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Scifi / Romance


The ability to love is one fraught with emotion. A person is presented with the possibility of extreme happiness within the wholeness of life, if brave enough to endure the torrential downpour of emotion associated with loving. I have stared this happiness right in the face and been completely perplexed as to how to fulfill its needs. Nothing is ever good enough for love that changes us. We feel helpless as love takes us apart piece by piece and reassembles us according to its seemingly egocentric design, with us in its grand scheme only to experience it. Distractions of this kind keep the genetic material evolving.

Love is a wash of feeling that can bring an otherwise lazy human being to the point of complete selflessness to do something which establishes a deep connection with the underlying tones of reality rippling out into infinity. That’s how we, as life forms, communicate: through different tones, frequencies, and levels of energy. Love is a sensation triggered by interacting with these different forms of communicated energy (emotion expressed physically, mentally and energetically) that unleash chemical and energetic reactions within us. Within each of us love takes on a different shape; the energy exhibits a unique pattern.

Much like every person is different, so is the love shared between two individuals. Certain forms of love can start with a look or some other gesture and proceed to blossom within the psyche of the individuals, each taking their own personal route through the reality created within their minds. These different routes individuals travel down within themselves over time are routes with many forks and will continue on for as long as the individuals participating allow them to.

The time required for an individual to fall in love with another must also be considered when exploring the concept of love. We are corporeal constituents of time, so love must also be a constituent of time. The chemical reactions and subsequent thought provocations and emotional reactions are experienced by us as we travel through space and time. It only takes a moment, when circumstances reflect the individuals’ expectations of an ideal love awareness event, to fall in love. When a love awareness event occurs between two individuals, emotionally provoked energy expression within the space the two individuals occupy creates an energetic “light show” they and everyone else around them experience.

Sadly, love can end just as fast as it begins. If one of the individuals does not feel the circumstances meet those desired for their first encounter with the one who was meant for them, then the whole situation is doomed. The two may be friends at best, but no copulatory love will form between them and there will be no perpetuation of their genetic material.

Even though one of the individuals loses their loving perspective for the other, love may persist within the other. Love does not have to be reciprocated to exist for the other who is still experiencing their loving perspective. This can lead to disaster for all involved if not handled with appropriate care.

If appropriate care is taken when love between two individuals fails to fully blossom at a certain point in space and time, as the universe expands to encompass evolving consciousness, then the two individuals will move on with their lives. Once any wounds are healed, former lovers continue with their experiences through space and time, congruent with what we all perceive when we’re not around those we love intensely and passionately.

There once was a woman who took me by surprise and changed me to my core. I never would have imagined the things she showed me, such subtleties in our universe ripe for discovery in ways I never thought possible before coming into contact with her. I still feel the aftershocks of those discoveries and probably will for the rest of my life.

Is it possible consciousness demands a companion? A fundamental system of nature giving rise to new life, would it not be understandable, in its own way, consciousness desires the love of another? Helping to find consciousness’ soul mate, life is the matchmaker; life is the cradle for consciousness’ experience of all forms of love.

Love, a system of evolutionarily predisposed forms of interaction facilitating genetic material perpetuation, is just as real as we are as long as there is substantiating belief through life experience. A force so powerful, love can cripple a person who has the mightiest of stances. I wonder about my past loves sometimes. Could things have turned out differently? Maybe if I had done something different things would have turned out more conducive to the perpetuation of my genetic material. The only constant in my reality has been my love for others, felt through thought, triggering emotion and linking rhythmic, biological and energetic discharge.

Deconstructing love at its most intense moments down to its most fundamental constituents must be done. Like countless before me and currently, I’ve been in romantic love. This love has taken my soul for passionate rides of desire. Was this kind of love not meant to last forever?

I still feel the presence of those I’ve fallen for. With my past loves I experience entanglement: our energy fields became one, mingled, disassociated while retaining an imprint linking us through space and time. Feeling the energy signature of those we’ve been intimately involved with is a literal reality. This doesn’t necessarily mean the interaction had to be sexual or even romantic in nature, just intimate. Due to the complexities of the species, this entanglement can play tricks on the mind, making one believe there’s something more to a relationship, when in fact there’s nothing but the possibility for friendship.

Besides the obvious procreation potential, intimate relationships are opportunities to learn from one another on a scale not met with the more passive everyday intermingling. Over time the intimate love grows, enabling deeper understanding of life. Through this exploration more experience is shared, more memories are made, more emotions are felt, and more energy is transferred from one form to another, propagating the genetic material through the generations as we surf the waves of space and time. Consciousness evolves through this exploration.

Love does indeed catalyze the formation of the universe. The universe forms around one’s spatial perspective through time as experience grows life into a future potential destiny. Experience propagates individual destinies with other individual destinies until a mass experienced end is reached.

While everything finds a way and place in the universe, consciousness observes and interacts with this ultimate destiny as time unfolds reality at a rate relatively perceived. Everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen any way it can on the grand scale of multidimensional existence the unified experience is acquainted with as the omniality or omniverse.

There must be nothing for there to be something. The omniverse is consciousness conceived through time. Like a fertilized egg going through mitosis, consciousness evolves through all potential experiences as the physical universe manifests within a corporeal realm of space and time. Within this corporeal realm of space and time is the love from a woman who took me by surprise and changed me to my core, forever.

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