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Chasing Orion

By Eli Talrin All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Horror


Book one of The Scions of Night series, Inception follows a young man, Talrin, in his exploration of what it truly means to become the world's first vampire. He struggles with accepting the darkness within him that is slowly fighting to take control, and dissolve what's left of his humanity. While under the all seeing eyes of the Gods, he challenges the very nature of what it means to be human in accepting what he has become. As his new life unfolds and his abilities begin to manifest, the secret behind the Gods origin and their purpose on Earth, slowly comes to light. For Talrin, the fight begins for not only holding on to his humanity, but the fate of the planet from an otherworldly adversary.


When people ask me what I am and where I come from, my answer is usually straightforward. It is obvious that what sparked their question in the first place also answers their question of “Are you a Vampire?”

Society and Hollywood has seen to giving the stereotype to my people by how we appear and act. In truth, however we are not what the stories say that we are, or not anymore at least.

To most of the world, anything that is abnormal or seemed inhuman became labeled as a demon, and part of the whole heaven and hell battle. I have been walking this earth for a long time and I have never come across anything to make me believe in the existence of either. Even the theory of being supernatural is flawed because what is natural is based on perception.

Supernatural to you is normal to me and implies some type of superiority or inferiority in most cases, which is also flawed to me because it is like comparing the elephant to the ant, or the chimpanzee to the human. It is all a point of view.

I know that for me, and others like me, we do not consider ourselves superior to humans nor have we ever forced our ways upon humankind. We very easily could, given our differences, but we learned in watching our elders, and the gods of our time in how they treated man.

Slaves had their place in the old world before culture evolved to be more civilized, and surely the evolution of man into having the ability to build machines to be the new slaves for them helped in its abolishment.

Regardless, we do not want to rule the world. In fact, we have gone out of our way to remove ourselves from it. We worked hard to change who and what we are into fable and folklore. We are science fiction now and that is fine.

So, what are our origins? Well the complete beginning of our existence is unknown to us. We know when our first appearance was on this planet, and to some we were already familiar them. We never had the opportunity to find out more due to complications that arose.

Those familiar to what we were, had a fear and surprise to our appearance. The proclaimed gods of the times knew what we were, and what we could do, but made an elaborate effort in pretending that we did not exist.

Hard as they tried to make us obsolete, our species flourished and eventually the entire world knew of our existence. It would seem our appearance forced their departure of this planet. After which our very existence became in danger from human fear.

Human beings as it turns out show very little respect or restraint from trying to eliminate the things that they fear. Since they could not understand what we were or where we came from, their only goal was to try to kill us. We saw the rise of the great pyramids, held a seat in the Greek senate, saw the crucifixion of Christ, the warring middles ages, and the fall of the third Reich.

The world is a very large place however and it is remarkably easy for us to hide. Over time, the people forgot about us distracted by their own greed and lust for power over others. Our kind became fairy tales told around campfires and used as an excuse to explain the unknown. As society evolved we became make believe and the subject of books and movies for the entertainment of others.

It would surprise some to consider that we would be sitting right in the same theater, watching the movies and plays based on my kind. You eat your popcorn and hold the hand of a person you love with a monster sitting right behind you the whole time. We prefer the belief that we are just fantasy. The point of blame when someone dies or goes missing is simply suspect of another human.

Thousands of people succumb to their demise under our hand daily, and never once is the suspect ever a vampire. Look sometime at the missing persons list within your own town and ask yourself, can that many people really go missing? Millions of people just vanish from the planet and never seen again either dead or alive.

In the thousands of years that we have been alive we have perfected our methods of feeding to leave no trace, no sign of our existence, even in the cases of newly born vampires with no training or experience, when a body shows up drained of its blood a vampire is never suspect. Humans or animals take the blame for the event. This book might change that way of thinking, and it might not. This story will fall in to the category of fiction after all but consider the possibility that there is more to the legend than you might believe.

Some parts of this story might not make sense as I can only tell it in how I knew them to occur. As most things go, history and reality are two separate things, but the following is how we came to be. I was the patient zero you could say of the phenomenon.

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