Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 11

George and Phillip just finished talking when they heard a few men charging towards them. They luckily had the chance to talk about their high school crushes- Betty and Marlene, respectively -and a few other mundane, get to know each other things. Phillip was pretty sure he should change carrier path again and become a business man. He even sold the rest of the crew into charging the other sectors. However, George felt differently and wanted a few more kids plus a bigger home with a farm, windmill, and the infamous shed with three cars. They both had modest dreams, nearly silly, but they were worth fighting for. The eight-foot tall Phillip stood up and towered over the approaching invaders from the not friendly neighborhood next door, and George walked in front of him looking like a spider that spread open its legs grasping spears and shields. Their friends the lions stopped being lazy and got up to growl by their side. The few enemies approaching them screamed and charged in response, but they were frankly startled by the lions.

“You remember the plan George?” Phillip questioned

“I remember, Phillip. I’ll try my best to not let you down.” George breathed,

“Good, at least they don’t look too tough.” Phillip reported

“Well, at least none of them are as big as you are. I’d be terrified if they were all giants.” George admitted.

“We’ll be fine, George. For our dreams, buddy.”

“Yeah Phillip, for the future.” George responded.

George’s adrenaline pumped as his shields clashed against two stony foes in black suits. Their arms and legs had thorn like rocks that had hurt to defend against. George’s feet slid back, he grimaced, and his knees buckled into the pavement. Phillip was right behind him and returned their rush with a swipe from his claws. His strong arm’s clashed against the stone spikes and pushed the two invaders off George. The other guy however ignored them and blitzed straight towards their base. They were worried because he was so fast. However, even though their enemy flicked away one of the lions, and it seemed bad, the other lion wasn’t a pushover. Together they kept him busy. It seemed an even match for a while, but only for a while. Finally, George saw an opening and had just enough time to sink his spear into one of the black suits. It turned out having six arms was quite an advantage. However, one of George’s teammates wasn’t having as good of a time.

Back in Rome Cynthia had entered near the entrance of the large colosseum and then noticed the hovering relic that was moving around sporadically. It flittered about and sometimes teleported to another spot in the room like it had a will of its own, but it didn’t seem dangerous. She figured she had a good chance of getting it quickly and rushing out to her teammates to help battle the giant Romans. But if it were that easy then this would be a lousy colosseum, and the spectators wouldn’t enjoy it. It even had a crowd in the stands that cheered as she rushed around after it.

Be careful, Cynthia. It shouldn’t be this easy. She thought. She deftly approached the crown with its multicolor jewels and gilded silver. Around her the flickering holographic audience clapped. It baffled her because it seemed like they knew something she didn’t, which made her stop in her tracks. Luckily, her woman’s intuition alerted her quickly enough that she was able to survive this disaster. If only she responded this fast to her fiancé’s last text, perhaps she wouldn’t need to be here. She flipped her legs over her head and spun with her wings away from the unfriendly line of red light. The deadly ones that were fired by the rubies floating next to the crown. Those lasers kept her from approaching the it, and very quickly she found herself dancing like a shooting star in the night sky. She landed back by the entrance of the gate and gulped in her saliva, wiped the grimy dust of her bronzed face, and looked back at Alex who was waiting at the gate with Susie.

“Unfortunately, the gates are locked Cynthia.” Alex grunted. “It sucks, but I have faith in you.”

“Well weren’t you guys fast?” Cynthia replied

“I would have been faster, but they had good team work. You going to be alright?” Alex answered.

“Of course, Alex, aren’t I the fastest on the team?” She smiled. “I just needed to take a breather before I go back in there. That crowd can be really distracting.” Truthfully, she didn’t even feel a tiny bit confident, but you couldn’t say those things out loud. Especially when everyone’s future was at your fingertips.

“Well I know you’re doing better than I could Cynthia. We’ll be rooting for you from over here.” Susie cheered

“Well thank you, Susie. I’ll get it this time. I think I’m starting to notice a pattern. I have a strange feeling that there is a sequence to it. I’ll figure it out” Cynthia planned out loud.

“Well, just be safe and stay alive.” Alex mentioned

“Okay, I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to me. We still have that game to continue playing, Alex.” She smiled.

Cynthia couldn’t help but look at her left hand and the pale tan line where her engagement ring used to be. She should have been out traveling the world with that man of hers, and perhaps she would be able to after she got that damn crown. She pressed that button inside of her. The one she could only press once every relative hour activating her ability the sands of time. For a minute everything around her would seem to slow down, her vision would improve, and hopefully she would be able to grab that crown. She pushed off the ground with her feet like a swimmer on the last lap of Olympic race sprinting for the prodigious, elusive gold.

Alex watched her with his arms crossed, and Susie chipper as ever yelled for her success. They were the only ones rooting for Cynthia. The rest of the crowd booed as she ran away from the crown.

Cynthia couldn’t help but smile and be thankful for her awesome teammates. Susie’s pleasant soprano seemed to tune out all the clamor from the crowd. Her plan was to stand right here. It should show up here in two seconds. She just knew it, somehow, and her intuition was right. The diadem teleported to exactly where she thought it was going to, but it was soon followed by those accompanying six jewels. They fired instantly. Their hot lights sneaking towards her like hidden, deadly assassins. Cynthia lithely dodged those beams, and her hand approached the rim of the crown unobstructed. It looked like there was a star of red underneath her. She smiled and latched onto the crown, the rubies deactivated and fell into the sand, and she turned around to wave it at her teammates. Wait, did she forget something? She immediately noticed their shocked expressions, and her arms instinctively moved to defend herself from whatever that feeling was from, but it was too late.

“Watch out!” Susie and Alex screamed.

A large hammer swung from behind her and landed on her spine in the center part of the middle of her back making her almost fumble the crown. Uncertainly her body flickered like a dying light bulb, but she still managed to keep her hands latched onto it. She hoped she wouldn’t disappear, but she could almost see herself back at that store. Back when she had a face full of tears, and no hope in life. She didn’t want that. Her teammates charged in through the open gates, and Alex screamed at the top of his lungs. His wings blooming impatiently, and his long broadsword brandished out of its sheathe. In front of him there was a Roman woman following his fading teammate with her hammer sprinkled with Cynthia’s blood.

Now, Alex approached the woman as fast as he could. The one who was turning tail and charging after Cynthia. And though he was much faster than her, she would still beat him to her. The blue flame in his hands started sparkling with a small blaze hovering above his palms. The wench got closer and closer to Cynthia who was just starting to struggle to get up off the ground. She was clambering as best she could with her knees and her feet wobbling underneath her weary countenance. The roman woman smiled and spun her body towards Alex as he fired his flame. It surprised her, but she scoffed holding up her shield. She was the strongest in her team for a reason, and her smile was buffered behind the metal plate. Her plan a parry first then a war cry before turning around to finish her fading opponent. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as she expected. She should off never have left her back to her opponent. She knew better than that. Her opponent wasn’t wobbling anymore, and a blade flew out of Cynthia’s gauntlet so fast that the girl couldn’t respond. The audience on the stands gasped hoping the native would get out of it, but she wouldn’t. She was pierced, and a third eye appeared in the center of her skull before her she vanished. Cynthia stumbled onto the ground. Luckily, she had an ability she could use to recover.

Alex smiled and ran up to Cynthia who was wiping the dirt off her overdress of shining armor.

She smiled at him, and a tiny drop of blood poured out of the corner of her mouth. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, but it still caused her teammates to freak out. Her first reaction was to wipe away the blood and smile.

Alex and Susie checked her and made sure she was okay, which she was. However, to give her some time to rest he held her as they flew out of the stadium, and out of the Roman sector. It created an awkward tension between them, but he insisted as did Susie. The young girl was right behind them holding the precious crown in her hand and looking around at the passing scenery. Rome faded behind her, its colorful buildings shrinking from the distance, and soon they entered the neutral zone. They decided to stop at the base first and drop off the crown. Hopefully, George and Phillip were doing alright. Regardless, they had to keep themselves occupied.

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