The Gryphon Age

By drakonwriter All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


The Gryphon Age focuses on the story of Mardan, a Griffin hunter in the 23rd century, 200 years after civilization fell to the onslaught of griffins and other fantastic creatures who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. During his attempted assassination of a Griffin royal, he is spotted and has to escape, but knows there's nowhere to go. His father provides him with a key to a bank vault in hopes that whatever is in the long abandoned and unknown vault will help him, but upon opening it and finding a 200 year old weapon cache and two prisoners of a war long forgotten, Mardan is drawn into a conflict that began centuries before he was born, but never ended. Along the way, he discovers a lab that created the griffins and houses the mind of a long dead scientist determined to return, an arena where people of all kinds bet on the survival of their neighbors, and a fierce resistance determined to destroy the griffins, but holding dark secrets of their own.


This is a story, is it not? It has many elements: Plot, protagonist, antagonist, and all these other elements that swirl and combine and present you with what you see before you: A story, plain and simple.

We shall start with the protagonist.

He is a human being with brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. His skin is pocked with the scars that one acquires over years of labor. He is not tall. He is not short. He is not fat. He is not overly thin. This is quite an achievement where he lives. Becoming fat is rare and he has not achieved it, but the food required to be anything except for thin is difficult to obtain.

His name is Mardan. His name is uncommon, but then again so are the names of everyone he lives with. He is a hunter of beasts in a world where hunters are feared and respected. He fights for his life on a daily basis in the hopes that one day he will manage to obtain…

But wait a minute…Why don’t we let him tell it himself? He is probably dying to tell you all about it.

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