Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action

Chapter 10

Every team on pie island had finished their meetings and ten different strategies were enacted. But if you were like Old New York, and you ran carelessly towards your neighbors there would be consequences.

Between all the team’s bases were moats, cannons, traps and dormant beasts, and all these could activate depending on the conditions. For the beasts they only attacked if you were too loud, the cannons would only fire if you happened to get too close, and the planted traps only activated if you were too careless.

From Phillip and George’s perspective things were getting wild. Cannon smoke was rising on both sides as the taxi’s passed by mechanically in front of the base. The invading teams had met with those obstacles and caused a chain reaction on the periphery. Basically, since the cannons fired, the slumbering monsters had awoken, and when they had chased a few traps activated. A few people were frozen because of those traps with monsters waiting for them. There was a lot of hubbub. Notwithstanding, it was George’s turn to ask a question.

“Do you think those three will be alright, man? Do you think we’ll be alright?” George questioned.

“I have no doubts in my mind that those three will be alright. You saw them take off, right? They’re fast. But If you really must know, it’s us I’m more worried about.” Phillip answered

“The two of us versus the world I guess.” George answered

“Yeah, I guess George.” Phillip sighed

They both continued talking for a while trying to stay calm. Their team was a few miles away from them. Occasionally, those two asked each other hard questions and would get to know each other a little better. A few minutes they would know how their team members did. The ones who brazenly invading down 256 Rome drive.

“You guy’s look so cute up there!” Susie remarked. Her red hair fluttered in the wind, and her chakram rattled on the side of her waist. They had just made It through the neutral zone. There were no beasts there. Fortunately, they listened to Simon, and the roads in front of them just started widening outwards. They could see some colorful buildings starting to show up in their view with a lot of domed buildings and beautifully painted statues. Susie brandished those chakram lightly and put on a serious face. The kind she used to put on when she scolded her younger brother. She missed him very much, and it showed. Cynthia noticed that expression. She pat Alex on the back and they approached her.

“Susie, did you say something? Also, are you going to be alright?” Cynthia asked with Alex by her side. She could see the tears welling in Susie’s eyes, and the little shutter of her small rosy lips. She rubbed her back.

“Thank you, but I’m alright Cynthia. It’s just that my brother used to say how much he wanted to go to Rome. He would love to be here right now.” She meekly smiled.

“I’m sure he would be happy that you were doing this for him. I wish I had a sister like you.” Alex entered “You actually care about him.”

“You know I didn’t know at the time.” She reminisced. “He died when we were still teenagers. I used to think I hated him, but now I miss him more than I’ve ever missed anyone in my entire life.” She explained.

“Well, we are almost there. I think your priority should be to calm down, and clear your mind, Susie. Do you remember what you have to do?” Cynthia mentioned

“Yes, you want me to stay with Alex, right?” Susie wiped her eyes.

“Yes, stay with him, and if I call you stay with me. Try not to engage the Romans either, that’s for Alex.” Cynthia reminded

“Alright, but aren’t we putting too much pressure on Alex? Are you going to be alright, Alex?” Susie questioned

“We’ll find out, Susie. Just try and make sure nothing surprises me, and I’ll be fine.” Alex consoled

“Just don’t die. I need you to take us back home safe and sound.” Susie replied. I don’t need anyone else dying. She thought.

Alex was also worried. He never read anything good about the vanguard. It was usually an honor to serve on the vanguard, but they were the most likely to die. Unfortunately, he was the only guy who had wings, and Phillip and George insisted that Alex lead their offense. He did have to admit their plan made sense. The team’s ‘giant’ and ‘spider’ stay back at home and defend, while the ‘three angels’ went after the relics. If they felt like they couldn’t handle the heat, they would have the easiest time escaping, and Phillip the giant didn’t slack on repeating that escaping piece eight times. Well it was time to battle. Alex gripped the mighty long sword of his, and Cynthia’s sword crooked out of the gauntlet.

“Let’s go.” Alex whispered and sped up down the road. The colosseum was directly in front of them, and the houses around it were painted a mix of bright, beautiful colors. They approached the four giant men who were surrounded by gallant statues. Alex led the charge. His sword started to heat up, as the flame of dichotomy scrambled up its hilt.

“Cynthia Go!” Alex yelled. His sword clashed against the giant spiked mace.

“Stay safe, Alex. We still must keep playing that game. Remember, it was my turn to go!” She smiled and sped off towards the colosseum. She was quick enough to ignore the statues. The colorful, belligerent statues that were mounted on equestrian horses. A few had bows and chased after her. She headed through the gates, and towards the relic. The gates closed behind her.

“You got to be kidding me. The gates close?” Alex complained and flew back away from the three roman giants. His shield spun around him and blocked a spiked a mace from his rear while his sword was pushed away by the two in his front. Down below Susie kept the statues busy. Alex was worried about her.

“I’m sorry fellows. I can’t hold back.” Alex fluttered his wings and spun his wrist.

In front of him the giant men didn’t seem to understand him. They communicated to each other in their oversized tunics, and their ancient language. The three changed their attack.

The opponents of Alex started increasing their might, yet Alex shouldn’t have been having trouble. What happened to me? He pondered. Not only that he was much slower than he remembered. He had lost five points of speed and strength when he decided to walk down this ancient block. It was tough for him, but he hung on. He still had a few more points than each of his foes, respectively. Though, it felt like it wasn’t enough.

Alex parried a huge spike and swung his mighty sword towards the face of the large man in front of him. The man with the bitter, resentful eyes clashing against his blade. I’m sorry. He thought. I want the same thing as you. Alex fully charged sword knocked away the mace, as he stared into the shocked eyes of his opponent. He rapidly spun with his foot leading, and with that blue flame on the tips. He hit squarely. It was enough to make the giant stumble.

The giant man fell back and reached for the mace on the floor. He was hoping to save his daughter just like Alex. He yelled, and it was the first thing Alex fully understood. He was giving it his all.

Alex pushed aside that overwhelming feeling of I get it and did what was asked of him. It was for his teammates. It was their year against all the other years, and it wasn’t a place for mercy. Unfortunately, he still felt bad stabbing the sword into the giant’s second identity. The one that connected the man to his frozen body somewhere in history. To that man he was still in his present, right? It was hard to comprehend. He took solace in the fact that he wasn’t hurting anyone. A tear dropped down the giant’s eye as his body disappeared. His angry brethren charged as his light faded into the sky.

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