Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 12

Alex let go of Cynthia when they arrived in the center of the Neutral Zone. They had had a few minutes to talk and spill all their secrets. It seemed like everyone wanted to share their pasts since they would probably forget after Bermuda, and Susie had a lot she had to tell. The most interesting stories were from Susie, but Cynthia didn’t hold back when it was her turn - Alex just listened.

So, Susie went through a slew of relationships after her brother died, and none of them went well. She didn’t disclose too much, but it wasn’t hard to read between the lines, and figure out that they all hurt her in some way. Although it wasn’t anything physical, like nightmarish beatings, it still hurt to hear about the aftermath. Alex had kind of forgot what it was like to have relationships as a teenager, and Susie was only twenty-one years old. When her brother died she went through a screw everything period, and went out partying, raving, and drinking with new boyfriends. It almost sounded fun until Alex heard about the guys whom she ‘met’ at those parties. The top of the list had to be Spencer: he drunk a lot, cheated a lot, and yelled a lot – like a guy starring in a Taylor Swift song. She didn’t deserve it.

Alex and Cynthia kept their mouth’s shut until it was their turn, and finally Cynthia spilled all her secrets to other ‘two angels’. She pretty much focused all her time on her dead fiancé. The one who left his suicide note on his desk when he pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, she had to read it with his blood on it. Before that they were a happy couple, but the guy had problems he had never told her about – being a lawyer wasn’t easy.

Cynthia really missed him, so much so that she squeezed Alex as hard as she could. She also threw in some stuff about her job as a well payed bar tender, and how she wishes she did something different.

Then it was Alex’s turn to disclose all his secrets. They found themselves raptly listening to each other in the center of neutral square while moving along. Oddly a glorious, beautiful Carnival was erected in their absence. It had moving rides, large statuettes, stands, and floating towers with roller coasters jutting out of them. It looked like a childhood dream for any kid over three. Alex and the group peddled their wings and kept chatting as they ran through the festivities. They talked about it but decided not to question those from the future. Interestingly, they weren’t aware of the spectators standing next to them enjoying the rides. One of them was a young boy, Bryan, and his mom.

“Mom, this doesn’t feel right.” Bryan explained.

“It’s perfectly fine, honey. Now just enjoy the ride. We’ll only be able to observe them for a few minutes. Don’t you want to know what it was like in the past?” His mom questioned.

“I do, Mommy, but they look the same. Like us. Are they ghosts?”

“Oh, no dear! Well not right now. We’re in the center of pie island, sweetie. Right now, they are still very alive. Remember, we are in a time paradox.”

“Then why are we allowed to watch them?” Brian righteously inquired.

“Oh, I get what your worried about dear. They’re from the past child. We can do whatever we want here if we don’t harm anyone. Just enjoy the show okay, Bryan.”

“Alright, mom. But it still doesn’t feel right.” Brian pouted.

“I don’t think it’s right that we give them a chance for a do over, but I’m not a time keeper. Now, why don’t you come with mommy as she places her bets.” His mom tugged.

“Alright, fine mommy. I still don’t get it though.” Brian turned his head back and watched the three angels pass by as his mom smiled.

She tugged him along before replying. “You will son. You’ll figure it out when your older.” She pointed at Alex. “These people from the past are primitive folk. When you make it through all your trainings you’ll see the difference between you and them. Now, let’s go! That man with the wings looks like a good bet.” They walked off the roller coaster as Alex was almost done with a round of questioning from the girls, he ‘the primitive man’.

“Tell us about what happened with you and your wife, please. Why aren’t you two together?” Susie prodded

Alex sighed. You don’t want to know. He thought to himself, but it came out anyway.

“I’m kind of terrible at holding my temper when I’m drunk. I haven’t drunk a beer since they day she left. I have a daughter by the way named Molly. She’s with Meghan in Hawaii.” Alex explained.

“If you miss them so much, why don’t you go visit them?” Susie innocently questioned.

Alex sighed. “I guess it’s because I didn’t think she would like me anymore. And about three relative hours ago I found out from my Time Keeper, Charles, that she would answer if I decided to call her. It sucks even more because I probably won’t remember any of this.” Alex answered.

Cynthia joined in. “My Time Keeper explained to me why my Fiancé died as well. She is this lovely Time Keeper named Maddie. Apparently, he had a very treatable, but severe depression. I was the only thing that made him stick around for a few more years. She even explained why he was depressed. It’s funny because I thought I was the reason for all of it.” Cynthia laughed.

“I’m sorry Cynthia. I totally like it’s like to lose someone. But let’s not let Alex off the hook here. He can’t only listen, and not spill his secrets! What do you want to happen when this is all over? What do you want to change?” Susie asked.

“I’m kind of debating. I can’t really tell you guys about it, but it’s between a bunch of kids I just met earlier today, and my wife and child being back in my life. Maybe it will work itself out?” Alex hoped.

“Ha, I’m sure it will. Now, aren’t you glad you got a turn?” Susie asked.

“I guess. I think I would feel even better if I remembered what happened after this was all over. It would make it all worth it.” Alex sighed.

“Well, if we both remember I think we should be friends. Perhaps we could even go out for a drink, Alex? We would have the biggest secret of the world to discuss at our dinner table!” Cynthia laughed.

“I would love that, Cynthia. Same goes for you Susie. If you remember, you got to buy us dinner.” Alex joked.

“Deal.” Susie agreed. The three of them flew into the entrance of their base. In the background the Carnival was still going on. They had no idea the crowd they just let down. The crowds weren’t allowed to follow them into their territories.

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