Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

So Hard to Stay Away

I scrunched my face up at Nicholas as he blew spit bubbles, rubbing his small fist against his cheek and reaching up at me. “Oh, so you want my hat but you won’t smile at me again? I see how it is,” I said smirking.

Natalie walked over to me and looked down at Nicholas, who was resting casually on the couch. “Who put him on the couch?” Natalie asked, raising her eyebrow at me.

“Wasn’t me. Pierce laid him here for a minute but told me to watch him and I have, luckily; the kid can’t roll” I replied smiling.

His eyes lingered over to Natalie and he began to kick his feet out again.

“I don’t think he likes his blanket very much,” I said, pulling the small blue blanket off of his lithe body. “He probably doesn’t. It’s scorching hot in here and Pierce gives him a blanket” she replied, shaking her head as she careful picked Nicholas off the couch.

She held him in her arms and I ran my finger over his head. “You know, you’ve got a lot of hair for a 6 day old. I wonder if it will grow as long as your sister’s,” I teased, kissing the top of his head.

Natalie playfully glared at me but stopped when Nicholas kicked his feet again.

“What’s wrong Nick? Hmmm” she said, rocking him in her arms. Pierce walked back into the room holding a bottle and smiled when he saw us sitting on the couch together.

“This is a nice picture. Am I gonna see this again in 10 years?” he chuckled, handing the bottle of warm milk toward Natalie. She sighed in frustration. “Why does everyone want me pregnant?” she mumbled.

I laughed and Pierce arched his eyebrows at me. “We’ve had this discussion…well, not really a discussion, almost like Natalie was telling me to forget about the whole “baby” talk right now” I explained.

“I want kids. I just don’t wanna talk about it with my girlfriend of 3 weeks” she shot back. “Touché” I said, watching as Natalie feed her younger brother.

“3 weeks? You two have only been together for 3 weeks?” Pierce exclaimed in shock. Natalie and I both nodded. “I could have sworn 3 months but…3 weeks? You act a whole lot closer than just a 3 week relationship” he said.

“That’s because we had feelings for each other before we started dating. We were already good friends so dating just came…” “Naturally?” “Exactly” Natalie said, smiling over at me.

“See? They’re already finishing each other’s sentences!” Katherine called from the other room. “Love, you’re supposed to be resting” Pierce called back.

“I’m lonely! Will you come in here with me?” I laughed at how much Katherine and Natalie sounded alike. “What’s so funny?” she asked, carefully burping Nicholas.

“You and your mom. That’s what’s so funny. She sounded just like you did the night you asked to stay in my room…expect not as emotional as you were that night. It’s just nice to spot the comparisons between you and your parents” I replied.

“You mean like how you and your father both have really laid back attitudes?” Natalie asked. I nodded. “If I was like my mom, I don’t think we would be dating,” I sighed.

Natalie gasped. “I like your mom!” she defended. I laughed and once again looked at Nicholas. “I can’t get over his hair!” I exclaimed, rubbing her dark black hair between my fingers.

“Why?” Natalie questioned. “It’s so much like yours…I mean, before you dyed it but still! It’s practically a spitting image,” I said smiling.

His eyes looked into mine at the same moment as Natalie’s and my heart felt like it had skyrocketed.

“Is this how you feel when you look at Brandon and I?” I asked her. She arched her eyebrows and smirked. “Not exactly. You and Brandon are such opposites that it’s almost ridiculous to call you two related. But sometimes, when you both are watching TV or playing a game, I see the similarities and I can’t help but smile” she replied.

I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me back before groaning.

“I can’t believe you forgot your camera” Natalie sighed, frowning at me. I smiled sheepishly at her and quickly grabbed my phone. “I may not have my digital camera but I do have my phone. If that helps make up for anything?” I asked, already flipping through the phone’s functions and searching for my camera.

Nicholas eventually fell asleep in Natalie’s arms and I quickly took a picture of him. “This is his third nap today. He sure can sleep. I wish I could knock out like that” I said, carefully taking Nicholas from Natalie as I stood from the couch.

“I’m going back to the store today. I was thinking about buying that dress that you liked so much,” she whispered, wiggling her eyebrows at me. I smiled, despite the fact I wanted to laugh but was scared I would awaken Nicholas.

I gently laid him in his crib before turning on his baby monitor. I turned back around, noticing Natalie smirking at me. “What?” I asked, putting my hands on her waist.

“Why are you so good with him? You seemed awkward at the hospital?” she asked. I shrugged. “I used to babysit Mandy when she was younger with Alexis. I didn’t want to intrude on what seemed like a family moment but, when Pierce said I was a part of the family, I guess I felt more comfortable around him” I replied.

Natalie’s leaned up to kiss me and whispered, “that’s kind of hot” against my lips. “What is? Me?” I asked, arching my eyebrows at her. She nodded. “If your so gentle with him, then you’ll be just as gentle with me” she replied, seductively.

“You’re turning a normal thing into something sexy,” I said huskily. “Do you have a problem with that?” she asked, her tone not changing in the slightest.

“No” I whispered, putting my forehead against her own as she slowly moved her hands around my waist toward my stomach. “We should probably get out of the nursery” she sighed, her voice hitching when I quickly pinned her to the wall next door.

“What were you saying?” I teased, spreading soft kisses around her neck. She moaned as she put her hand against my neck, willingly me to move on.

“Beck, seriously. You have to stop or-Oh! Beck, don’t,” she groaned, biting on her lip. I reluctantly pulled away as she leaned her head against me.

“God, it’s so hard to stay away from you,” I whispered, breathing in deeply to contain myself. She pulled at the bottom of my shirt and I looked at her. “Beck,” she whined.

I knew she felt it too. Everytime we were close to one another, we could practically feel the attraction and the sexual tension pulling us together. She was like a flame and I was the match.

I groaned and slowly pulled my body away from hers. Immediately, I felt cold as Natalie looked at me in gratitude. “Tomorrow we head back to Baltimore and then it’s Homecoming,” she said, running her fingers through her hair.

The word sounded so familiar but it meant so much more this time. Natalie and I were going to be together in a way that we never had before. Not saying that I was only thinking about the sex but because it wasn’t just 'sex' to me. It was more than that. It was finally opening up to Natalie and showing her how much I truly did love her. Sex sounded almost vulgar to what I was imagining.

“I still want you in a dress, Beck” she teased, walking down the hall with a slight swing in her hips.

I chuckled lightly before mumbling, “Whatever you say, Red."

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