Power to the Players

By Tori M. Pack All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Starting Over

“I can’t do this.”

“Do what exactly?”

“It’s too hard.”

“No, it’s not. You’re just over thinking things.”

“Lee, I swear to you, I’m not. This is like, impossible”

“Beck, it’s not that hard. Just choose.”

“This could impact my life forever.”

“No, it won’t. Choose!”

“Fine. Gears of Wear 3.”

Everyone groaned aS I dropped my jaw, glancing at them. “What? You told me to choose,” I defended, pointing at Lee.

“Yeah but you made a poor choice. I would have said Halo 3 over Gears of War 3 any day” he replied, crossing his arms.

Half the people in the room nodded but Mark shook his head. “I gotta say, I kind of agree with Beck” he said.

“Thank you, Mark. You’re a real friend” I remarked, frowning over at Lee as he playfully stuck his tongue out at me.

The back door opened and we turned around to see Chase walking in but before he closed the door, he gave someone a kiss on the cheek. Someone who looked an awful lot like…

“I’m gonna kill him!” Lee growled, jumping out of his chair. Mark grabbed his arm as I pushed him back.

“Beating the hell out of Chase isn’t going to make you feel any better,” I whispered. The other club members looked at us in confusion.

Lee pulled away from Mark and collapsed back in his seat in a fit of anger. “Sorry I’m late. I had to help Jessie carry some stuff out to her car” he said proudly, setting his things down by his chair.

“Stuff? What stuff?” Lee asked, clenching his fist. “Some old shirts and pictures that were in her locker,” Chase answered.

Lee frowned, hitting the side of his chair. “Lee, calm down” Mark warned. “I am calm” he shot back.

I gave Lee a look but he just looked away. “Anyway, I’m gonna go check on something. You guys just keep doing what you were doing before” I said, walking out the room.

I raced down the hall and towards the entrance to see Jessie walking with Natalie. I stopped in my tracks and leaned against the wall, trying not to be seen. I didn’t know when Natalie and Jessie had started hanging out together but Mark said they were good friends. I just hope that Jessie isn’t so pissed with Lee that she starts planting stuff in Natalie’s head too.

“Did it work?” I heard Natalie say.

“Sure did. You should have seen the look on Lee’s face. He looked like he was going to throw Chase out of the window.”

“Are you sure about this jealousy thing, Jessie?”

“Of course I am. Lee needs to know that I am perfectly fine without him. The sooner he knows that, the sooner he’ll leave me alone. You know, he’s called me twenty times in the last two days. Twenty times, Natalie. He’s really trying to get me back but…I’m still hurt.”

“I know Jessie. You’re probably gonna be hurt for awhile but I think it’s worth it, you know. If Lee really didn’t care about you, then he would just try and ignore you or be too afraid to even call at all.”

“I guess you’re right. Hey! How come you weren’t in the art room today? I walked by and you weren’t there.”

"Beck was there.”


“Yeah. She snuck into the art room to talk to me but…I was so mad. I’ve never yelled at Beck before but I just unleashed everything…and then we kind of made out on the table.”

“Wait! What?!”

“Yes. I told her I loved her. She was talking to me about Melody and how she wanted to be friends, but I couldn’t handle that because it would kill me. Then she kissed me.”

“Beck should stop playing these games with you. She didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Beck is really with Melody. It’s official. Melody is walking around telling people they’re together.”


I stared off into space, feeling like I could die. I didn’t want to come out yet. What the hell was Melody doing? I wanted to hear more of Natalie and Jessie’s conversation but right now, I had to go see my girlfriend.

“Melody!” I yelled, throwing open the door, watching as she slowly turned around to look at me.

“Oh! Hey Beck” she said smiling. She walked over to me, kissing me on the cheek.

“Are you telling people we’re together?” I asked, wanting to get straight to the point.

“Yes, because we are together. Why?” she replied, crossing her arms. I groaned and ran my hand over my neck.

“I didn’t want anyone to know yet, Melody! I just told my mom a couple of days ago. I’m not ready for the whole damn school to know,” I yelled.

“Beck, I told people I was gay and they were fine with it. You have nothing to worry about,” she said bluntly.

“You’re the school president and head of prom committee. Of course no one would care if you were gay. But I’m a different story. This is just another way for people to joke about me. Before it was just me being a nerd but now I’ll be the big gay nerd,” I rambled, pacing back and forth.

“Beck, please calm down. You’re worrying me now” she said softly, running her hand down my arm. I sighed and looked over at her.

“Sorry. It’s just…I don’t know if I'm ready to do this,” I confessed, sitting down on one of the desk and taking her hand.

“Beck, you have a family who loves you, friends who support you, and a girlfriend who’s not going anywhere. You’ll be fine…Ok?” she whispered, smiling softly at me.

I smiled back, nodding my head as she leaned down to kiss me. For the first time, I didn’t think about Natalie.

Natalie stared out of her window as she glanced over at her computer screen every five minutes. Something on it was annoying her and no matter how much she tried to click on it or change it, it always stayed the same.

Beck Smith

Relationship Status: In a Relationship with: Melody Schmidt

Natalie groaned, laying her head down on her desk. Why couldn’t she get over Beck? Why was it that she fell for the only person she couldn’t have? Things were perfect until Melody showed up. That’s when everything changed.

She sighed and decided to IM an old friend. She opened a chat room and leaned back against her chair.

The Painter: Kyle, I need you right now. : (

DragonSlayerKid: Hey Natalie! Haven’t talked to you in forever! What’s wrong?

The Painter: I did it again .

DragonSlayerKid: Did what?...Did you meet another Kendra cause I will fly down to Baltimore and kick some serious ass for you!

The Painter: No! She’s much better than Kendra. Her names Beck and things were going great between us until her best friend came along.

DragonSlayerKid: Ahhhh. The old ‘I love my best friend but I’m too afraid to tell her because I don’t wanna get rejected or ruin our friendship’ trick. So what’s wrong?

The Painter: They’re together.

DragonSlayerKid: They’re what? Why?

The Painter: Beck felt bad because she never knew about her feelings and was guilt tripped into a relationship with her.

DragonSlayerKid: Ouch! Sorry to hear that Nats : (

The Painter: I know but the weird thing is that we’re both really sexually attracted to each other.

DragonSlayerKid: Oh. Well this won’t end well. Either she cheats on her girlfriend or she fights temptation. Which one do you think she’ll do?

The Painter: I don’t know but I’m not gonna make the fight easy ; )

DragonSlayerKid: Natalie Hudson! Are you being manipulated?

The Painter: No. I’m going after what was rightfully mine. Beck knows that things with Melody just won’t work out. That’s why she keeps having so many second thoughts about the relationship.

DragonSlayerKid: I hope your right Natalie. I would hate for you to get hurt again…but what I really think you should do, is stay out of it. Let nature take its course. If Beck is really supposed to be with you, then things will work out in your favor?

The Painter:...Do you really think so?

DragonSlayerKid: I know so. Besides, if she’s already attracted to you then you’ve already got like, a 50% chance right there! Lol. Things will work out.

The Painter: Thanks Kyle. I can always count on you : ) How’s things back home?

DragonSlayerKid: Horrible. Kendra and Alex broke up again because he found her in the girl’s locker room with Maggie Thornton.

The Painter: Sigh. When is he just gonna realize that she is gay! He keeps trying to hold her back instead of just letting her be who she wants to be.

DragonSlayerKid: Yeah, except she doesn’t know who she wants to be. You know how it goes Natalie. You were with her for 2 months. Kendra is so…locked in her own world that I think she likes to pretend like she’s straight.

The Painter:…I couldn’t help her Kyle.

DragonSlayerKid: I know Natalie. We all know. You really wanted to help her but…she’s a lost cause.

The Painter: You’re right. I’m going to bed. Tell Sara, Khloe, and Evan I said “Hey!”

DragonSlayerKid: I sure will. Night Natalie.

The Painter: Night

DragonSlayerKid has signed off.

Natalie sighed again as she dragged herself in her bed. She didn’t want to think about her time with Kendra. She didn’t want to think about how much she loved the girl and how she broke her heart in two. She just wished she could forget about her life in L.A but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t.

Natalie jumped out of her bed and pulled on her shoes and her jacket. She raced upstairs and old the door quietly so that she wouldn’t wake up her family. She ran over to the Smith house and threw a small rock up at Beck’s window.

The window opened and a very tired Beck glanced down at her. “Natalie?” she said drowsily.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked, hopping from foot to foot.

“What? Natalie why would you want to-"

"Please, Beck” she interrupted, fighting back tears.

Beck saw the distress on her face and walked downstairs to open the door for her. “You have to be quiet. If my parents find you in here, they’ll kill me,” she whispered.

Natalie nodded and followed the girl up towards her bedroom. Beck pulled back the covers as she crawled inside and Natalie moved closer towards her, wrapping her arm around Beck’s waist.

“I wanna know what’s wrong in the morning, okay” she demanded. Natalie nodded again and placed her head in the crook of Beck’s neck as she cried.

Beck held the girl all night until sleep over took the both of them.

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