Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

The End and The Beginning

I stopped in front of Natalie’s home room, noticing Sasha and Mary walking down the hall toward us, along with who appeared to be Duncan.

“Oh God, here comes trouble,” I groaned. Natalie glared at Sasha while I told her everything was alright.

“Nice to see you, Beck. Your friend really beat on Chase today,” Mary said sarcastically.

“Whatever Mary. What do you want?” I replied sharply.

“You, Beck. We want you to break up with Melody,” Sasha answered.

“And why the hell would I wanna do that?” I asked, not really caring what they had to say.

“Let’s be realistic here. Who’s going to vote for a gay Homecoming Queen? Not me and not half of the student body. I mean, Melody is my friend and I’ve been trying to get over this little phase she is going through with you, but it’s about time to call it quits or at least until Homecoming is over,” she replied.

“So, you want me to break up with my girlfriend…so that she’ll win Homecoming Queen?” I repeated incredulously.

“Correct” Mary answered, smirking. I looked between the two of them, frowning.

“Hell to the no. What’s wrong with you? People are going to vote for Melody because they like her, not because who she’s with” I growled.

“Yeah, but that’s really what’s important right now seeing that she’s with you. I mean, who are you compared to Duncan Matthews, captain of the lacrosse team and nominated Homecoming King?” Sasha said, crossing her arms over chest.

“Sasha, I’m not breaking up with Melody. And if you really feel that strongly about it, why don’t you fucking run yourself,” I said, taking Natalie’s hand and brushing past them.

“Come on Smith. Be real about this! No one is going to vote for her as long as she’s with you!” Sasha yelled after me.

I looked down at the ground in anger and Natalie took my face in her hands.

“Beck, don’t be upset about this. Nobody cares what Sasha and Mary think.”

“But they’re kind of right, Nat. Who’s going to vote for her as long as she’s with me?”

“Um me! Lee, Mark, Hope, Jessie, Chase. We’re all on your side about this.”

“Wrong. Lee, Mark, Hope, and Jessie can’t stand Melody and I don’t even like Chase.”

“Beck, I’m sure Melody isn’t going to care what people think. She was brave for coming out like she did and even though you two have been through a lot; she’s still there for you.”

I looked at her and smiled. Natalie was right. I couldn’t let Mary and Sasha get to me.

“Thanks Natalicious” I said, hugging her. She laughed before hugging me back.

“You’re going to make me late for class” she giggled, pulling away from me. “Fine, fine. Leave me in my moment of sorrow” I pouted.

“You’ll be fine. See you at work later on today?” she asked.

“You know it. Bye” I said, walking down the hall towards my home room. Things between Natalie and I were actually better than ever. I could honestly say that she was my best friend.

“Beck honey, I need to talk to you."

I turned around and saw Melody looking quite distressed. “What’s wrong?” I asked, pulling her towards me.

She sighed, resting her forehead on my shoulder. “Mary and Sasha…”

“Yeah, I had a feeling they had something to do with this. Why do you still hang out with them? Sasha tried to convince me to break up with you today,” I interrupted.

“She’s running! She told me you gave her the idea,” she growled.

“Whoa! Hold on. Did you hear what I just said? She tried to get me to leave you,” I said, my anger starting to rise again.

“I heard you and I understand that but why would you convince my friend to run against me for something I want so badly, Beck” she said, pulling away from me.

“Your friend? Melody, are you hearing yourself right now? Maybe I should repeat things for you. Sasha, your friend, tried to get me to leave you, and you’re fine with that?” I shot back.

“Well, are you going to leave me, Beck? Are you? I trust you so I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about the fact you told her to run!” she yelled.

“I was joking! I didn’t think the bitch was taking me serious. I was mad that she was getting on my case like usual. If you were there, I know you would have done something about it but like always, you took Sasha’s side over mine,” I yelled back.

“I’m not taking her side!”

“Oh yes you are! If you heard half of the things she said to me, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.”

“Did you or did you not tell her to run for Homecoming Queen?”

“Melody, this is so stupid…”

“Answer the question!”

“Yes! Yes, I did. Are you happy now, Melody? She made me feel like shit for being with you and I was actually considering breaking up so that you could get what you’ve always wanted and all you fucking care about is this damn election!”

Her eyes softened and she tried to take my hand.

“Beck. Beck honey, I’m so sorry…”

“No! I don’t wanna hear it. I’m actually gonna do you a favor and make this easier for you. I want you to win because that’s what you want. Sasha wins again, I guess. We’re done Mel. I’m sorry but…I can’t be with you if you’re gonna keep putting a cold-hearted bitch like Sasha before me. I just hope that you realize how she’s been playing you."

I walked back down the hall, deciding not to go to homeroom anymore. I couldn’t be anywhere near her right now. I guess Jessie was right all along. Sometimes friends don’t make the best couples. I have tried my hardest to make things work but being together just tore us apart. I was secretly wishing that we could mend our friendship back into what it was before. I didn’t want Melody to be totally out of my life. I can't be with someone who always puts me second in a relationship when it came to her friends.

I heard Melody calling after me but I wasn’t going to turn back around. Hopefully, she would find someone who could give her what I couldn't.

“God, where is she? She’s late. Did you call her Lee?”

“I called her twice, Glen. Geez, calm down. Beck will be here.”

“I can’t believe Rachel hasn’t fired her yet. This is her third time being late.”

“That’s because Rachel’s too busy fucking the night guards to care.”

“Lee, that’s horrible.”

“Hey, it’s true, Nats. We all know why she had overtime every Wednesday night.”

Mark ran into the store with Hope behind him as Natalie and Lee both looked at them in confusion.

“What the hell’s wrong with you two?” Lee asked.

“Have you seen Beck?” Glen continued.

“Speaking of Beck, have you guys been on ‘FB’ recently?” Mark asked, smiling. They all shook their heads.

“Well, check this out,” Mark exclaimed. He showed them his Blackberry and Beck’s profile.

Relationship Status: Single

“What?!” Natalie and Lee exclaimed at the same time.

“Yup! I was in shock too when Mark told me. Apparently they broke up this morning,” Hope said.

“Why didn’t she tell anyone?” Natalie asked.

“I guess, she didn’t want to hear all of us say ‘I told you so’. There’s been rumors going around but I wanna hear it from Beck herself. Oh and um Lee, you might wanna see this,” Mark remarked.

He pushed a button on his Blackberry and a video of Lee's fight with Chase came up on the screen.

“I’ve been forwarded this five times already” he said sadly. Lee sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

“Can you believe she defended him? I mean, if anything that’s what made me feel like a total tool. She just stood there and…and I realized that I’ve lost her” he groaned.

“You haven’t lost her, Lee. She’s still hurt,” Natalie said.

“So, Nat. Now that Beck’s single, are you going to go for it?” Hope asked, smirking at her.

“Not right away. I’m sure that Beck is kind of hurt. I mean, a break up is a break up and I want to be a 110 percent sure that I’m not a rebound. I think I’ll wait until after Christmas break” she said smiling.

“Or you could wait until Christmas and give her a present that will really cheer her up,” Hope said seductively.

Natalie laughed as Mark looked at her. “Can I get a present?” He asked, smirking at her. Hope nudged him and he laughed.

“I’m glad you guys are all happy about Christmas but seriously, where is Beck?” Glen growled.

“She’ll be here! How about this, I’ll page you when she gets in, alright?” Lee said. Glen frowned before stomping away toward his desk.

“Even though he’s our supervisor, I sometimes worry about him,” Natalie replied. Lee nodded, leaning back against his seat.

“I hope that Beck gets it right this time. No more waiting around. She knows the answer,” Mark said.

Natalie arched her eyebrows at him. “What are you talking about Mark?” she questioned.

“It’s you."

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