The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb

By ricardoalexanders All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


1939, Archaeologist Chuan-Jay Hoo is captured in a behind-enemy-lines rescue mission. As a POW, he is forced to take part in the excavation of the tomb of the mythical First King of China in the Dragon Mountains. Unexpectedly, this top-secret tomb raid is violently defeated by a ruthless killing force sealed within the tomb. Astonished by their alien-like fire power, Chuan-Jay begs them to fight for the freedom of China, but they refuse, citing a more pressing mission to accomplish. Eighteen months later, Chuan-Jay teams up with an American adventurer and archaeologist Dr. Harry Jones. The duo return to the tomb and successfully convinces the guardians of the tomb to come out and fight for China. With the help of those guardians, the Allies prepare for an all-out counter offense to end the war in Pacific by the spring of 1944. However, the subsequent changes of events catch everyone on Earth by surprise. Neither the Allies nor the Axis find themselves winning the war. Before long, Chuan-Jay stands alone in the tomb of the First King again, as the last line of resistance for the survival of mankind. How will the fate of mankind be decided? The story unfolds in Dragon Tomb…


When the First God was about to create our Universe from the Ninth Dimension, he was afraid of making mistakes. So he first created the Ninth Cauldron. Then he created the Key. After he created our Universe for the first time, he inserted the key into the cauldron and fast-forwarded time. However, he was not satisfied with what he saw at his first attempt. So he re-inserted the key, sat inside the cauldron, and rotated the controlling beam to the reverse direction.

In no time, the First God was ready to create our Universe again.

−Genesis: Legend of Shah

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