Zeng & the Machines

By the_elusive_Voice_96 All Rights Reserved ©


Prologue: Primary & Wimpton

In the beginning there was a drop of life, and that drop doubled, then tripled, until there was a single universe. That universe then split into two one being called the Primary universe the other being called the Wimpton universe. The Primary grew at what would be considered a normal rate but the Wimpton grew at an unexpectedly fast rate causing everlasting life on its planets and less weaknesses and air that any life form could live on. Inside the Primary Universe lived a galaxy called the Milky Way. In that galaxy lived a planet known as Earth which is the only one that could sustain life in that galaxy. In the Wimpton lived a planet named Zeng with creatures known as the Korinthians lived. These creatures were able to transform themselves 8 feet taller and contained other unknown-to-man powers. Together we shall journey to these two very different worlds and learn how they collide and seek help for each other in different ways. This is the tale of how two siblings unexpectedly make a brotherhood with the Korinthian kind. The year is 2035….

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