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Scifi / Fantasy


When I woke up, I felt as if I was coming ashore from being stranded in the darkest depths of the ocean. I never expected how much danger I would have put myself in for continuing to not take the Happy Pill everyday. If I had known, perhaps I would still be in my same rut of a routine. Perhaps everything would be different.


The world had been failing for awhile when the Continental Crash occurred. There were now mountains where sweeping deserts of grass had once stood and valleys so deep some believed it traveled to the center. Mass hysteria broke out within the people which followed with the worst war in history since World War Two back eighty years ago.

People turned to Pharma Inc. with their problems to which they were popped a happy pill and went on with their lives. However, Pharma Inc. did more than just give people drugs, they eventually won the power of the world. It started in the 2020 election in the United States before spreading to the recently exited Great Britain and Germany. People wanted someone who could promise they something that would take their minds away from the hellscape that became the world.

Slowly, the people’s minds began to fuzz with fake memories and were suddenly happy to work at white cubicle desk jobs for Pharma Inc. and to not question any decisions made by government.

Soon, all of the food had been stamped for approval by Pharma Inc. in order to be sold. Farms were slowly dying off due to lack of nutrient resources in the ground as Pharma Inc. utilized new technology that directly extracted the important nutrients out of the soil. Anything that could be bought or sold had Pharma Inc. plastered right on the front so that the people would never forget who gave them happiness.

Eventually, there were no more countries, just one large population under the Dias of Control and President Hellucin. No one remembered, or dare tells, how the Dias of Control gained power over the entire reaches of the world. Most just assumed that no one said anything after the Great Dying. If the Spanish Influenza after World War One scared people back then, then Acariasis Neoplasm was the equivalent.

Schools were set up in the same layout as prisons as to keep the learning enclosed into a controlled space. No creativity was allowed and any musical instruments heard, must be in the presence and honoring the great President. Songs were no longer played on the radio but rather long monologs of how the citizens of Eras Pangea must remember to take their happy pills and to praise President Hellucin. Occasionally, a rogue broadcast would come through the old radio player before cries of pain and gore statically came through the speakers.

Pharma Inc. never expected to have someone "wake up" from the drug induced state.

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