Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

East Coast to West Coast

Khloe fell back against the door as she held her nose. Blood was dripping from her lip and she feared the hit had cut her eye because she felt pain around her eyebrow.

Kendra screamed and she felt Kyle quickly pull her back and put his jacket against her face, trying to slow down the blood flow. A boy with shaggy blonde hair quickly grabbed Kendra by her forearm and dragged her to his car.

Kyle was running after the boy and yelling something but Khloe didn’t understand what he was saying. She sat down on the steps and held the jacket against her arm, wondering what the hell she was even hit with.

The boy pushed against Kyle and Kyle yelled back before he swung at him, only to miss and have Kyle kick him in the groin. He fell over and he pulled Kendra away from him.

She ran towards her and moved down to her level, pulling back Kyle’s now slightly red jacket to glance at Khloe.

“Shit! You’re really bleeding! I can’t believe he hit you with that fucking bat” she hissed angrily.

It was a bat! It sure as hell didn’t fell like one! “A…bat?” she groaned, closing my right eye as it began to swell on me. “Not a real one. One of this small hand bats you give to like 5 year olds but it still hurts all the same I bet. Awww, you have a cut,” she said sadly, running her finger over her eyebrow.

Khloe flinched and pulled away from her. Kyle was still hovering over the alleged boy who hit her with a bat and she frowned. “Friend of yours?” she asked. She quickly shook her head.

“He plays baseball with Alex” she replied. Khloe scoffed. “Figures. How’d he know I was gonna be here?” she growled. Kendra shrugged. “Seth doesn’t live far from here. He actually lives a couple houses down from Kyle’s. He must have seen you carrying me and put two and two together,” she said, trying to see her cut again.

“So he hits me with a fucking bat!”

“They did worse to Natalie!”

“Natalie wasn’t hit with fucking bats!”

“They broke into her house, destroyed her room, and ruined her reputation.”

“No bitch! If you remember, that last one was your fault!”

“Don’t call me a bitch, dyke!”

“Who’s the real dyke here? Am I the one always between some girl’s legs cause I could have sworn that was you?”

“Shut the hell up! That was one time.”

“Twice if you count Maggie.”

“That was a mistake!”

“I’m sure it was.”

“Fuck you Khloe!”

“Sorry, I’m not your type.”

She screamed at her in anger before marching off towards “Seth” and pulling him into his car. She flipped Khloe off before taking his keys and driving off.

Kyle sighed and walked over to me as I kicked his door in anger. “That bitch! And to say I was gonna try and help her. Fuck that! Fuck her. Fucking princess,” she mumbled, walking back into his house.

“I can’t believe he hit you with that bat!” Kyle exclaimed, going to his bathroom and pulling out a medical kit. He dapped alcohol on her cut and she bit my tongue in pain before he put a band-aid on it.

“That was an awful lot of blood. You sure you’re alright?” he asked, put his things back into the box and setting them on the ground.

She nodded and leaned her head back against his couch. “That girl is poison. 5 minutes before I decide to help her out…I get hit with a fucking bat. How crazy is that Kyle?” Khloe said, glancing at him from the corner of her eye.

He chuckled, turning on the TV. “Nat went through the same thing remember? I tried to warn you."

“I guess now I learned my lesson and she had the nerve to call me a dyke! Me! Seriously, how the hell can she talk with all the shit she’s done?” Khloe shot back, standing up quickly before grabbing the couch and falling back down.

“You should get some sleep. There’s no way you’re driving anywhere until your head feels better” Kyle scolded. She frowned but did as her friend suggested and leaned her head back against his couch.

She didn’t know what was wrong with Kendra…but there was just something about the girl that made you wanna help her. No matter how much of a bitch she acted like. She didn’t want to admit it, but she would help her if she asked. Something in her was just telling her too. She wouldn’t fall for her. She knew that was impossible. It just wouldn’t happen but she knew something was going to happen; very soon.

Los Angeles, California

“It’s fucking hot!” I yelled loudly, pulling my sweater over my head and throwing it in my bag before walking over to Natalie, who was dressed a lot lighter than me.

She knew what winters were like in California and had warned me to dress like it was summer but I declined and decided to wear heavy clothing, which caused me to almost pass out from over exposure to so much heat.

So instead of admitting Natalie was right, I decided to just take off my sweater and call it a small victory. She smirked at me when she noticed I was no standing in just my T-shirt and blue jeans.

“What’s wrong Beck? Are you a bit hot?” she teased, putting her arms lazily arm my neck. I kept quiet and just kissed her forehead. “Where’s your mom meeting us?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Exit 3C. She should be there by now. Did you get all of our luggage?” she asked, looking at the three bags sitting right next to me. “Yeah, although next time you invite me. Can you, I don’t know, buy a less heavier bag? I almost broke my back trying to pick it up,” I said, poking her side.

She laughed and pulled away from me, gasping. “Are you saying you’re not strong enough to carry my things? I’m just gonna have to find a new girlfriend” she teased, grabbing her things and rolling them away with her.

My jaw dropped and I smirked before grabbing my bag and chasing after her. “You could but I’m pretty sure they won’t be as great as me” I said cockily. She arched her eyebrows at me and scoffed.

“Great at what? Losing an arcade game to a girl that hasn’t played in almost two years?” she shot back. “I only lost by three points!” I exclaimed.

“Still counts as losing,” she sang, twisting from my grip when I reached out to hug her. “Can I at least get a kiss?” I whined.

“Not until I get my coffee.”

“We’re not at work!”

“Either way. You’re still not getting a kiss until I get some.”


“What was that?”

“I said, ’please, let’s go get your coffee!”

“I thought so.”

I laughed as Natalie walked towards a Starbucks inside the airport. I flipped open my phone and laughed at Lee’s message.

Jessie is on the attack! I cannot wait until these mood swings are over. She’s driving me crazy! I'm starting to wish I just climbed into your bag and went with you!

Lee (SOS)

Natalie walked back towards me with her cup in hand as I sent him back a quick message.

“Lee?” she asked. I smirked at her and raised my eyebrow. “How’d you know?”

She took a quick swig of her drink before handing it to me and I did the same. “You have different faces when you talk to them. With Lee, you always laugh before reading his message. Jessie, you smirk. Mark, you have a more serious look, and whenever it’s Hope, it’s like you’re scowling or pouting because she’s always teasing you” she counted off on her fingers.

I smiled at her and handed her coffee back. “You know all pf my faces and I know all of yours."

“Just comes naturally, I guess. Like when you’re nervous, you run your left hand over your neck,” she said, smiling at me before behind her cup.

My eyes widened. “I thought nobody noticed that!” I exclaimed. “I do,” she said, taking my hand. I laughed and quickly leaned down to kiss her. I caught her by surprise so she quickly pulled back when I did.

“Beck!” she scolded, squeezing my hand. “What? You had your coffee. I had every right to kiss you,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as we walked.

She blushed a bit and quickly leaned up to kiss me back. I smiled when her blush deepened. “This is exactly the reason why I call you Red,” I teased.

She was about to say something back but something caught her eye and she waved happily, before a huge smile grazed her face.

“There’s my mom! Come on Beck” she exclaimed, walking off towards the one that I had not spotted yet.

Just then, something hit me.

This would be the first time I met one of Natalie’s Parents! Natalie had known my parents for such a long time and they both cared for her but what if I screwed things up with her mom?!

I tried not to let my brain go overload as I watched Natalie happily hug her mother and they began to talk. I swallowed hard and nervously walked over to them.

“Is this Beck?” she asked, motioned towards me when I finally made it towards them. I got a good look at the woman as she did the same to me.

Ms. Katherine Hudson had brown eyes, unlike Natalie, so I assumed she got her green eyes from her father. Her hair was long and black like Natalie’s and her face was smooth, barely any blemishes.

She was probably a few inches shorter than me and she was wearing a short-sleeved brown shirt, a gray vest, and gray maternity. I could tell as soon as I saw her stomach, that she was very much indeed pregnant.

“Yes. Mom, this is Beck. Beck, this is my mom” Natalie introduced. I smiled sheepishly at the woman and she pulled me into a hug. “You're so tall,” she said happily.

Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I laughed and Natalie blushed again. “Mom!” she scolded.

“What? She is tall. I mean, she’s certainly taller than the other girls you dated,” she replied, standing next to me.

I arched my eyebrows at Natalie and looked between her and her mother. “You dated someone else before me? I mean, before me and Kendra?” I asked, not angry at all, but just out of curiosity.

She nodded and I laughed a bit. “Who? I mean, not who cause I obviously don’t know them but I wanna meet them!” I said, running my left hand over my neck. Damn nervous quirk.

“Beck, what’s your full name?” Ms. Katherine asked me. “Becca. Well, actually it’s Becca Marie Smith but I don’t really like being called that” I replied.

“Why? Becca is a cute name,” she said, smiling at me.

“My sediments exactly” Natalie agreed. I pouted at her when I realized they had changed the subject on me. Oh well, I would find out who these mysterious girls were eventually.

“Mom, where’s Pierce?” Natalie asked, looking around for the said man. “He’s at home. He’s working on the baby’s nursery. I swear, he hasn’t left that room since I told him I was pregnant. Your father was the same way you know. He spent all day making your crib” she replied, walking towards the exit with us following her.

“Was Natalie a hand full when she was little?” I asked. “Yes! She was always getting into something she had no business getting into. But she was never rebellious, just troublesome. When I asked her to do something, she would do it with no questions asked. But if I turned my head for one second, there would be crayon marks all over my wall” she replied, laughing at the memory.

Natalie pushed me playfully for asking such an embarrassing question but I just stuck my tongue out at her. My dad had done the same thing to me when they first met; it was only fair that I get to do the same.

I put my luggage in Katherine’s trunk while Natalie did the same. We got inside her red Ford truck and drove out of the airport garage and onto the beltway.

I stared out the window at all the people and buildings. It was like a different world here to me. I had been to Florida before and I felt a kind of resemblance but I had to admit, there was nothing like L.A.

“How’s Elizabeth and Kylie?” Katherine asked, looking over at her daughter.

“They’re fine. Although Kylie has a crush on Beck’s little brother” Natalie replied, smirking at me from the rearview window.

“Really? What are the odds! I guess you two must be very close then” she said, chuckling to herself. “We are. We live in the same neighborhood actually, go to the same school, and even have a class together. It was almost like-”

“Fate? Was that what you were going to say?” I asked, completing her sentence. “Yeah. I was” Natalie replied, looking at me.

“Now you’re even completing each other’s sentences. What’s happened to my daughter in the last five months?” Katherine teased.

“Nothing. I met Beck and things started changing” Natalie whispered. I glanced at her and felt my heartbeat speed up when we locked eyes. I smiled at her and she blushed before looking away.

“Well, I’m glad you went to Baltimore with your father. You have a fresh start there and things seem to be going well. How is Richard by the way?” she asked, her voice hardening.

“I don’t know. I barely see him. I’ve known Beck for almost five months and she still hasn’t met him. He’s been very busy,” Natalie replied.

Katherine nodded her head and took the next exit. The rest of the drive was composed of Katherine asking me a few questions and her and Natalie talking about past events.

I realized how much Natalie really did miss her mother. I always knew that Natalie loved Elizabeth, but she would never be Katherine to her. Natalie had one mother and that person would always be her. Seeing the two of them together almost reminded me of my mother and I. The small way we would tease each other and the inside jokes that only we knew.

I felt almost like a stranger in the car but seeing Natalie so happy made my heart skip beats. I wanted to bring her this happiness. I wanted her to smile like this all the time. I want to make her happy.

Charlie slammed her hand into the wall again as she looked over at her computer screen. How could she be so stupid? She should have known that Melody would see her profile. She should have known that Melody would add her as a friend. And she should have known better than changing her relationship status to:

Danielle “Charlie” Charles is in a Relationship with: Alexis Fellows

The rest of the evening she got constant messages from Melody calling her a “liar”, “a heartbreaker”, “a jerk”, “a conniving bitch”, and series of other names that she didn’t want to think about.

She had hurt Melody and she knew it but they weren’t ever really together. They had talked about their relationship but there never was any real relationship. Yes, Charlie had feelings for Melody and she would have acted on them if Alexis had never returned…but she had.

Charlie could not deny the fact that she was still in love with her.

She hoped and prayed that Melody found someone. She deserved a person that would love her as much as she loved them.

Charlie didn’t even know that Melody had been with Beck until Alexis told her that night on the beach when they sat together and talked for hours on end. Charlie didn’t want to hurt the girl; she knew what it felt like to have your heartbroken badly…twice.

She would have been lying if she said she would be able to willingly be with Melody when she knew Alexis loved her.

Charlie sighed, tired of the virtual argument and ended it with a simple sentence:

Danielle “Charlie” Charles: I’m sorry for hurting you and lying, but I would be lying to you even worse if I said I didn’t love her.

She shut down her computer and grabbed her surfboard, hoping Alexis would call soon so that she could get some much needed comfort.

“Pierce! We’re home!” Katherine yelled, closing the door and locking it as she showed us around. A man with shaggy brown hair and a goatee walked out of the room down the hall.

He was dressed in a simple black T-shirt and blue jeans. His feet were bare and he looked to be about 38 years old. He was taller than me, standing at 6′3" but had the softest blue eyes of anyone I had ever met.

“Natalie!” he exclaimed, throwing his paintbrush back down in the room and scooping her up in his arms. Natalie laughed and hugged him around his neck.

“Pierce! It’s good to see you. How’s everything been here?” she asked, smiling brightly at him. “Everything’s been perfect, love. How’s MD? Are you getting along with everyone there? Elizabeth, Kylie, and Richard alright?” he asked in his strong English accent.

“Everything is fine and Everyone’s fine. Oh yeah! Pierce, this is my girlfriend Beck. Beck, this is my mom’s fiancé and oldest friend, Pierce,” she said, motioning from me to him.

“So, you’re the girl who Natalie’s been talking about constantly? It’s a pleasure to meet you! A real treat! I’ve been looking forward to this for ages!” he said happily, hugging me as well. I laughed and hugged him back.

“Sadly, I can’t say the same. Natalie doesn’t talk much about her life in L.A and I just recently learned you even existed” I exclaimed, arching my eyebrows at my girlfriend.

“What? You didn’t tell her about me? I’m hurt Nat. I’m the fella who helped deliver you into this world and this is how you treat me” he teased, pointing an accusing finger at her.

“Just because you and mom went to school together and you were her obgyn doesn’t mean anything. I forgot. I promise you I did,” she teased back, smiling at him.

He arched his eyebrows at her before looking back over at me. “Anyway, we’re glad to have you here Beck. Make yourself at home and don’t mind me. I’m just trying to get Nicholas’s nursery together,” he said, walking back into the room.

“Wait!” Natalie yelled after him. Pierce turned around and looked at her. “Nicholas. You’re going to name him Nicholas?” she asked. Pierce just nodded.

“Your mother and I agreed that Nicholas and Natalie had a nice ring to it. Plus, my great-grandfather’s name was Nicholas” he replied. Natalie quickly hugged him and he hugged her back.

“You may not be mine Natalie but I love you like the daughter me and your mother will one day have” he whispered to her. “Two is enough!” Katherine yelled from the other room.

“Wow. She’s got good hearing,” I said. Pierce laughed and Natalie let go of him. “She always has. Which is a good thing to keep in mind, Natalie” she said, smirking at her.

She blushed and looked away from him. “That hasn’t even happened yet!” she exclaimed in embarrassment.

“Uh huh. Of course it hasn’t” he said sarcastically. “Pierce! It really hasn’t. I promise you. Beck and I are taking it slow” she said, taking my hand.

It took me a few minutes to realize they were talking about sex.

Later on, Natalie called a few of her old friends and we drove over to her friend Kyle’s place. I felt like Natalie for once. When she came to Baltimore, she didn’t know anybody and then we bump into each other and she’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. It’s funny how things work out.

She parked in front of his house and got out of the car. I ran my hand over my neck and she smirked at me. “Beck, there’s no reason to be nervous. They are going to love you because I love you and as long as you act the same way you do around Lee, Mark, Hope, and Jessie. You will be fine,” she said, rubbing her hand up and down my back.

I nodded and she smiled before kissing me slowly on the lips. I wanted to kiss her again but the door opened quickly and I jumped back a little.

“You look like shit,” Natalie said to the girl with a band-aid on her left eyebrow. “Holy hell! Look who’s back and insulting people! It’s Natalie “Natalicious” Hudson” the girl exclaimed, pulling her into a hug.

Natalie smiled at the girl and I looked her over. She didn’t seem like the type Natalie would date. Maybe she wasn’t one of her exes but just a friend. Still, I would have to keep my eye on her.

“Khloe, this is Beck. Beck, this is my friend Khloe. Although she normally doesn’t look like she was hit in the face with a sack of nickels,” she teased.

“It was a bat actually” Khloe shot back, frowning at her. Natalie gasped and cupped her face. “Somebody hit you with a bat! I’m sorry! I was just joking. Are you okay?” she asked quickly, moving her head from side to side.

Khloe laughed and pulled her hands away from her face. “I’m fine, Natalicious. Come inside. Kyle, Evan, and Sara are waiting for you and Beck,” she said, moving out the way as Natalie took my hand and we walked inside.

“Hey guys!” Natalie exclaimed as soon as she walked into the back room. “Natalie!” a boy with black hair with traces of red in it yelled, running over and hugging her around the waist.

He had on a red cap and a bright yellow shirt as well as some dark purple shorts. I could tell that he didn’t like to match. Or he just had his own sense of style. He reminded me a bit of Lee and I liked him instantly.

“Evan! Put me down” Natalie said, slapping his shoulder. Evan put my girlfriend back on the ground and she laughed when someone else tackled her.

“I missed you and what you do to your hair?” the girl with short auburn hair asked. She too was dressed rather weirdly with a brown tank top and bright yellow short shorts.

“I dyed it” Natalie replied, looking up at her. “Trying to be like me again, Hudson?” the girl teased.

“You wish. That was a one time thing and I was only dressing like you to get Jacob’s attention!” she shot back.

“And how long did that last before you realized you liked girls?” the girl said, smirking at her. “I was six so that doesn’t count!” Natalie said, pouting at her.

I smiled at their playful antics until Natalie got off the ground with help from Evan. “Have your parents seen it?” the girl asked. “I sent my mom a picture and she had no problem with it. Although, my dad had a few choice words, wondering why I didn’t like my black hair. I loved my black hair, I just wanted a bit of a change. Are you still with Jacob by the way?” Natalie replied.

The girl smiled brightly and nodded her head. “Two year anniversary next week! So glad you two never got together,” she said, sitting back down on the couch. Natalie scoffed.

“You can have him, Sara. I’ve got someone much better,” she added, looking at me. I smiled at her before realizing I was now the elephant in the room.

“Oh yeah! Sorry, I was kind of waiting to be introduced but it’s whatever. I’m Beck. I’m Natalie’s girlfriend,” I said, grabbing my left wrist to stop from doing the usual.

“No fucking way!” Sara exclaimed, pointing at me. I arched my eyebrows at her as she jumped from the couch. “I knew I recognized you! You’re CrazyGamingGirl!” she said giddily.

I was shocked that this girl new my X-Box account gamertag until I remembered that Lee and I were pretty much celebrities in the gaming world. I guess she had seen some of our videos.

“Um, who?” Khloe asked, arching her eyebrows at Sara. ”CrazyGamingGirl! She destroyed the GOW 2 records and got the most kills in Call of Duty. She almost beat the records for Modern Warfare but this kid named LeeLovesGOW won. Simply speaking, your girlfriend is a freaking pro Natalie!” Sara replied.

“Oh! I forgot all about that! Lee did beat me in Modern Warfare” I frowned, realization hitting me when Sara brought it up again.

“You’re famous?” Evan asked. “In the gaming world, yes. Although, not a lot of people really give a shit about the gaming world so in a way, no. But I have won a couple titles” I replied.

Natalie smiled at me before whispering, “You’re such a nerd” in my ear. I laughed and pulled her towards me. “That may be so but apparently to your friend, I’m a pro. So, you should treat me nicely,” I said, biting her neck.

She groaned but quickly pulled away before anyone could see. “I need to play you! Better yet, I want my boyfriend Jacob to play you. He’s pretty good at GOW. Kyle is too. Even though he plays those stupid ass dragon slaying games” Sara scoffed, rolling her eyes at this Kyle.

The boy in the corner with straight blonde hair and blue eyes just flipped her off. He, unlikely Evan and Sara, was actually matching. He had on brown cargo pants and a white shirt that said “Got a problem? Fuck you!” on it.

I laughed at his shirt and he smirked at me. “He’s actually a big softie on the inside. He just tries to act all dark and mysterious so that his parents won’t find out he’s gay. It’s alright to come out that closet Kyle” Natalie said, smiling at him.

Kyle blushed and just looked at me. “How’d you two meet?” he asked. “I ran into Natalie at school literally. She was the new kid and I wasn’t watching were I was going, next thing I knew we’re both on the floor together” I replied.

Khloe and Sara laughed as Natalie slapped my stomach. “You were mean to me at first!”

“No, I wasn’t! If I remember, you were the one acting all cold to me. Little did I know you were actually painting a picture of me the whole time?” I said, shaking my head from side to side.

“I thought you looked cute and the picture was for art class” she shot back as her cheeks reddened. “Of course it was, Red. I believe you every time you tell me that excuse” I said sarcastically.

Evan laughed when Natalie covered my mouth and whispered something in my ear. I just smiled beneath her hand and put my hands on her waist.

“What ever happened between you and Melody?” Kyle asked. I arched my eyebrows at him and Natalie shook her head at him. “Kyle, stop” she said quickly.

“How’d you know about Melody?” I asked. “Natalie told me a few months ago, before you two started dating, about this girl named Melody that you were with. Did you break up with her to be with Natalie?” he asked seriously.

I didn’t like the fact that this guy was asking personal questions about Melody and I’s relationship. He just met me and he didn’t know Melody, so why should I even answer him?

“No. We broke up because things weren’t working out and I realized we were better off as friends. Natalie only had a part to do with it. I knew I was attracted to her, but I didn’t act on it until we started going out” I replied, trying to stifle my anger.

“So you didn’t cheat on her?”

“Kyle!” Sara yelled this time. I could tell Natalie was upset because she had crawled off of me and was sitting beside me now.

“No, unless you count kissing someone in an art class cheating, than yes” I said.

“You don’t think kissing someone counts as cheating?”

“Not exactly, no.”

“So, you wouldn’t be upset if Natalie kissed someone? You wouldn’t be just a tad bit mad if she kissed a person that you knew she was attracted to at some point?”

“I can’t exactly say.”

“Why? Because you don’t want to seem like a cheater? Or you don’t want Natalie to think you’ll go off and do the same thing to her?”

“I love Natalie.”

“You loved Melody too, I’m sure.”

“Not like this. Not as much as I love Natalie because whenever I see this girl, I can’t think straight. Because whenever she’s near me, my heart is beating a mile a minute. Because everything I think about had something to do with her. I can assure you that I love Natalie and that I wouldn’t cheat on her, ever.”

“Then maybe she didn’t tell you about Kendra. Or Stephani. Or Billie. Or Lauren. Maybe she didn’t tell you how that used and hurt her and how she almost committed-”

Evan quickly grabbed his friend by the shirt and dragged him into the other room, slamming the door behind him. I wasn’t an idiot. I knew what he was about to say.

My eyes widened and I stared at Natalie. “Red…” I whispered. She shook her head as tears began to fall from her face and I felt a pain in my chest like never before. “Natalie” I said again.

She jumped from the couch and ran outside and before I could even think, I was right behind her.

“Natalie, wait!” I yelled, running to catch up with her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me.

“No, you hate me now. I know you do. He told you everything and I have no idea why! I told him I would tell you eventually and I know he was just trying to protect me but it hurts so bad hearing it aloud” she sobbed.

“Nat, why would you wanna take your own life huh? Why would you want to do something that stupid?” I said softly, running my hand through her hair and holding her tight.

“I was scared. I was alone. There were so many reasons before Beck but I promise you, I never acted it. I just…I saw the knife sitting there and Kyle walked in and he saw me reaching for it but…I stopped myself before he ran towards me. I couldn’t do it. I was hurting but…I couldn’t do it. I felt so bad because I couldn’t help her and I just wanted the pain to go away” she said between pants for breath because she was crying so hard.

“Help who? Kendra?” I asked. She nodded and hid her head in the crook of my neck. I rubbed her back softly and whispered sweet words in her ear, telling her how much I loved her and that it would kill me if she even tried to kill herself again.

She whispered she loved me back and I looked over at the window at Sara and Khloe’s panicked faces. I just gave them a thumbs up and a quick nod and I say them let go with a sigh.

I didn’t want Natalie to live with this guilt anymore. I didn’t give a fuck about Stephani, or Billie, or Lauren. All I cared about was this gorgeous girl in my arms and how I could so way take away her pain.

“Natalie?” I whispered. She looked up at me and I cupped her face before leaning down to kiss her. “I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore."

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