Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 13

The base looked normal for the most part when the trio returned home. On the stairs of the New York Library George and Phillip were sitting and talking like it was twenty minutes ago; Seriously, it was only twenty minutes ago that the groups went their separate ways. They saw Alex and the girls come back and they gasped in relief. There was no way of finding out if your teammates were still alive; No scoreboard to check. Happily, they quickly got up for their teammates leaving the tired lions resting in the front of their base – they were like real male lions sleeping their entire day away. Now, George and Phillip couldn’t help but notice how tired Susie, and the gang looked. They were completely ecstatic to have them back here.

On the other hand, Alex and the other two angels where also very happy to be back. Their sector looked the same as ever. It still had the driverless yellow taxi’s passing by, and the same buildings and sky full of floating islands of palm trees. Alas, there was no sign of what George and Phillip went through. When they fought their opponents, they didn’t leave behind any marks.

So, Phillip and George stood up and walked over. They had quite a few things to talk about, and quite a few ideas for the ‘three angels’ to enact. In front of them Susie walked up the stairs lightly and flicked the dirt of her somewhat short, armored skirt. Phillip and George smiled at her.

“Glad to see you guys are still alive, thank god.” Phillip welcomed. “We were getting worried about you three!”

“We’re so glad to see you too Phillip! We’re still in one piece I think, right?” Susie joked.

“Yeah, you are. Still look as fine as ever, Susie.” Phillip said.

Phillip meant what he said. Susie was a very pretty girl. She was the kind of girl he would have shied away from in high school. He couldn’t help but notice she looked like a good fit for the popular category – he would soon find out otherwise. Luckily, since he was older now he was a lot less afraid of messing up with pretty girls. Especially with the kind of girls who were at least ten years younger then him. Frankly, it felt like talking to a younger sibling.

“Ha, well care to tell me what happened when we were gone? It almost looks like you guys had it easy when we were out there getting this crown. Did everything go alright?” Susie tossed the crown over to Phillip.

Phillip jostled the crown, before jokingly placing on George’s head. There you go man you deserve it. He thought. Next, he leaned in towards Susie, and answered.

“Well, nothing much happened really. Unless you include the two team’s that invaded us. It wasn’t difficult at all holding them off. We had eight arms all together, right George.” Phillip answered.

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Phillip behind my back, and those two very helpful and loyal lions. We were frankly really lucky, too.” George continued. “We only had to face one team at a time, and they only sent three players.” George explained.

“Well, I’m glad to see you two are alright.” Alex entered. “Care to tell us which two teams you two fought? Where you able to tell by the clothes?” Alex inquired.

“Yeah, they were the two teams right next to us. We were able to see smoke coming from the perimeter. Also, in terms of year they both looked like they weren’t too far away from us on the time line.” Phillip answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I think Alex is trying to figure out which teams have the least players, and what’s a good target for our next move.” Cynthia entered. “I think that’s his plan, and I like it.” Cynthia smiled. She was feeling a little bit better after having a few minutes to recover in Alex’s grasp. It was also the first time in months she had been in a man’s arms. Though they were not technically real since he was in a different form, they still felt like a man’s. She put her hand on Alex’s back and felt a little jolt. She smiled at Phillip.

“Oh, I see. Well we were kind of thinking the same thing. Me and George thought it would be best for you guys to head west of the island. We don’t recommend going the other way. That team was probably from the future, and they almost killed me and George too, but then they ran off when one of their teammates died. I think that’s your best bet.” Phillip explained.

“Yeah, the people from the future had really good equipment guys. They thought about what they were wearing. The people from the past just seemed to be attacking mindlessly. They almost looked like they came from the coal mines.” George furthered.

Susie nodded, but Alex and Cynthia looked slightly surprised. A bad surprised.

“Well, I don’t think we should judge people from the past harshly, George. We are only here thanks to them.” Cynthia entered, and everyone else nodded.

“Maybe that’s how this all started.” Alex sighed. “Everyone thinks they’re doing better than the past folk. Well, let’s not fall for that trap. But, I do agree that we should go west.” He finished.

George looked like he was deep in thought, and then a glint appeared in his eye like he had an epiphany. “You know guys now that I thought about it they are probably living their lives with my relatives. Regardless, you guys should get out of here soon. We don’t want any of the other teams catching up.” He recommended.

Alex smiled before gently patting Susie’s back. “Well, I hope you don’t mind but we were thinking of leaving Susie here. I think it would be better if we left you guys with some more defense. We have two relics here right now, and we don’t want anything funny happening when were gone. If we lost both we would be screwed. Are you fine with staying behind, Susie?”

Susie cutely pouted and then frowned at Alex.

“Well, to be honest I would much rather go with you guys, but I understand what your saying. I am the kid in the group after all. I don’t want you to have to worry about me.” Susie giggled. Her habit when situations didn’t go her way. She plopped her head down and walked over to Phillip and George. Teasingly, she cutely nudged against Phillip, and he laughed.

“Well, we will be glad to have you.” Phillip nudged back. “Me and George were getting bored here by ourselves.” He smiled.

Alex nodded. “Alright, well I guess Cynthia and I will get out of here now. But, perhaps you should go put that crown away George?” Alex insinuated.

“You know George really deserves a crown. He should be the MVP of our base. You guy’s wouldn’t believe how well he knows how to use a spear. He’s like a warrior with experience.” Phillip praised. It really did feel like George was a well-trained knight. It was frankly very surprising.

“Well, thank my mom and dad for making me work long hours in a barn shoveling all types of animal goo.” George told. “I used to practice my technique to keep myself busy. Honestly, I actually find this quite fun.” George laughed.

“Well, we all appreciate it George.” Cynthia complimented. “Now, make sure you keep up that up when we’re gone. I want all of our wishes to come true.”

“I promise I will not let my experience in the barn go to waist.” George responded.

“Alright, well I’ll go drop off the crown in base. I hope you guys have fun and come back safe and sound. Remember Alex, I won’t forgive you if you don’t survive. You too, Cynthia!” Susie warned. “Now, please hand me over that crown kind sir.” Susie gently took the crown from George’s hand.

“I promise me, and Alex will take care of everything. We’ll be back in no time. Luckily, we know about that short cut through the neutral zone. The smoke on the skirt of our city doesn’t look appetizing.” Cynthia said.

“Wait, about the neutral zone, Cynthia, did you get a weird feeling when we were there? Didn’t It feel like people were watching us.” Alex squinted. He got this creepy feeling that ran down his back like he was being stalked.

“I actually did notice a pare of eyes looking at me, but I was pretty sure they were yours. You didn’t think I noticed did you, Alex.” Cynthia giggled.

“Ha, very funny. I just looked down to make sure you were okay. Susie was there, and she’ll tell you.” Alex pointed.

Susie laughed. “Well I was worried about you too, Cynthia. I also felt that weird feeling on my body like someone was watching me. Maybe it would be better if you guys went the shorter way, seriously.”

“Well, what do you think Alex? Should we try and take the short cut?” Cynthia smiled.

“I think we should still go through the neutral zone but stay away from that carnival. I can’t even fathom what the people from the future are doing in there. Anyway guys, we should really get out of here. We’ll see you all in a few minutes.” Alex explained.

“Alright, be safe you two. We won’t be able to win if anything bad happens to you. See you all in the blink of an eye.” Phillip waved.

“Bye, Susie, George, and Phillip. See you all soon!” Cynthia parted as well.

They walked off as Susie went into the base with the crown in her hand. She entered through their bases large wooden gates right next to the beautiful, large cement brick. The room was well lit. Much better lit that she had seen it in New York. Remember, they were in Bermuda, so the lighting of the city seemed different. It was like New York, but a brighter New York. She walked in past the desks, and security alarm kiosks before walking over to the main library. There was a set of diamond regalia behind a glowing glass case with a few stone soldiers surrounding it. Susie smiled and approved of the fortification. She noticed a bookshelf in the background that looked like it hadn’t had a book on it in years. She ran up to it and carefully dropped off the crown in one of its empty shelves. She tried to move the books next to it, but she couldn’t: It was as frozen as the birds in the sky, the trees, and the untouchable waters. She smiled and looked satisfied as she playfully strut out of the library. She could tell Alex and Cynthia already head off. She waved at their fading shadows before running over to the giggling duo, George and Phillip. She wished them luck.

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