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“Here is your coffee, madam.”

The assassin android looked very dignified with a cup of espresso in his hand.

“Thank you.” said the doctor Sandra Hannigan. She took a sip of the black, hot beverage. She frowned.

“Do you happen to know why there is a taste of cinnamon in it?
- Well, I recall you to like cinnamon coffee, so I though you would appreciate. Although for some reason it was writen arsennic on the container. It’s a chance I happen to know what arsennic and cinamon really look like.
- I see. It seems my test was a bit too obvious.
- Yes. If I may be a bit bold, it was rather insulting that you though I would be fooled by this childish deception.
- So tell me, how do I test your loyallity effectively? I know I patched you myself, but you were tasked with eliminate me in the first place. I can't be too cautious."

The robot actually seemed to concidered what Sandra just said. Something changed in it's attitud and it seemed less angry. Or maybe Sandra was imaniging things?

"I see you're point. But I can assure you the task is canceled and the loyality you patched me with is working perfectly. I'll can even show you were the real stash of arsenic is, so you can see that I didn't even touch it, though I could have.
- Yeah, it'll have to do. If you were sent, I will probably need a bodygard and this will probably be a better use of our ability."

Somehow, the expresionless face actually expressed happiness for a moment. Sandra was sure of herself this time.

"Indeed, the robot said simply, it would. I would however point out that Madam is a bit reckless? Had your patch failed I would have poisened this coffee with the for-mentionned arsenic which wasn't really well hiden.
- It was hiden enough that you couldn't detect an other deception. Without actually taking it for further analise at least.
- What do you mean? You trapped the poison stash?
- Not exactly. I just don't have arsnic here, it's just colored sugar.
- Ho, that was actually clever.
- I like to think so, yes.
- So can I get my actual body back? I would be more useful than this old junk you put me in.
- I don't think I'll need more testing. Well normally I would test some more, but it would be stupid if you couldn't protect me because I'm being too cautious."

She took another sip of coffee. Yes, she liked the cinamon in it, but...

"Although maybe we could work on this twisted sens of humour you got..."
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