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Breanna stood at the back of the church beside her Grandpa, waiting for their cue to start through the door way. Breanna felt her heart skip a beat when she heard the familiar tune of the wedding march begin, and the sound of everyone in the next room standing up. “You ready Bree?” her Grandpa asked as he patted her hand. “I’ve waited for years for this day.” she said with a smile.

The doors opened and Breanna walked slowly down the aisle littered with rose petals towards a very handsomely dressed Hunter James wearing a brand new suit. She thought he looked good in jeans and a t shirt? Nothing had prepared her for Hunter in a suit. She only hoped that he liked her dress, she searched for weeks to find a gown she liked. Finally she had to have it custom done. She hired a woman in Dallas who made costumes, having her make a dress similar to the dress Abigail wore the day she met Lucas on that hill top.

She watched Hunter smile and place his hand over his heart as she walked towards him. He did that when he and the guys were out in the pasture and he saw that she was watching them work. He told her it was his way of saying she was his heart. She took Hunter’s hand as he led her to the alter, smiling as the feeling washed over her, that this time they would finally get their happy ever after. And this time not even the evil of James Leonard would stop them.

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