Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Happy New Year

I watched as Khloe tried to get Sara to give her back the X-Box controller that she was using, practically tackling the girl on to the couch. I decided to spend my last day here with Natalie's friends while she spent a few more hours with her family. I informed Kyle that she would be over later and relaxed on his couch while Sara and Khloe bickered over who was going first.

“Where the hell is Jacob? How come you’re never with your boyfriend?” Khloe grimaced when Sara happily began to play against me in a game.

“Because he’s always busy,” Sara replied, picking up some popcorn from the bowl on Kyle’s table, smirking at her. “More like you don’t want to be around him. What’s the point of going out with someone that you don’t like?” Khloe shot back.

“I do like him. I just don’t want to be around him every day. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Besides, Evan is rarely around when Kyle is and they’re still together, so maybe you should quit whining, unless you want to start what we never finished a few days ago” she said, arching her eyebrows at the distraught girl.

Khloe quickly shook her head and I noticed the bruise on her eye was slowly going away. “It doesn’t still hurt, does it?” I asked her. She looked at me before shrugging.

“A little but the pain is slowly going away” she replied nonchalantly. “By the way, you never told me who had the balls to hit my baby” Sara barked, glaring at her.

“Not your baby anymore and it doesn’t matter” Khloe sighed. “Yes it does! I know Kyle knows but he won’t tell me. I fucking hate secrets, especially yours!” she yelled, throwing the controller on the ground as she stomped away.

“I kind of think Sara still likes you,” I said, pausing the game and watching as Khloe shook her head sullenly. “She probably does but it’s in the past. I don’t have those feelings for her anymore and she’s a lot happier with Jacob than she ever was with me. She’ll realize that eventually,” Khloe remarked, picking up Sara’s controller casually, continuing the game.

“Do you want to get back together with her?” I questioned. Khloe hesitated. “I don’t really know. I don’t think I should and I know that Sara and I are like fire and water. One way or another, someone is going to get put out” she replied.

I thought about what she said for a minute until a strange black truck pulled up in front of Kyle’s lawn. “Um, does Kyle have a sister?” I asked, squinting outside the window.

“No, he’s an only child. Why?” she replied, getting up from her spot on the couch to look out the window with me. A girl hopped down from the truck wearing brown Oakley shades and a lime green tube top. She had on blue jeans that stuck to her skin and green flip-flops that matched her top.

“Who is that?” I asked. Khloe’s eyes widened and she jumped from the couch to quickly run outside. I followed behind her, surprised to see her arguing with the girl.

“What are you doing here?” she growled. “I heard Natalie was in town so I came by to say ‘hello’” the girl explained, taking off her glasses and putting them in her purse.

“Fuck no Kendra. Get out of here!” Khloe yelled.



“You’re Kendra?!” I exclaimed, moving closer to them both, pointing at her. Kendra arched her eyebrows at me before slowly nodded.

“And you are?” she asked, looking at me up and down. For some reason, I felt intimidated her. “Beck Smith” I replied.

Kendra stared at me for a moment before bursting into laughter. I glared at her as Khloe put her hand over Kendra's mouth to stop her.

“What are you laughing about, huh?” Khloe hissed. “Wow, so Natalie goes off to Baltimore and comes back with a girlfriend. I’m shocked. She’s a lot taller than Stephani or Billie were. You can’t be serious. Where is she?” Kendra mocked, trying to look over Khloe’s shoulders for Natalie.

“Don’t worry about it. You shouldn’t be here anyway,” Khloe said quickly. “I’m guessing you haven’t told her yet? Are you afraid she'll be jealous?” Kendra teased.

“She’s over you, Kendra. Obviously, you can see that because she’s with Beck. Now, please just leave,” she said, trying to push the girl back towards her car.

“Moved on, my ass. I was that girl’s first and last and I promise you that she hasn’t forgotten me. So, let me see her!” she shot back, getting in Khloe’s face.

I was taking in everything that the two of them were arguing about. I knew Kendra and Natalie had a past but I didn’t know she was this bad. In a way, I could see why Natalie had said Sasha reminded her of Kendra.

“Excuse me. Natalie’s not here. She’s at her house with her little brother and I’m sure she’ll be here soon. I think it would be best if you’re not here when she does” I threatened, walking over to them.

“You’re her girlfriend. Not her bodyguard and I’ll do what I please, Beck" she scoffed. My eyebrow twitched in annoyance as I heard Khloe sigh next to me.

“What’s going on?” Sara asked, walking out the house to us but as soon as she saw Kendra, her smile dropped.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Kendra? Get the hell out of here, you little piece of shit! Nobody wants you here! I don’t know why you think you can just come to Kyle’s house like this, you bitch!” she roared, trying to hit her. Khloe grabbed Sara around the waist while I stepped back out of the way.

“Bitch, obviously you don’t know this but your ex invited me over her a few days again and that’s how she got that little number on her face!” Kendra screamed back.

Sara’s jaw dropped. She glared menacingly at Kendra. “You hit her? You fucking whore! Don’t you ever put your hands on my baby!” Sara yelled.

“Not your baby” Khloe mumbled to herself. I would have laughed but it seemed like the wrong time to open up my mouth to say anything. Eventually, Kyle and Evan ran outside and helped us separate Kendra and Sara before they broke into a full fledged fight on Kyle’s front lawn.

“Kendra, what are you doing here?” Kyle groaned, rubbing his temples. “I’m here to see Natalie, damn it! How many times do I have to tell you freaks that?” she bellowed in annoyance.

“Natalie does not want to see you. How many time do I have to tell you that, bitch!” Sara shot back angrily. “You know what, I’m getting tired of your smart ass mouth, Sara. This is exactly why Khloe dumped your ass” Kendra yelled.

That comment seemed to hurt Sara because she whimpered before viciously attacking Kendra. Khloe grabbed her before she could get another hit in as Evan wrapped his arms around Kendra's waist.

“You don’t know shit about our relationship! Do you hear me! Don’t you ever act like you know anything about that because you don’t” Sara yelled in anger.

By now, the neighbors were beginning to worry and I feared that someone would call the police. “Sara, you have to calm down,” Khloe said, trying to get the wild red head to look at her.

“That’s right, Khloe. Tell her how you saved me from Alex and how you believe you can help me. Tell her all about how you carried me out Kyle’s house and how you took care of me when I was alone. Tell her what you’re so afraid to tell Natalie” Kendra rambled.

“That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about and you know it Kendra. Shut up!” Khloe said, glaring down at her. “You wanted to help me. Tell her why. Tell everyone why you want to help me Khloe!” Kendra yelled.

“Fine! You want to know so bad, Kendra? Do you? I fucking pity you, that’s why! I watched your so-called boyfriend do something terrible to you. For one fleeting moment, I felt like you actually needed someone and that you weren’t the cold-hearted bitch you are but I was wrong. You will always be like this! Always! I pity you Kendra!” she grimaced.

Kendra gasped, placing her hand over her mouth before the tears began falling. Kyle, Evan, and I watched as the three girls reacted to the bomb that Khloe detonated.

“Fuck you, Khloe!" Kendra screamed at the top of her lungs. The neighbors stepped out of their houses with worried looks on their faces as I quickly looked around, sighing when I saw a familiar car.

“Red,” I said happily, running towards the tan minivan that Pierce drove. Natalie parked the car and stepped out of it with a confused look on her face.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone staring at you guys?” she asked, her eyebrows arched.

“Red, before you go over there, I just want you to be mentally prepared” I replied, putting my hands on her shoulders. “Prepared for what?” she said before her eyes spotted Kendra.

She quickly took off back towards the minivan and I ran after her. “Natalie! Wait!” I yelled, loud enough for the others to hear me.

“Natalie?” I heard someone say behind me but I didn’t care. I wanted to make sure my girlfriend was okay. She slammed the driver’s side door, turning over the ignition.

I pulled open the passenger side door and stared at her. “Why are you running?” I asked. She looked hysterical and quickly shook her head. “I can’t do this, Beck. I’m not ready to see her yet. Please don’t make me get out the car,” she whispered, silent tears running down her cheeks.

“Red. Baby, don’t cry,” I whimpered, pulling her next to me. She put her head down on the wheel as I rubbed her back before noticing Kyle and Evan jogging toward us.

“Where'd they go?” I asked. “Kyle ordered them all into his house. They were making a scene and someone threatened to call the police. They can argue all they want inside” Evan replied.

“Natalie. No one is going to force you to talk to Kendra. I think it would be best if you at least tried to. You never got any closure with her and before you move on to things with Beck, I think you should tell Kendra clearly that it’s over between you two” Kyle said softly, running his hand over her hair.

“She won’t understand. She never understands and I’m the one that ends up hurt” she sobbed, her face still hidden behind the wheel. “Red, I think you should try. Melody and I had closure and there’s no bad blood between us because of it. She’s still my friend and I don’t have to worry about her hating me. I’m not saying that the same thing is going to happen between you and Kendra, but I think it’s worth a try” I said, taking her hand to interlace our fingers.

Natalie slowly looked up at me and I wiped away the tears on her smooth skin. “I’ve been crying a lot this week” she teased, wiping at her eyes. I smiled at her. “It’s been a pretty emotional week,” I teased back.

“I can’t wait to be back home with you and everybody else,” she said dreamily. I smiled, leaning over to kiss her forehead.

“You and me both, Red."

“Oh so what are we? Chopped liver?” Evan said, playfully glaring at her. Natalie laughed and kissed his cheek. “Love you Evan,” she said quickly.

He groaned and pulled Kyle away towards the house. “Are you ready?” I asked, looking over at her. Natalie inhaled and exhaled quickly before getting out the van.

I stepped out with her and when she got around to the other side, she grabbed my hand. “I love you Beck,” she whispered. I laughed softly and kissed her cheek. “I love you too Natalie” I whispered back.

I opened the door for her and she slowly walked inside, looking over at Kendra, who was still arguing with Khloe.

“-And don’t you forget it you selfish, motherfucking, wanna-be straight bitch!” Sara yelled out before Khloe put her hand over her mouth, telling her to calm down.

Kendra was about to respond but Natalie cleared her throat and all eyes were on her. “Kendra, can I talk to you in Kyle’s room?” she asked softly. Kendra nodded and Natalie gave me one last glance before disappearing behind Kyle’s door.

Now, all I could do was wait.

Alexis leaned against Charlie as they sat on the train station heading back to Alexis’s home. Charlie was playing with her fingers and tracing shapes on her arm. Alexis was rubbing her fingers against the back of Charlie’s hair, softly humming to herself.

“Did you ever talk to Melody?” Alexis asked, not stopping her motions until Charlie softly bit her neck. “Mhm hmm. She wasn’t very happy with me though. I can't say I don't blame her” she replied.

“Why’d you lie in the first place?” Alexis asked. “I didn’t think I would ever see you again. To me, you actually were dead. Alive only in my memory and I sometimes wished that you would come back, but most of the time, I hoped that you wouldn’t. I wanted to spare myself from the pain that I thought you would bring” Charlie replied, placing her left hand on Alexis’s waist.

“Charlie, I’m really sorry for hurting you” Alexis said sadly. “Shhhh. Don’t worry about it. I don’t care about that anymore because I know the truth. I know you love me and that’s all that matters. I never meant to hurt Melody, and I was being to fall in love with her, but I couldn’t get over you, and that was the only problem” Charlie explained, pulling at Alexis’s belt loop.

“I’m glad you could come here and visit me,” Alexis said, leaning over her shoulder to look at her girlfriend. “I wanted to see you. I missed you” she said huskily. Alexis smirked and pulled Charlie down to kiss her, running her tongue against her soft bottom lip.

Charlie welcoming opened her mouth for the girl and held her close. “Happy New Year, Charlie” she whispered against her lips. Charlie smiled before pulling her lips towards hers once more.

Lee stared at the television screen as the entire Wong family, including Jessie, watched the ball drop in New York City. His father bought sparkling cinder for them and they were all crowded around in the living room.

Jessie had called her mother to wish her a ‘happy new year’ and thankfully, she answered the phone instead of Patrick, for she knew he would have hung up on her and that would have ruined her entire night.

Lee was wearing a purple top hat that was practically covered in glitter and Jessie laughed when he placed it on Lance’s head, watching it fall over the small boy’s eyes.

“Alright everyone! Here comes the count down!” Mrs. Wong yelled happily.

Mark didn’t know how to react to the news he just received. He didn’t know rather to scream or yell or flip a table over but all he did know was that he was angry. His heart was being torn in half.

He ripped all of their pictures apart and threw them all in the trash. He erased every message she had sent him and threw out all of her clothes from his room.

He felt like he was rotting from the inside out and didn’t know what to know about it. Should he call Lee? Should he call Beck? Should he call her and beg for her to change her mind? No. He had more dignity than that.

Maybe, it was time for him to look at things realistically. She was a senior, getting ready to graduate. He was a sophomore with two more years of high school to live with. She would be going to college in less than a year.

As much as he was hurting, he known that it was only a matter of time. His fingers grazed over the keys on his phone as he placed it against his ear.

“Hello? Lee? Yeah, I gotta talk to you. I just need someone to talk to. No, don’t get Jessie. Lee, Hope broke up with me.”

“WHAT?! Seriously! Mark, I am so sorry” Lee exclaimed, his eyes wide in shock.

“Lee, get off the phone” Jessie scolded.


“I can’t! It’s Mark!”


“What's wrong with him?”


“Hope broke up with him!”



My heart was racing as Kyle, Khloe, Evan, Sara, and I stared at the screen, watching the last few seconds of the year 2010 go by. I hoped that things with Kendra were going well for Natalie. I hoped that Kendra would let her go, so that we could move on. What I hoped for more than anything was for Natalie to just walk out of that room, tell me things with Kendra were finally over and just kiss me.


The door opened and Kendra flew out the house like her ass was on fire. She had no tears coming down her face, she almost looked emotionless, and she jumped in her truck, speeding off down the road.


“I hope she kicked her ass to the curb,” Sara mumbled. Khloe chuckled and I stared at Kyle’s door, waiting for Natalie to step out but she never did. In a panic, I jumped off the couch and ran to the door.


I saw Natalie on the bed, clinging to the mattress. “If you tell me she hurt you, you know I’ll kill her right?” I reassured her, hoping to God that I was wrong. Natalie shook her head and I laid down beside her.


She grabbed my hand and I softly took her face in my hands. “Is something wrong? Are you alright?” I asked in a whisper. Natalie nodded, placing her head on my shoulder.


“Everything’s perfect. I told her that there was no chance of us getting together again and that I love you. I do love you, Beck. You know that, right?” she asked. I smiled before nodding my head. “Of course I do."


“Kiss me” she whispered. I pulled her against my lips in the most passionate kiss. She flipped on top of me as the kiss deepened as I placed my hands on her lower back. She moaned against my lips, pulling at my shirt before running her hand over my stomach.


“I want to start over this year. I want to love again but this time, it’ll be special. This time, I’ll have you."

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