Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 14

Alex and Cynthia cautiously sped through the neutral zone quickly, and went to their next-door neighbors, 1933 New York. The streets were full of glowing lamps, and shiny rail lines. Apparently, there used to be trollies around Time Square. The two of them were surprised to find out how modern the area looked. Alex always figured there would still be pigs roaming around, like he heard from his father, and lots of patches of farm land strewn into its old city fabric. But the truth was evident, and it was cemented by the big bill board sign for the infamous Coca Cola he could see at the end of the avenue. There were even driver-less cars below them motoring around without horses and television stores with lots of neat, vintage box televisions playing black-and-white shows as they passed by chatting.

Alex looked over at the angel Cynthia who was still telling him about her life and started thinking about the girl he was keeping company. For all the bad things that happened to her, she wouldn’t be a bad girl to have around in the neighborhood, and to make it even better she had a beautiful smile on that seemed to force him to smile. It caused the muscles on his face to turn upward for the first time in a while, and it hurt in a good way. He could feel those bad memories disappearing from his cheek bones.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me Alex. I usually wouldn’t be able to tell someone all my secrets and feel perfectly fine about it.”

“Well, I don’t mind listening. I kind of like hearing your voice. It’s better than this awkward silence.”

“Ha, well I like hearing your voice too, Alex, and since you’ve heard pretty much all my stories I think I should let you know how I feel about you. So, without further ado, do you want to hear the nice, or not nice version?”

“I think I’d prefer the truth. Is that an option?” Alex said.

“It’s perfectly fine with me, Alex. We’re not going to remember this anyway, right? So more specifically do you want to know what I think about you as a man, or would you like something more intimate. I could tell you what I think about you as a girl if you really want to know.”

“I guess I would like to hear everything.” He flapped his wings as Cynthia kept pace. They had four more blocks to talk before they ran into quite a situation. They would find out soon what was waiting for them.

“Well, alright. I guess you’re the type of guy I like to have around. You are one of those few good listeners who isn’t scared to be assertive. Honestly, I think girl’s love guys like you; You actually make me feel like I’m fully alive when you listen to me.”

“Well, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while.”

“Well, I mean it. To be honest, I feel like if I met you at a bar we would have no choice but to spend the entire night talking, and I mean the entire night. I would show you the beautiful side of the dark hours in Manhattan. I know the best dumpling shop.”

“Ha, well I would be glad to go with you. Now, was that the nice version, or the not nice version?”

“Oh, you remembered I said that. Do you really want to know the not nice version?” Cynthia joked.

“Well, you don’t have to tell me, but I would love to hear your unadulterated opinion. I want to hear the cold hard truth.”

Cynthia nodded, and smiled at him.

“I feel like you’re the kind of guy I would fall in love with Alex.” Cynthia laughed and spun her hands around in the air before speeding off down the block. She was quickly caught up to by Alex, and she kept grinning as he sped up to her side. It felt good to be able to say anything you wanted. She looked over at him, and her cheeks flushed red. Apparently, you could still blush in time scape.

Alex really wanted to tell her his side because he also liked her, but he immediately shut his mouth when a ball of fire mushroomed up two blocks away sending a man shooting up into the sky. Finally, he saw a few specs bouncing around through the fire in the grizzled air as they approached. It was odd and made them question the truthfulness of Mark and George’s report. Weren’t there only supposed to be two teammates waiting for them? But as it so happened, they weren’t the only ones who were invading, and even worse the relic was already in the hands of one of those teams.

“I guess now’s not a good time to tell you how I feel Cynthia.”

“Yes, save it for later. First, we survive this together.”

“Alright. Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to have to ask you to stay behind.”

“Just don’t let anything bad happen to you. If I don’t hear how you feel about me, I think I might explode.”

“You’re an amazing girl, Cynthia.”

“You’re also a sweet talker, Alex.” Cynthia giggled.

Finally, Alex and Cynthia finally arrived in old time square, and they head into the battle that all the spectators were going crazy over. It was the focal point of all the hubbub in the stands in the sky. Four teams were about to collide head to head. It was something that rarely happened, and the audience cheered as Alex and Cynthia joined the fray.

In front of the duo there were at least ten players still left standing. And unfortunately, the defending team was already taken care of, which was evident by the getups of the players in front of them. Four of the invaders seemed to be mid-evil knights, and the other four seemed to be Japanese samurai. However, the other two fighters seemed a lot harder to explain. They were wearing tight, gossamer clothes that Alex had never seen before in any of his history books. Immediately, it was clear to him that they were from the future, but he couldn’t imagine the year. It was even odder thinking that he might be dead in their time, which just had happened to pop up in his head. Regardless, he took out his sword and smiled over at Cynthia as she drew her gauntlet’s spike and breathed in a shared breath of Bermuda’s air. Alex focused his eyes on the regalia that was in the hands of the knights and knew what he had to do.

As he approached the three teams, he tried to stay as high in the sky hoping they wouldn’t notice his approach. Luckily, the teams didn’t notice Cynthia and Alex, and were completely focused on the battles at hand. He nodded his head to Cynthia because he could tell what she wanted to do. Her gauntlet fired the blade through a series of gears, and it shot briskly towards the oddly skinny knight in the back of the group. Frankly, he was sort of like elastic man from the fantastic four, but a more solid version, and he stood out like a sour thumb; An easy target. Cynthia’s blade whistled in the air nearing the man’s face like a harpoon locked unto an unsuspecting whale.

It didn’t go unnoticed for long. The three teams finally saw the glimmer from the blade as it approached; The man’s teammate stuck his arm against the rubber man sending him away as hard as he could. Although he pushed him in time, his body was very long, which unfortunately caused the blade to still land in his back as the inertia carried him off towards the ground. A blot of blood came out of his body, and he crashed headlong onto the floor. The man foamed from his mouth, but still didn’t disappear. He wasn’t hit hard enough. The knights instantly swiped away their opponents and surrounded the fallen man’s body and screamed at the two who arrived in the sky. The relic was still in the tall man’s hand, and the other two teams backed away in apprehension. It just got serious.

“Cynthia, I think I’m going to have to rush down there and snatch that scepter. Can you cover me from up here?”

“Just watch out for those Japanese. They look like genuine Samurai. I’m a history buff so I would know.”

“I’m more worried about the two from the future. Be right back.”

Behind him Cynthia gasped for air and drew out another blade from the five stitched to her side. A new one quickly reappeared on her hip bone.

Below the men looked angsty as Alex approached. However, the men from the future seemed to notice the surrounding anxiety, and they quickly acted. The two futuristic men slammed their hands down to cast one of their abilities. A trail of fire swam through the ground towards the seven men. From above it looked like two dragons were crossing and crawling in the pavement with a nefarious plan. The group all jumped away dodging it, they knew what would happen if the dragons hit, and left the hapless, foaming rubber knight to fend for himself. Then that ‘dragon’ arrived and a ball of fire bloomed in the center of old time square. The man screamed as the fire kindled underneath him. It didn’t take long for the flame to rise and devour him, and it took just about the same amount of time for the angry knights to forget their formation. They charged at the two gasping men who were tired from their attack. On the other hand, the Samurai charged to the relic that was spinning in the air.

Alex also approached the relic quickly and painted his finger against the tip of his sword leaving a line of blue, sparkling flames. His hands gripped the heavy hilt, and his shield automatically rotated to his chest and got ready to block anything that approached. It was a good thing that this shield had a mind of its own. For the men down below had spent all their customization points on their hidden, hard-to-see weapons, and those weapons had happened to be approaching him. A small thread was deflected by his unbiased shield, and a few small needles he could hardly make out rained down upon him. He dodged away from the lines of light as one of the Samurai grabbed onto the glowing relic that stumbled by his feet. On the other hand, the knights stormed at the two from the future with mournful screams. Unfortunately, for those from the future the knights developed camaraderie like Alex, and his teammates. The soldiers threw caution to the wind and attacked with everything that they had. It left the spectators screaming with excitement.

Alex landed in front of the three Japanese men, as Cynthia fired out one more blade towards one of the men surrounding her teammate.

The Japanese worked well together as they attacked. They had been well trained in their time, and the only reason Alex was holding on so well was because his stats were hardly impacted when he arrived in his neighbor’s slice of time. He couldn’t imagine fighting them on their home turf like Simon suggested because they were already a lot to handle. He jumped to the side as he adjusted to the shimmer that barely displayed their onslaught. He already figured out that there were three small knives on strings. However, he was not aware that they spent half of their points for these knives, and that they were even more baffled then he was by how quickly he was able to deflect them. Alex charged swiftly towards them and swung his sword into the defender in the front before he was greeted by the two silver threads that skirted around their flying comrade. His shield blocked one, and his body hopped away from the other. He spun as Cynthia’s blade finally connected with one of the Japanese. It seemed to pass through him, and he smiled.

“You guy’s wouldn’t happen to want to give me that scepter, now would you?” Alex pointed.

They couldn’t understand him, but they figured what he wanted. They shook their heads.

Alex grinned, and set his hands alight with his flame of dichotomy. It sent sparks flying of off his forearms, but he wasn’t the only one with an ability. In front of him one of the men seemed to fade away, and the other two summoned swords into their left hands. He had a normal reaction, and gasped when the man disappeared. As the man approached him, he instinctively flew up into the air and felt a breeze from the back of his neck. The man reappeared behind him with a frown, as he almost took out his foe. The flame from Alex’s hand swam out next and over took the man. Unfortunately, he was only able to use fade once every thirty seconds and couldn’t dodge the fire. The flame of dichotomy met his crisscrossed arms before it swam around his body and vanquished its foe with its merciless heat. Alex still had his work cut out for him. The other two Japanese hopped towards him, and he peddled his wings to get above them. They fired their weapons.

Alex made his way higher into the sky dodging the glint of lines that angled and turned like graceful snakes, as the men below him tried to tie him in their deadly webs. He still had the broad sword in his hand as he dodged a few more attacks and then plummeted straight down to the ground. He stopped fluttering his wings, and just let the gravity take him right in the middle of his two floating adversaries, which luckily caught his enemies unprepared. He watched them turn and saw their angry eyes full of killing intent in slow motion as they ushered their weapons back. He could tell they were thinking the same thing that he was, and they were. They were hoping to win the battle and prayed that their lines would make it fast enough back towards the center of the square. Frankly, they were quite fast weapons and had the ability to fifty yards in three seconds. They hoped, with all their hearts, that they would return quick enough. However, Alex spun his sword and released the flame from its hilt, as a ring of fire spread out and engulfed the two adjacent Japanese opponents. The scepter landed on the floor falling out from a charred hand, and Alex grabbed it before taking back to the sky.

As Alex took off and ran to Cynthia, the three knights, and two other warriors were still fighting. He couldn’t help but describe the two from the future as pyro’s. They spun around waves of fire at the knights who evaded with jingle-jangling equipment and whom occasionally returned with a vehement reply of slashes. He noticed their eyes focusing on him, but he still sped off with the scepter in tow. No time for useless battles. He arrived next to her and glanced at her genuine smile, as her beautiful teeth graced him one more time with their beautiful shimmer. Of course, he couldn’t help but reply with a shrug of his shoulders, and a smile on his lips.

Alex and Cynthia then sped off until they could no longer hear the clamor of battle and could only see the giant Coca Cola billboard fading away as they sped down an avenue heading back to their headquarters. Cynthia’s voice finally entered his ears as he got close to her. She gave him a look of appreciation before patting him on the back. They had somehow managed to get the third piece of equipment, and they continued back to their base. They weren’t aware of the explosion behind them, and the angry team from the future that just let it blossom. They resumed the conversation they started earlier.

“So, you had something to tell me?”

“Yes, I did. But I’m not sure if it makes sense to tell you. Basically, I’m in this to get back my wife and kids. So, it feels so silly to try and like someone who’s going to forget me, but you’re making it hard not to bite.”

“Well, Alex. I guess your saying that you like me. You know I’m also in this to save my dead fiancé, but I think it’s okay to like someone else, right? I mean we’re both single, aren’t we?”

“I guess, but what’s the point? What if only one of us remembers? Will I really have to remember meeting the best girl in the world, or will you really have to remember meeting me?”

“Well, again, I’m hearing you’re basically saying you like me, am I right?” She smiled.

“You’re the kind of girl I would like to fall in love with, too, Cynthia.”

“Well, I have another silly question for you. Can I ask you?” She giggled.

“Yes, go ahead, Cynthia. We might as well not hold back. We haven’t been this entire time, right?”

“Would you mind coming here for a second?”

“Ugh, yeah, but why?”

She didn’t answer, and just smiled.

Alex glided over to her, looked into her eyes, and noticed her pupils dilating before her arms gently slid around his shoulders. She planted her soft lips against his cheeks and rubbed her face into it like she was snuggling a teddy bear.

“We’re in luck, Alex. It’s exactly like real life.” She flew forward with him as she pressed her lips against the side of his cheek. She felt their heat blending, as they continued to motor along back towards their base. They flew together for a few minutes wrapped around each other like two eagles in the sky.

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