Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Homecoming Part Two

Kieran danced closer to Melody as the song switched over to B.O.B’s “Magic” as she carefully put her hands on the girl’s hips, hoping that she wasn’t overstepping her boundaries by making Melody uncomfortable. She slowed down her movements as Melody moved back, placing her arm around her neck. Kieran grinned to herself, leaning her head on Melody’s shoulder.

“You seem to be loosing up, Ms. Schmidt,” she whispered, kissing her neck. “No kissing,” Melody moaned as she moved her body faster. Kieran chuckled but stopped when she looked up to notice Beck looking at her.

“Beck!” she yelled across the room, waving at her. Melody followed her direction. This was the first time that she had seen Beck and Natalie together as a couple and for some reason, she felt numb. Melody gripped harder onto Kieran’s arm to keep her in place.

Kieran glanced down at her, turning to face her. “What’s wrong?” she asked in concern. “Don’t go” she replied in a whisper. Kieran saw Beck, Natalie, and Lee walking towards them and sighed. “Don’t worry about it. I know how to handle these two. Trust me” she said smiling.

Melody nodded as Beck enveloped Kieran in a hug. “Kieran! I haven’t seen you in forever. Actually the last time I saw you was when we put together the club back in October” Beck said smiling.

“Yeah, the club that you should have been in,” Lee added, nudging her side. Kieran smiled and looked at Natalie. “So this is the girl I’ve heard so much about, huh? I’m Kieran Holloway. Nice to meet you” she said, holding out her hand to Natalie.

Natalie smiled and took it. “Natalie Hudson. Nice to meet you too. You’re friends with Beck and Lee?” she asked. “Yeah, and Mark too but I don’t see much of hi-"

Kieran grabbed Melody’s waist when she felt the girl move against her.

“Easy there,” she whispered in her ear. “Kieran, I’m sorry. I forgot you were behind me,” she teased, smirking at her. “Uh-huh. Of course you did, Schmidt” Kieran shot back. Beck and Lee looked between the two girls as Lee rolled his eyes.

“Where’s Jessie?” Kieran asked, looking around for the blonde haired girl. “Talking to Chase out in the hall” Natalie replied. “Chase? I’m not even gonna ask. By the way, where is Mark? I would have expected him and Hope to be here,” Kieran questioned.

Beck sighed. “Hope broke up with him,” she said, pulling Natalie onto the dance floor. Kieran’s jaw dropped and she glanced at Lee as he nodded. “She’s staying in Mexico,” Lee explained.

Melody tugged at Kieran’s arm. She quickly took the hint. “I’ll talk to you later, Lee” she said as Melody pulled her away. “I swear, you’ve never been this clinging with me. Are you positive you’re not feeling something?” Kieran chuckled.

“You know what, shut up and dance Holloway” she ordered, smirking as she moved her body. “Yes ma'am” Kieran laughed, placing her hands on Melody’s waist.

I moved to the music with Natalie, laughing when she stumbled a bit. “Having some trouble?” I whispered in her ear. “All I need is a bit more practice or would you like to help?” she asked, over her shoulder. I laughed harder, putting my forehead on her shoulder. “I would love to help you out,” I replied, kissing her neck.

She groaned and reached up to put her fingers through my hair. “Don’t start what you can’t finish,” she mewed, seductively. “I can finish it. Finishing it right here wouldn’t be appropriate, though” I shot back. She turned around in my grasp and put her arms around my neck.

“After this, summer will be coming up soon. Is this gonna be our last year together?” she mumbled, putting her head underneath my chin. “No, because it doesn’t matter what college we go too. I’ll still find a way to visit you and this won’t end after the summer is over. You’re stuck with me Natalicious,” I said, smiling down at her. She looked up at me and gently kissed me.

“I guess I am,” she said before arching her eyebrows when a familiar song came on. “You didn’t?”


“You did!”

“What I do?”

“You totally requested this song!”

“Maybe I did.”

“Who else would?”

Natalie laughed as “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” blasted through the speakers. “This is our song now, right?” I asked, holding her closer to me.

“It always has been” Natalie replied. She spun out of my grip and pulled me deeper into the mass of people dancing around us. “I didn’t think people would like this song that much” I joked. “It’s a classic,” Natalie said. I noticed Lee out the corner of my eye and saw him stampeding after Chase.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed, breaking away from the group and chasing after him. “Beck, what’s wrong?” Natalie called after me. I saw Kieran doing the same thing as me before telling one of her friends to watch Melody. “Lee” I said behind me. Natalie sped up and saw Lee grabbing Chase by his collar.

“Shit, not again!” I yelled, running. People were crowding around and I heard Lee yell into Chase’s face.

“If you ever touch her again!”

“I didn’t touch her! Get the hell off me, Lee!”

“I saw you grab her!”

“I was giving her a hug, you fucking lunatic!”

“Hug, my ass!”

“Look, this doesn’t concern you, alright! Jessie is carrying my daughter, not yours!”

“Oh, so now you want to acknowledge that Jessie’s daughter is yours. Where were you when she needed you? Where were you when she got kicked out of her home? Where were you then Chase?”

“Scared! Scared of everything that she told me. I was terrified!”

“You didn’t think she was too?”

“I knew she was! Now I’m gonna do whatever I can to help her, because I owe her that much."

Chase broke from Lee’s grip and glanced over at Jessie. Lee turned around and saw her with tears in her eyes. “Jess, if you want Chase involved then I’ll back down,” he said, staring right at her.

Kieran and I exchanged glances and I nodded at her as we broke up the audience. This was more of a private affair than a public one. Kieran’s eyes widened as the situation became clear to her. “Jessie is pregnant?” she mouthed to me.

I nodded my head and told her that I would explain everything later. Chase smoothed out his button up that Lee had wrinkled and walked towards her. “Jessie…I’m sorry about what I said to you and you know I am. I panicked ok and…I didn’t know what I was going to do. I don’t have a job. I have nothing to my name and I barely knew my own father so I have no idea what a father is even supposed to do but I can try. The least I can do is try for you,” he said solemnly.

Lee frowned when he reached down to wipe her tears but I shot him a look and he quickly looked away. Jessie nodded her head before walking over to him. “I want him involved Lee, you know that” she whispered, leaning her head on his chest. Lee sighed and put his hand on Jessie’s head. He knew he could no longer fight it. No matter what happened, Chase was always going to be in Jessie’s life.

Natalie put her hand on my arm and I turned to look at her. “Come on. Let’s leave them alone” she said quietly. I nodded as we walked away and I pulled Natalie into my arms again. I hopped on top of the bleachers where some people were talking and making out as she leaned against me.

“I’m going to tell my mom about Kendra but I’m not ready to tell Pierce yet” she said, interlacing our fingers and playing with my thumb. “I understand. I’m just glad that you’re telling someone” I replied.

“Beck, do you really wanna stay for the rest of the dance?” she asked. I looked around and realized that even after going to this dance for four years, there was nothing I wanted more than to escape from it right now.

“No” I said honestly. She bit her lower lip and gripped my hand before hopping off the bleachers and pulling me away. I laughed as I followed her into the hallway. “Where are we going Red?” I asked, dodging another student who was racing after their friend.

Natalie just smiled as she pulled me into an empty hallway. “I want to see something,” she said, glancing at me from over her shoulder. I shook my head and smiled when I felt her pin me against the wall.

“Since when are you so dominate?” I asked as she brought her arms around my neck and moving her body closer to mine. “Hmmm. Wouldn’t you like to know?” she teased, leaning up to kiss my cheek.

“Lee and Jessie are gonna be pissed when they find out we left them” I said, moving my head to allow her better access. “I’m sure they’ll be alright. Kieran is here and I’m positive that Melody isn’t going to leave until they announce who Homecoming Queen is,” Natalie said bluntly.

I laughed at how well she knew my friends before she pressed her lips against mine. I put my hands on her waist and slowly moved her back towards the opposite wall as her hands began to explore my body. She ran her hand down my back and I inhaled sharply.

“I thought you wanted me in a dress” I teased, running my fingers through her hair and kissing her neck. “I changed my mind. Even though this will take longer to get off” she said, staring right into my eyes as she spoke. I leaned up to look at her as she pulled at my vest.

“Beck, I can’t wait anymore” she whispered. I took her hand as we ran out of the school towards my car. So much for Homecoming.

Kieran put her hands in her pockets as she strolled back towards Melody. “Everything alright?” Lucas, one of her closest friends and member of the debate team, asked. Kieran just nodded and thanked him for staying with Melody.

“You know Holloway, I really don’t need to be babysat” Melody said, smirking at her. “Lucas wasn’t here to babysit you. He was here to make sure that you didn’t do something stupid” Kieran replied, taking her hand.

“Like what?” Melody scoffed, oblivious to the fact that she and Kieran were closer than usual. “Like dancing with someone else for instance,” she whispered, wrapping her arm around Melody’s waist.

She inhaled sharply as she looked up at Kieran. “You’ve…you’ve gotten taller over these years” she mumbled, remembering when she and the girl were the same height.

“Yes. Yes I have” Kieran said, holding on to Melody closer. “I hope you don’t think just because I’m dancing with you that anything is going to come out of this” Melody said, wondering who she was really talking to.

“Who are you trying to convince? Me or you? What do you have to lose?” Kieran asked, moving her body against the brunette as the music slowed down. “My sanity” Melody replied.

Kieran chuckled softly and placed her lips on Melody’s forehead. “I thought I said ’no kissing,” Melody quickly brought up. “Did you? I don’t think I heard you?” Kieran said, kissing Melody’s cheek.



“I said no ki-mph!”

Melody’s eyes widened as Kieran placed her soft warm lips against her. She stood there in shock for a few moments before moving her lips against Kieran’s as she melted against the girl’s kiss.

"Why do I feel like this around her? Kissing Beck was never like this. My heart didn’t completely stop around Charlie. Why is Kieran different?”

Melody’s brain was on overload as she felt Kieran’s hand against her cheek. She gripped the end of her shirt. She felt like this kiss was never-ending.

“I don’t want to be hurt again,” she said quickly, her cheeks flushed as she pulled away from Kieran’s hold. “I’m not going to hurt you” Kieran stated, holding her by the shoulders.

“How can I believe you after everything I’ve been through? My heart has been broken twice Kieran. Twice! How am I supposed to know that you won’t hurt me as well?” Melody yelled.

“You’re not."

Melody stared at her in confusion as Kieran shrugged. “You’re not supposed to know because nobody knows the future and I can’t promise that sometimes you won’t hate me or want to push me away or even won’t want me at all. But what I do know is that this feels right. Me and you feel right and I don’t want to let this feeling go,” she said, putting her hands back in her pockets and waiting for Melody’s reply.

Melody tried to fight her feelings. She tried to act as if she was just going to walk away from Kieran and that would protect her from getting hurt again, but she would be lying to herself if she said Kieran was wrong.

She didn’t know the future.

She didn’t know what would happen between them.

She didn’t know if after High School, Kieran would leave her alone.

She didn’t know if she would hate Kieran after tonight and they would go back to their old ways.

But she did know that they felt right together.

“Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to me. You can cry, you can scream, you can yell; I’ll take it all. But don’t run away from this if your afraid of what will happen” Kieran said softly as she pulled Melody into her embrace.

Melody felt safe in Kieran’s arms and she almost broke down against her before she heard the one thing she needed to hear more than anything.

“It’ll all be alright, Melody."

Her tears fell and she pulled Kieran closer to her and held her tight as she cried on her shoulder. Kieran just held her the entire time as she blocked out all of the music, all of the people, all of the pain that Melody was feeling.

All that mattered to her was the weakened girl in her arms that needed her heart to be healed. Kieran knew that only she could fix her.

She felt Melody trembling against her and she ran her hand up and down the girl’s back as she whispered sweet words in her ear.

“Alright everyone! We’re about to announce the class of 2011 Homecoming Court!” Michelle, our school’s president yelled over the DJ’s microphone.

Kieran looked down at Melody but noticed that the girl’s hold didn’t loosen at all. “Ok, our class of 2014 Homecoming Princess is Sydney O’Shea and our Homecoming Prince is David Randall. Class of 2013 Homecoming Princess is Farrah Da Vinci and our Homecoming Prince is H. B Edwards. Class of 2012 Homecoming Princess is Natasha Lewis and our Homecoming Prince is Tyler Lill. And last but not least, our class of 2011 Homecoming Queen is…Sasha Richmond and our Homecoming King is Duncan Matthews!”

Sasha squealed in happiness as she hugged her friends and ran onto the stage with Duncan behind her to receive her crown and sash. Melody was still pressed against Kieran and when Sasha saw this she rolled her eyes at the girl.

Kieran just frowned at Sasha and ignored her before trying to get Melody to look at her. “That bitch won Homecoming Queen” Kieran groaned. “I don’t care” Melody mumbled against Kieran’s shirt. She laughed, slowly walked over to the bleachers with Melody still against her.

“It’s hard to walk like this, Schmidt.”

“You can manage.”

Kieran just shook her head and carefully sat down with Melody against her. “Do you even care about Homecoming anymore?” Kieran asked her. Melody sighed. “No, it seems a bit trivial now to be worrying about Homecoming Queen. Honestly, Sasha deserves. All she wants is more attention and I’m happy to give it to her” Melody replied in anger.

“Well, if it makes you feel better, I voted for you” Kieran said in embarrassment. Melody quickly looked over at her. “You did?” she exclaimed.

Kieran nodded. “I mean, it was between you and Sasha and I sure as hell wasn’t voting for Sasha,” she mumbled. Melody smiled and put her head back on her shoulder. “I’m sorry I teased you freshmen year Kieran” Melody said honestly.

“I’m sorry you have a fat ass."


“Well you do.”

“You ass! I was trying to have a serious moment.”

“You don’t have to apologize for that. Besides, you and Sasha picking on me actually encouraged me to look the way I do noq”

“You cocky, arrogant ass.”

“If you want to apologize for something. Apologize for not noticing my feelings."

Melody’s eyes widened and she shot off of Kieran and covered her hand over her mouth. “What?” she asked, shocked at her confession. “It took you so long to realize that I liked you. God, I think you’re denser than Beck. You’ve liked her since what, sophomore year?” Kieran said, leaning over to look at her.

“Last year. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why would I? It was obvious that you cared for someone else. I would have been shot down if I had said something. Even before you liked Beck, I thought you were definitely straight by the way you flirted with Duncan and didn’t you and him even date for a day?” Kieran asked.

“A week but I guess you can’t really call that dating. I’m surprised. You’ve liked me since freshmen year and you’re just now acting on it?” Melody exclaimed.

Kieran shrugged her shoulders and smirked at her. “Now was the perfect chance. Besides, I can tell you like me too. Don’t even try to deny it,” she teased, turning around to face her.

Melody looked away and felt Kieran’s hand on hers. “Give me a chance Melody,” she said, moving closer towards her. Melody’s heart started racing as she moved in.

Just to have Kieran lean up and kiss her forehead.

“What the hell?” Melody whined. “I thought you said no kissing. I don’t want to step over any boundaries,” Kieran teased. Melody rolled her eyes and grabbed her by her shirt.

“Just shut up and kiss me Holloway."

Lee looked around the gymnasium for his missing friend and her girlfriend before coming to the conclusion.

“They ditched us!” Lee groaned. Jessie smirked, shaking her head at her boyfriend. “Of course they did. I’m sure Natalie probably has her pinned against the bed by now” she said, laughing.

“Ewww. Jess, bad mental picture. I don’t want to think of Beck being dominated by Natalie” Lee grimaced. “Although, it would be hot,” Jessie remarked, smirking at him.

“Oh God, Jessie please stop” Lee groaned, holding his stomach as he paled. Jessie laughed harder as she took his hand. “Are you ready to go?” she asked.

“Sure, let me just go say good bye to Kieran” Lee said, looking around for the blonde. He noticed someone sitting by the bleacher and he almost completely lost it.

“What the hell is into everyone tonight? Beck and Natalie are probably fucking somewhere. Kieran and Melody are making out. Hope broke up with Mark. I’m so confused” he groaned, running his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t be mad at them just because you’re not getting any” Jessie said smiling. “Oh, I’m not. It’s just the fact that everything is upside down. Except the part about Beck and Natalie. We all knew that was going to happen eventually” he sighed.

Jessie nodded her head as they walked out of the gym and towards the parking lot. “Have you thought of any names yet?” Lee asked her as the walked towards his car. “I kind of like Jamie” she replied. “Jamie. Jamie Holt. I like it” Lee said, smiling at her.

Jessie interlaced their fingers as she breathed in the cool night air. “Lee, Chase doesn’t change things. I still love you,” she said softly. Lee laughed and held her hand tighter. “I know that Jess” he said happily.

“I love you but I don’t think I can marry you” she whispered. Lee’s smile dropped from his face and he quickly spun around to face her.


I opened the door to the hotel room as Natalie moved her hands from around my neck to my waist. We moved quickly and I slammed the door shut and pinned her against it before pulling her dress up slowly and tracing my fingers up her smooth thigh.

She sighed and kissed me deeper as I felt her tongue push past my lips. I fell back on the edge of the bed as she straddled my waist and pulled at my vest. I quickly pulled it off and threw it on the ground as she trailed kisses down my neck.

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and I unzipped the front of her dress and pulled it off her body. Once she had my shirt, she tossed it on the ground and slid off of my lap as she slowly removed her dress with my eyes full of lust for her.

She crawled back on top of me and as I reached down to unbutton my pants, she grabbed my hand. “This is it Beck. Are you sure this is what you want?” Natalie asked softly. I smiled and leaned forward, placing my lips on hers.

She moaned and put her hands against my neck as I deepened the kiss. I knew actually what I wanted for her and there was no turning back from this. Natalie leaned down and I watched as she unbuttoned my slacks for me and I pulled them off.

Natalie climbed into the bed and I laid next to her before she put her hand against my chest. “Our hearts beating at the same pace” she said smiling. “Isn’t it always?” I reminded, taking her hand and kissing it.

She rolled on top of me and I ran my hands around her waist. She moaned and that action alone broke everything inside of me. I attacked Natalie’s lips as the heat inside of me boiled over.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and I flipped us over as I moved my body against hers. “Beck…” she sighed, tossing her head back against the pillows and pulling at the sheets. She bit her lower lip as we moved together and I trailed my hand around her waist as I held myself up with my left hand.

I gripped the edge of her panties and glanced at her for the “Ok." She nodded at me and I inhaled deeply before pulling them down her legs and dropping them off the edge of the bed. She grabbed the back of my head and we kissed strongly.

Every urge inside of me seemed to be slowly falling with each kiss from her. Since day one, Natalie and I have had this attraction that was so strong it felt as if we were suffocating but now everything felt easy.

Her fingers touched my stomach as I leaned towards her breast and gently kissed them. “Mmmm” she moaned, pulling me closer. I felt more courage picking up as I placed my hand on her thigh and rubbed my thumb against her.

Her back arched off the bed by shock but I just held her down and kissed around her stomach. I placed both my hands on her and slowly spread her legs.

“Natalie…” I whispered, kissing down her body. She looked down at me with hooded eyes and flushed cheeks, her chest heaving up and down as she panted. “I love you,” I continued, kissing her thigh.

She gripped the sheets once more before I finally reached my destination. She reached for my hand and I gave it to her, feeling her fingers taking their rightful spot between mine.

I listened to her moans and the sounds of her pleasure as I examined every part of Natalie. I wanted to know every part of her body and kiss away all of the places that anyone else had touched. I wanted to completely claim Natalie as mine.

She leaned against the headboard as my fingers pushed into her and she bit down on my shoulder to prevent herself from yelling out. I moved gently against her until she pleaded for me to go faster. I leaned up against her as sweat began to form from the intense heat that we were generating.

I heard Natalie whisper in my ear how much she loved me and I felt myself tip off of the brink of sanity. This girl was going to be my demise.

“Beck, I’m gonna cum” she moaned, wrapping herself completely around me. I knew she was. There was no point in even telling me. Natalie and I were so in link that I began to slip away myself.

I moved faster as she drew closer. Her voice getting louder as we finally came together. She moaned loudly and I placed my forehead on her shoulder as I tried to get fresh oxygen into my lungs.

I felt Natalie doing the same and when I tried to roll over, she grabbed me. “Don’t move. Stay with me” she panted. I nodded and kissed her forehead before hugging her around the waist. “I’m not going anywhere Red,” I whispered in her ear before feeling her take my hand once more.

We both fall asleep together and I sighed in satisfaction, not because Natalie and I had finally had sex but because I had made love to her. Something that no one had ever done to Natalie.

I’m not quite sure, but I believe I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night.

The sun hit my face as it peaked through the window curtains and I groaned before rolling over and reaching out for Natalie and feeling the soft sheets?

I jerked myself awake and looked around for her. Our clothes were in a neat pile on the dresser and I quickly got up and pulled on my slacks and buttoned up my shirt. I was starting to panic before I noticed the light on in the bathroom.

I slowly walked over to the door and opened it to see Natalie drying her hair; her jet-black hair. I smirked and walked over to her, putting my hands on her waist. She jumped a bit and smiled when she saw my reflection in the mirror.

“Is that Natalie Hudson?” I teased, pointing at her in the mirror. She playfully glared at me and I laughed. “I missed my hair,” she said, looking at me. “Hmm. So did I. I like it this way. Now you and Nicholas match” I laughed.

She slapped my arm and leaned against me. I noticed she had a towel wrapped around her body and she smirked at me. “I just took a shower,” she said. “I noticed,” I said, putting my chin on her shoulder.

“I smelled like you."

“And you wanted to get rid of that?”

“Well, not really but I’m sure my parents would put two and two together if I walked in the house smelling like you.”

“That’s true. Maybe I should take a shower too, huh?”

“Want me to join you?”

“That would only make things worse.”

“I only wanted to wash your back.”

“Of course you did, Red."

She smirked at me and turned around before dropping her towel on the ground. I stared at her body and tried to fight temptation. “Do you still not want to take a shower with me?” she asked seductively.

“Let me turn the shower on” I replied, quickly walking towards the shower while Natalie pulled at my shirt. “Good idea” she said before wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me.

I quickly took off my pants and watched Natalie step in the shower and smirked before following right behind her.

Kieran sat next to Melody as the both rode in Lucas’s car back to Melody’s home. She couldn’t believe that she had spent the entire night with Kieran. Exactly twelve hours earlier, she felt like all was lost in the world and now, here she was hand-in-hand with the person whose car she had wrecked.

“I can’t wait to get home. I’m going to get some sleep. This is the last time I stay up all night with you” Kieran teased, scratching her head as she looked out the window. Melody laughed and ignored her. She knew that Kieran had as much of a good time as she did last night.

Lucas pulled up to the curb and put the car in park. “This is your house right?” he asked, looking in his rear view mirror at her. “Yeah. Thanks a lot Lucas” she replied. Melody put her hand on the door and was about to open it before Kieran grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, kissing her soundly on the lips and letting her go.

“Get some sleep, Schmidt,” she said, smiling at her. Melody smiled back and kissed her back. She stepped out of the car and watched as Lucas drove away with Kieran in the backseat.

She watched them go until they turned the corner and disappeared before her very eyes. She smiled to herself and walked towards the house and opened the front door. Melody closed the door behind her and made sure it was locked before collapsing against the ground.

“Kieran, you made last night beyond amazing” she whispered to herself. “Melody! Is that you?” she heard her mother yell from the other room. “Yes mom!” she called back.

“Really? I didn’t see your car in the driveway."

Melody’s eyes widened as she felt herself drop back into reality. “Oh shit! The car!” she exclaimed.

She quickly got up from the floor and tried to think of alibi that her mother would believe. Last night seemed like a dream despite everything that had happened and even though she lost Homecoming Queen, Melody felt as though she had won something better.

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