The Life of the Lucidity

By Jordan Fuel All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Other


Ingrid Ro'mave is a 14 year old girl on her last year of middle school. She came from a very torn family and has been an orphan since she was twelve. Ingrid carries a lot of stress and anxiety, which she wishes she didn't have to deal with. But, it ends up helping her in the long run. Ingrid eventually goes to Earth trying to avoid The AstroRace Eliminators. She meets a few friends along the way, or so she thinks. Ingrid will have to deal with betrayal, friendship, love, and everything in between to find out who she really is. Will it all be worth it?


It was November 4th, a sunny but cool Autumn day. It was my favorite time of year, but right now it wasn’t my favorite time of day. It was Tuesday, and I was overwhelmed by my school work. My locker was a few feet away and my History book was needed for my next class. I walked over to grab my History book and my bag.

“Ingrid!” My friend Mina called after me. I turned around to see her waving and my other friends by her side. She and I were the only two partially human kids in the entire school, and you wouldn’t believe the insults that got thrown at us.

But that’s beside the point. A smile formed on my face as I waved back and continued to try to open my locker. Although, my locker wasn’t opening even after a few tries and I got really frustrated really fast. I hit the locker lightly.

“Ingrid!” My friends started yelling at me.

“UGH! Just a second! I can’t get this dang thing open.” I said in frustration.

“Uh, just what do you think you’re doing?” A familiar pessimistic voice said behind me. I froze and realized where I was and that the locker I was trying to open, wasn’t mine. Also that my friends were trying to warn me, not call me over.

“Heh, I’m...OH! Wait this isn’t my locker!” I said chuckling nervously in hopes that the vicious girl behind me wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

She rolled her eyes and pushed me harshly, which resulted in me landing on my bum. She looked at me with a sly smirk and continued to open her locker in one try. Letting out a mocking giggle she turned her head away and fixed herself in her locker mirror.

“Um, Ina, right?”

“Ingrid.” I corrected her in a harsh tone as she turned towards me.

“Well, Ingrid, let this be a lesson to never go near my locker with your filthy hands alright? Next time I might do something worse. Hmph!” she exclaimed while sashaying away.

“Gosh, can she be any ruder?” Mina said helping me off of the ground.

“I know right? She sounded so disgusted when she said my name.” If you’re wondering who the rude inconsiderate girl who just pushed me is. Her name is Valerie Hutchinson. This is going to sound cheesy, maybe like something out of a movie. But Valerie is definitely a popular girl. She’s gorgeous, only befriends other gorgeous people, and is totally rude.

But this isn’t your typical movie or whatever. We, and by we I mean the entire school, are lucidites. One of the main AstroRaces in outer space. No, we aren’t aliens. We look like humans, but have certain supernatural features. Each race has a different number of wings. Lucidites have only one wing though. Which is why we are considered one of the strongest races. (It’s really hard to fly with only one wing). Lucidites also don’t have just one form, and all AstroRaces have a human form. It’s just us but without all of the supernatural physical features. What’s cool about all of this, to humans anyway, is that each race has their own dimension. Ours is literally just called Lucidity. Last but not least, humans hate us. It’s not that surprising with all the folklore about humans meeting aliens that they teach to kids now. They act like we are a threat.

Long ago, there was a war between the AstroRaces and the humans, the AstroRaces won of course. I mean, we’re supernatural! But all of that resulted in the human race creating a group called the ARE. They’re a bunch of people who were assigned to eliminate any of the AstroRaces that came to Earth. It’s stupid, they started the war with us, knowing that we were much more advanced than them and now they are upset because they lost a war they probably weren’t even going to have a chance at winning. Why are humans so complicated?

“Uhm, Ingrid?” Mina waved her hand in front of my face. “You have been out of it for a few minutes are you alright?”

“Oh! Yes, I’m fine just tired.”

“Okay, well the lunch bell just rang so are we going to our usual place? I kind of wanna go somewhere other than Sonic today. OOOH! What about Taco Bell?!” She said with enthusiasm.

I looked at everyone else and they all nodded in agreement.

“Taco Bell it is!” I confirmed with a smile.

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