Time Keepers

By DavidFrenkel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


“You don’t have to worry about me, Alex! I’ll be fine. This is what I was made to do.”

“You told me just to bring you here, and everything would be fine. Why do all you robots have to lie? I thought we humans were the ones with the problems.” Alex responded

“Just let go of me now, Alex. If anyone else found out about me it would cause the whole mission to fail. What are you waiting for? Are you afraid for me? I was meant for this, Alex.” Maverick urged

Alex heard the ten-era war booming behind him. He could hear Cynthia, his ally, and her war cry as she fought off the other years and their monsters. Soon her body was flying over his head, and she smiled at him. She was too pretty to be beaten up like a punching bag. Her red dress just lost a sleeve, and some blood trickled out of her round lips.

“Alex, listen. You’re going to remember everything, I promise. I wouldn’t lie to you about this would I? Just let me go. Do you really want the magistrate to win? Think about your kid, Alex. You wouldn’t want some sick pervert coming down and controlling your child, would you?”

“Won’t I lose my reward? What’s the point of all this if I lose my reward?” Alex asked

“I promised you that you would remember. You’re acting like that isn’t a reward. You already went through hell and back getting me here. Now’s not the time to delay, Alex! You’re underestimating Charles, didn’t he promise you it would all work out.”

“I’m not the one who has to die, Maverick. I never thought I would see a day when I would meet something like you.”

“You are being nice to me right now isn’t going to get the mission done, Alex - I appreciate it. Now, toss me at that damn floating vortex, or I’m never going to forgive you.” Maverick demanded

Alex felt something strike into his back, as the little man in his hands feel down into that black, time hole in the center of the Bermuda triangle. He screamed, but the sound couldn’t escape his mouth. His lungs were crunched up against the soil, and he could feel something clawing at his back. He crashed into a puddle, but it didn’t soften his fall. It felt like concrete, with its little sharp teeth, and his body bounced off the ground.

He could hear some footsteps coming close to him. He could recognize the sounds of her feet, and all the other footsteps following behind her.

“We only have two more relative minutes, Alex. You got to hang on!” Cynthia stared down at Alex’s shining second identity with his tattered business suit, and shredded tie. He reached up with his hand and grabbed onto her warm leg and its blood soaked stockings.

“I wish I met you earlier.” Alex whispered. “You made this minute worth it.”

She looked down and smiled at him. She didn’t want to give in to his depressing talk. “You’re going to be fine, silly. You’re like a phoenix that never dies. Just keep yourself together for a little bit more.” Cynthia optimistically replied. She didn't have time to deal with his excessive personality. There were too many monsters to care about your words.

On the tree Alex laid back and squeezed his hands against the grass, but it was like touching sharp spears, and the feelings of pins and needles spread up his spine. He looked up and smiled at the beautiful frozen seagulls in the sky.

He was glad he signed up for this mission, as he saw that watch on his arm. One more second, and this would all be over. He closed his eyes, and saw Molly pop up with her pretty blue eyes. She would be safer now, and he might even have the chance to see her again. He knew in his heart he made the right decision, but you never really know if you made the right choice. He wanted to know, and soon he would find out when the minute hand moved. It was the longest minute ever.

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