Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

The First Date

Needless to say, our principal wasn’t too happy about Sasha and Natalie’s fight. She got suspended for three days and I was also suspended for throwing a punch. Psh! Oh well. Looks like I’ll have a three day weekend.

After we left, I told Natalie that I would swing by and pick her up later, I just had to check on something. She nodded and I walked back to my house from her own. No one was home yet luckily, so I had the house to myself.

I started my computer and noticed I had fourteen new messages! I clicked on the first and scrolled down to read the rest.

Beck! Way to show that bitch who’s boss! I’m sure Sasha won’t fuck with you anymore and it’s about time somebody laid her out!

- Kurt

I’m so glad that somebody showed Sasha what’s what. Nice hit by the way!

- Amber

Beck, who was that girl that beat up Sasha today? Is she a friend of yours?

- Katie

Hey! Beck buddy, did you know that girl who beat the hell out of Sasha today?

- Brandon

Who was that girl who beat Sasha? Did you know her? Is that why you punched Sasha in the face?

- Will

Who was that girl?

Who was that girl?

Who was that girl?

Who was that girl?

All of the messages after Will’s pretty much said the same thing. Obviously, Natalie had earned a name for herself. Nobody at our school stood up against Sasha. Why? Hell if I know but they just didn’t. Natalie pretty much flipped the script when she stood up for me and she didn’t know it yet.

I smiled and logged off my computer before heading over to my closet. I pulled out a blue and white striped hoodie and some black skinny jeans, along with my black slouched beanie.I laced up my shoes and headed toward Natalie’s house.

Today was something else. I didn’t expect to get suspended today. I guess no one really ever expects to get suspended, it just happens. When I thought about how pissed my mom was going to be, I cringed.

I normally don’t get in trouble… a lot. But when I do, it’s always the same thing with her. A lecture, maybe a grounding, and week without my car. Fuck me.

I got to Natalie’s house and opened the door, walking toward her room. I walked in and collapsed on her bed. “Beck? Is that you?” she called from her bathroom.

“Yeeeesss” I groaned, laying my head on her pillow. “Did you just waltzed inside my house?” she asked, her voice coming closer as she walked into her room. I nodded and she laughed.

“Just make yourself comfortable and by the way, I’m sorry for getting you suspended” she said sincerely. I leaned my head up and looked at her.

“Don’t be. It’s happened before. I’m just glad this time I had a real reason,” I said, smirking at her. She smiled and sat down on her bed.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked, smirking at her.

“Yeah…although, I’m kind of tired now” she replied. I nodded. “Same thing here. Maybe it’s your bed that’s making us sleepy. It’s too comfortable” I sighed, nuzzling my face against her pillow.

I could smell her scent of strawberries and it was truly intoxicating. She laughed. “I’ve never heard of a bed being too comfortable” she said.

“Well, yours is. You still wanna go to the arcade?” I asked again. She sat up and got off her bed as she walked over to grab her car keys, jingling them in front of my face.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

I hopped off the bed and followed her upstairs, heading out the door and to her Ford Fusion.

“Why is your car so nice?” I asked rhetorically. “Because I don’t pay for it” she replied. I laughed and climbed into the passenger seat.

“So, are you gonna give me directions there?” she asked, buckling herself in. “I thought we were taking my car so, yeah” I replied. “Oh! Do you wanna take your car?” she asked, blushing a little.

“No, it’s fine. I can just give you directions” I answered. She nodded her head and started the car, pulling out of her driveway.

“So, you’re from Los Angeles, right? What would make you wanna move to a place like Baltimore?” I asked.

“Well, my father got a job here. When he asked me if I wanted to stay there with my mom or go live with him, I chose the latter. I love my mother and I loved my old hometown and my friends but…things were just getting a little too dramatic there. I needed a change in scenery” she replied.

“They found out you were gay?” I guessed. She got quiet and her eyes were glued to the road.

“Yes…I guess you could say that. Some nasty things started to happen. I lost my friends but gained better ones. My parents even lost a few friends but they both stuck by me no matter what, even my stepmother was supportive” she said softly.

“Does it have to do with that Kendra person?” I asked, hoping that she wouldn’t explode like she did before. She nodded and her grip on the wheel tightened a bit.

“She was one of the popular girls at my school. Sasha kind of reminds me of her. Anyway, she used to mess with me in the locker rooms. Push me against the wall and kiss me and sometimes sneak into my shower. Things between us got sexual even though she had a boyfriend. I liked her and…she used me constantly.”

“One day, during a pep rally, I told one of my friends about what she was doing and he exploded. He was so mad that he confronted her on the field in front of everyone. Of course she was going to save her own ass and she pushed all the blame on me. She said that I started it and that I was stalking her. She made up terrible lies about me when half of what she was saying was done by her.”

“Her boyfriend got pissed and when I went home that afternoon, he and his buddies had trashed my car. They wrote names on my doors and threatened to hurt me if I ever came near Kendra again.”

“But she came to me, three months after that happened. She was crying about her boyfriend and saying how she had developed feelings for me that she was afraid of. I told her to just leave me alone but she weakened me when she told me she loved me.”

“I was so lost. We were together secretly for two months until I couldn’t handle it anymore. When I asked her to go public, she said no because she was ashamed of who she was and knew her parents would be too. I just got tired of pretending with her. All she was doing was using me.”

“Her boyfriend came back one day. He said he knew about us and if Kendra didn’t come back to him, he would tell the whole school about her. She freaked out and when I thought she would stand by me, that she loved me like she claimed…she didn’t. She just walked out the door with him and I never saw her again.”

“I stopped going to school and then two weeks later, we moved here.That’s what happened between Kendra and I.”

I looked at Natalie with sorrow in my eyes and she just wiped away at a few tears that had fallen from her cheeks.

“Natalie…I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how that felt. I just want you to know that…we’re not like that here. Maybe you’ll get trouble from a few people but I won’t let anyone hurt you like that again. Lee, Hope, Jessie, Mark; we all have your back. I’m glad you told me what happened and I just want you to know that I would never, never hurt you like that.”

She glanced over at me and I grabbed her hand. The warmth I was giving off made her cold hands feel warmer by each touch and I ran my thumb over her knuckles. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

I would do anything for this girl. Absolutely anything. I was actually pretty glad that she moved away from home. What she needed now was a fresh start and I decided that I was going to give her one.

“I know you’ve heard this before but I just have to say it…you’re such a nerd!” Natalie exclaimed as she pointed to Lee, Mark, and I’s high score on the huge board hanging on the wall.

I laughed and we walked toward the counter. “Oh my god, it’s Beck Smith!” exclaimed the counter woman. I laughed as my friend, Miranda, jumped around like a fan girl.

Natalie arched her eyebrows at me and I just waved her off. “What’s going on Miranda? Do you always have to greet me like this when I walk in?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Ugh yes. If I don’t, Brian makes me do extra hours, which totally isn’t fair. I have to do the same thing for Mark and Lee. So, who’s this you’ve got with you?” she said, her attitude changing.

“This is my friend, Natalie. Natalie, this is Miranda. She works her everyday cause she has no life,” I said, smirking at her. She flipped me off as she pouted and I did the same.

Natalie chuckled and said ‘hey’ to Miranda. “Are you gonna let us in or are we just gonna stand her, M?” I teased. “Bite me” she growled before opened the door for us.

“I would but I’m afraid you’d like it too much” I shot back. We walked inside and Natalie laughed at me.

“What?” I asked, looking over at her. “What’s with you and Miranda?” she asked. “Nothing. We just like to tease each other like that. It’s just how our relationship is” I replied.

We walked toward one of my favorite games and I pouted at her. She looked over at the game and laughed. “Star Wars Lightsaber Battle?” she said aloud.

“You have to play me! I’ll go easy on you, I swear” I said, jogging toward the game.

“I thought I got to choose the games tonight” she said, walking behind me.

“You do. I’m just choosing the first one,” I teased. She laughed as I started the game. She picked up the blue lightsaber and I grabbed the red one.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” she asked, lighting her saber up. “Are you sure you’re ready to lose?” I challenged, lighting my saber as well.

She smirked and we looked at the screen. I selected Obi-wan and she selected Anakin Skywalker. “Let the fight begin!” I exclaimed, swinging at her.

When I moved, my character moved as well but she quickly blocked me and came at me from the right. I leaned back and steadied myself.

“Something tells me you’ve done this before” I said, swinging my lightsaber around my wrist. “Maybe there was a game like this back in LA and maybe I used to play it from time to time” she teased, smiling at me.

“Then may the best player win,” I said, getting in my “fighting” stance.

“Oh, I will” she said cockily. I arched my brows at her and she did the same.

God, this girl is going to kill me.

“Do you think your parents will be mad at you for being suspended?”

“Maybe. It doesn’t happen a lot and I’m sure they didn’t think I would be suspended the first month we moved here.”

“True. Hey look! Those stars look like a single star! You see!”

I pointed up towards the night sky and she followed my gaze. We were lying out on the grass in a field not far from our neighborhood, just looking at the stars and talking.

“You’re right! It kind of does. And you owe me extra coffee since I beat you in Star Wars Lightsaber Battle” she said, rolling over on top of me.

I groaned as she leaned over top of me. “I can’t believe you beat me at my own game! Don’t tell anyone about that by the way. I could be kicked out of my own club,” I said, playing with her hair.

“Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me” she whispered in my ear. I groaned as she relaxed on top of me.

“What time is it?” I asked, putting my hands on her hips. “Um…” she leaned up so she could take her phone out her pocket and I groaned when her hand brushed over my thigh.

She looked at her front screen. “8:49” she replied. “You wanna stay out here or do you wanna go home and tell our parents we’ve got three days off?” I asked, my eyebrows raised.

“Um…I’m gonna say the first one” she replied, laying her head on my shoulder. “Yeah. So am I,” I said, laughing lightly. I put my arms around her waist and sighed.

“Wake me up before you go go…”

“Don’t leave me hanging on like a yoyo.”

“Wake me up before you go go.”

“I don’t wanna miss you when you hit that high!”

I burst into laughter when she tried to hit a high note. She laughed with me and looked in my eyes. “That was random,” she said, giggling into the curve of my neck.

“Well, it was between that or ’Afternoon Delight” I said, laughing when she just shook her head. “You’re weird.”

“I thought I was a nerd.”

“Well, you’re that too.”

“I rather be a nerd than weird.”

“I rather be weird than a nerd.”

“Then I guess we’re just two different people.”

“Maybe we are.”


She leaned up and put her hands on both sides of my head. “Beck…thanks again. You’re a great friend,” she said, lying her head back down in the crook of my neck.

I don’t know why but I didn’t like the fact that she said that. I didn’t want to be Natalie’s friend. I wanted something so much more out of this but I couldn’t rush things and I knew I wasn’t ready to come out anytime soon.

“Yeah… so are you Natalicious.” She stiffened a bit before laughing at her new name. “Don’t call me that,” she said, slapping my arm.

“Ow! You keep hitting me and I’ll roll you back on the ground” I teased. She stuck her tongue out at me and I growled.

“That’s it!” I tackled her to the ground and we rolled down the hill, both of us laughing until we stopped at the bottom.

I crawled on top of her and held her hands down. “Oh no you didn’t” she growled. “Oh yes I did” I said, smirking at her.

She lunged at me and my back hit the ground as she straddled me. “Now who’s on top?” she teased. I tried not to think of the sexual innuendo there but I couldn’t help it and laughed.

She blushed and slapped my stomach. “Perv” she said, crawling off of me. “Hey, you’re the one who said it” I joked, laughing harder when she kept blushing.

We got up from the ground and starting walking back to her car. “Thanks for taking me out tonight, Beck” she said once we got in the car.

“No problem. It was fun. Anytime you wanna go out again, just ask.” She nodded and started the car, driving back towards our homes.

“You got what?”

“Suspended for three days.”

“Why? Beck, what did you do?”

“Sasha threw her drink on Natalie and I was defending her so I…kindasortapunchedherintheface.”

“Slow it down. You did what?”

“I…kinda, sorta punched her in the face.”

“Beck. I understand you wanting to defend Natalie but couldn’t you have done it in a non-violent way?”

“No! Sasha deserved to be hit, mom. She was just asking for it.”

“Did Natalie get suspended too?”

“Yeah. They got into a fight and she’s suspended as well.”

“Alright…since you were just defending Natalie…I’m letting you off the hook.”



“No lecture?”


“No grounding?”


“No week without my 2nd baby?”

“Don’t push it”.

My mom walked out of my room and when she closed the door, I collapsed on my bed with a smile. My cellphone vibrated in my pocket and I looked down at the caller ID.


I flipped open my phone and clicked “ok” to open his text message.

I can’t believe you’re not going to be around for three days. I’m sure you’ll have fun with Natalie though. Try not to wear yourself out too bad buddy. We’re gonna need you on Friday at the meeting.

I smiled and quickly sent him a text back.

Natalie and I are just friends, Lee. Besides, I think she wore me out this afternoon. I’ll be there on Friday.


I put my cellphone on my bedside table and relaxed on my bed. Who knows what could happen in the next few months with Natalie? Maybe I’ll have enough courage to come out and make her my girlfriend? Maybe I’ll be able to walk down the halls of our school hand in hand?

And maybe I’ll stop thinking about her every damn five minutes! God, all I’ve done lately is talk about her.I guess I’m just starting to realize how much she’s affecting me.

I rolled over in my bed and looked at my profile picture on my computer screen of Natalie and I on my bed.

I got a new message and I arched my eyebrows before walking over and clicking on it.

?: Are you and that girl in your profile pic together?

Me: No, not exactly. Who is this?

The person didn’t reply back and I leaned back against my computer chair. That was weird but hey, weird stuff has been happening to me all day.

I smiled when I saw the next message and I quickly wrote a reply.

Me: Yeah, we can hang out again tomorrow, Natalie.

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