8th round By TC OReilly

By Tielman All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Horror


A virus has been released on Earth; a virus that no one can cure, quarantine, or prevent. It has ruined humanity, killing the majority of its population and sparing only a limited group of uninfected people. Those that have contracted the disease but not died are far worse off. There’s no way to stop it; no way for seven lifetimes. Gifted with powers he doesn’t understand but is determined to use, Jakes has experienced life – and lifetimes – for seven rounds. The virus has ripped apart humanity time after time, and Jakes has been forced to watch his world fall apart in each case. This time, his eighth time -- his eighth round -- he is determined to never let it happen again. And this time he is confident. With the help of experts, family, and unexpected friends, Jakes will strive to finally end this virus before it begins; uncovering his past, his unexplained abilities, and the people who want to kill him for both. THE 8TH ROUND is an interesting take on both the beloved Sci Fi stories of zombies and time travel. What I liked most about this book were the questions it posed and how it made me think.

14th Round

23rdSeptember 2028 (the 14th round)

Happy Birthday!! Dear me…!?!

How do I even explain the oddness that is my life. According to today’s calendar I am 49 years young. Yet for reasons, as yet unknown I have lived for hundreds of years…

At midnight tonight everything will reset…

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