Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Please Forgive Me

I stroked my hand through Alexis’s hair as she slept. Things were starting to become difficult. I don’t know why but, ever since Natalie and I got together, things have gotten interesting, to say the least.

Alexis asked her parents if she could stay longer and, even though Mandy was sad to be going back home alone, they agreed. I knew that the only reason Alexis wanted to stay was because she wanted to see Charlie again but something inside me was telling me to keep them apart.

Winter break ended next week and we planned on going to Ocean City in four days, giving Alexis enough time to thoroughly clear her head.

I sighed and leaned back against the couch, Alexis lying on top of me. I heard a knock at the door and gazed over my shoulder. “Come in!” I yelled, trying not to wake up Alexis. The door opened as Natalie walked over to me.

I smiled instantly and she smiled back. “Hey gorgeous” I exclaimed. She laughed softly, running her hand over my neck before leaning down to kiss me. “Hey” she mumbled against my lips.

“Get a room."

We both looked down at my lap and saw Alexis stretching, slowly awaking. “Where’s Lee?” she asked, her voice hoarse from sleep.

“We played a few games for a bit and then you fell asleep watching us” I replied. She nodded, yawning. “My parents said ‘yes’ to letting me stay right?” she asked. I nodded again and Natalie frowned.

“Can you move so that I can sit on my girlfriend please?” she asked. I chuckled a bit as Alexis stood up. “Be my guest,” she replied, lying down in the chair across from us.

Natalie smiled and I opened my legs so that she could lean back against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, leaning my head on her shoulder. “Did you talk to Lee?” she whispered.

“Not really. We played Modern Warfare for a while and then…talked. Not about Jessie. Jessie talk is strictly off limits around Lee lately,” I said. “Did Jessie tell Mark?”

“She told Hope. Hope said the same thing we did and I don’t think she told Mark” I replied, kissing her shoulder. Natalie leaned back against me, sighing.

“So, we’re going to meet Charlie on Sunday?” she asked Alexis. She nodded while staring at the floor. I could tell a million thoughts were going through her mind. Fear, or maybe regret of ever letting Charlie go in the first place.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid but I have to see her” she said. Natalie and I looked at each other before she climbed off of me and leaned against the couch.

“Then that’s what we’re gonna do” I said. Brandon ran down the steps smiling and quickly ran over to me.

“I wanna come!” he exclaimed. I arched my eyebrows at him. “What have I told you about ease dropping?” I groaned. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Can I please come?” he asked again.

“Brandon, it’s not that kind of trip. We’re going to see an old friend. I can’t be worried about you while we’re there, especially with some of the crap I’m going through right now” I replied.

Brandon pouted and Natalie put her hand on his head. “You can come next time, Brandon,” she said. “Alright. You better not forget, Beck,” he threatened before running outside.

I felt bad about letting Brandon down but things were starting to spiral out of control. Between Rachel’s advances, Jessie’s pregnancy, and Alexis’ need to rekindle an old relationship; I didn’t have time to deal with him.

Natalie must have read my mind because she interlaced our fingers and smiled at me.

“I’m gonna go upstairs okay?” Alexis said, walking out the living room. I watched her go and pulled Natalie against me. She giggled before moving closer to me.

“When I’m with you, I feel all my worries drift away,” I whispered, putting my arm around her waist. She ran her fingers over my arm and I felt goose bumps cover my body.

“I wish I could make up feel better, Beck,” she whimpered. “Just you being here helps. Staying here, just like this, I feel like everything is-” “Perfect?” she finished, looking over her shoulder at me.

I nodded and relaxed against her. “Yeah. Perfect” I replied. Things were quiet for a minute until Natalie spoke up again.

“Beck? Remember that favor I asked you for last night?” she asked. I nodded and her body went stiff. I stroked my hand against hers to reassure her.

“Will you come with me to Los Angeles to visit my mother?” she asked softly. I flipped us over so I was on top of her and smiled. “Natalie, of course I would. That’s not even a favor to me. Where you go, I go” I replied, pointing to my heart and then hers.

She smiled back and our lips quickly touched. “I love you,” she whispered. I pressed myself closer to her before whispering back, “I love you too."

Charlie’s House

“Charlie! This isn’t going to work.”

“Just hold still for a minute. I’m almost there.”

“It’s taking you forever. Hahahaha! Stop. That tickles.”

“Sorry, Mel. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Yes, you could.”

“Okay, I could but I didn’t want to. I promise you, as soon as I get there, you can move.”

“I’m starting to feel sore.”

“It’s because we’ve been at this for a long time.”

“Almost two hours.”

“That’s a new record for me.”

“Unh! Please Charlie.”

“Alright. Alright. Almost there…”

“What the hell is going on in here?”

Charlie and Melody glanced over at Dylan before erupting into laughter. “Your sister is horrible at Twister. That’s what’s going on”, Melody teased, poking Charlie’s side.

She laughed and fell against the white, multicolor spotted plastic tarp. “You’re a cheat!” Charlie growled, tickling Melody’s sides. She squirmed away from her and got up, running towards the door.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Dylan yelled, running after her behind Charlie. They chased her around the house, ducking around furniture and moving chairs.

Melody hid behind the table and tried to get her breathing under control until she felt arms lifting her up in the arm. “Found her sis!” Dylan yelled.

“Dylan. No!” Melody laughed, feeling herself drop to the couch. Charlie ran towards them and they ambushed her with their hands.

“Okay! Okay, you win!” she laughed. Charlie smiled at her as Dylan collapsed on the couch next to her.

“What are we gonna do when you leave tomorrow?” Dylan groaned. Charlie’s smile fell from her face and she stared out the window.

Melody noticed Charlie’s quick change in attitude and sat up. “I’ll come back during the summer. I mean, this is my senior year. After that, I was going to ask your grandparents if they’d let me stay for the summer,” she said quietly.

“Seriously? That would be awesome! Me, you, Charlie, and Gloria hanging out all summer would be epic!” Dylan exclaimed happily. Charlie smirked and sat down next to her.

“It would be pretty cool actually. I’m sure they’d be okay with that” she said, almost in a whisper.

Melody smiled at her and ran her hand over her wrist. “A whole summer with me and you” she said.

Charlie smiled back at her and looked into her hazel brown eyes; wishing she could read what the girl was thinking.

"I want this, Alexis! I want this more than anything. I wish I could read your mind so, I could tell you that you want this too!”

Charlie quickly shook her head and her emotions turned back into stone. “It’s not safe getting close to people, Danielle. You know that” she thought to herself.

She smoothly moved her arm away from Melody’s and sighed. Melody frowned at this but she didn’t let take it to heart. She knew Charlie was still hurting, especially since old wounds had opened about her ‘dead’ girlfriend.

She would slowly work her way into Charlie’s heart. After all, they were both hurting in a similar way. “Just wait. She’ll drop that force field soon” Dylan whispered into Melody’s ear.

“I hope,” Melody whispered back, staring into the green eyes of Danielle Charles.

Jessie’s House

Jessie stared down at her cell phone, wondering if she could dial the number that her thumb was perched over. She had been debating over the thought for the past hour and it was driving her crazy.

Telling her parents terrified her but telling Lee made her want to drop dead. “I love you so much and I know this is going to kill you but Lee, I’m pregnant with Chase’s baby,” she said to herself before groaning and collapsing on her bed in misery.

She placed her hands on her stomach, sighing. This child was going to complicate things in her life. Things with Lee. Things with her parents. Everything was going to change.

Jessie growled and rolled over on her side. “Mommy is definitely going through right now,” she whispered, rubbing her stomach in a slow circle. Jessie looked back at her cell phone and inhaled sharply.

“Here goes everything,” she said to herself before hitting on the button “3" and putting her cell phone against her ear.

“Please don’t hate me,” she whispered, clinching her eyes tight and begging her tears not to fall. She listened to the dial tone and exhaled before the phone was answered.

“Hello? Jessie? Please, say something I know it’s you.”


“Jessie! Oh god, I’m so happy to hear from you. I’m so sorry, Jessie. I was an idiot. I will never cheat on you again. I promise you just please take me back.”

“I will. If you promise that you want me back after you hear what I have to say.”

“No matter what it is, Jess.”

“I don’t think you’ll be saying that after you hear what I have to say, Lee.”

“Then, tell me. Please.”

“Lee, I’m…I’m pregnant.”


“Lee? Lee, please say something.”

“Is it Chase’s?”




“Jessie. I’ll call you back in a minute.”

“Please, Lee. I really need to hear something from you right now.”

“I can’t handle this right now, Jessie.”


“No Jessica! I’ll call you back."

The phone went dead and Jessie pulled her comforter over her body before letting the tears fall that she had been holding back.

“Lee, please forgive me."

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