final challenge? Hey Charles ... ”

The room glowed as Alex almost got his answer. A lady in a red dress slowly entered the space. It was a rather complicated design with her brown hair draped over her back and coiling around the front of her body, as if every strand was alive. She floated over to Alex while fixing her hair.

“I’m sorry that I’m so late darling. It took me forever to create this dress before showing up. Now I’m Alecia, and I’m so excited to finally meet you. Charles has talked so much about you, honey, and I’ve been wanting to get to know you all day.” Alecia winked and put her arms around his body. “You seem like such a man. Look at these shoulders, Charles. Isn’t he quite a man.”

Alex was staring into the artificial lady’s eyes. They seemed so life like, and so perceptive. He forgot immediately that she was a robot before a smile swept across his face. “She even feels good to touch, Charles. Is she really an AI?” Alex inquired. Alecia kept rubbing Alex’s back. He was not aware that this process was necessary as part of his initiation into the system.

“Hold on just a minute, Alex. I promise this won’t hurt darling.” Alecia smiled and held onto his face. Her hot body started glowing as Charles watched in the background.

“I hope you two have a good time!” Charles said before walking over to look at the picture Alex was holding.

“This Molly is going to be quite an amazing girl when she grows up, Alex.” Charles said knowing full well that Alex couldn’t hear him. “I hope you are the man she wrote about, Alex. If you are, we might be able to finally to create a ripple in time.” He looked over to Alex, and then he slowly disappeared. “Good luck my friend!”

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