In My Blood

By suzana2220 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


In a moment of anger, you could say and do things you've never thought you would, so when eighteen-year-old Suzen leaves her house though she knows she might become homeless, trouble starts pushing itself toward her. Heartbreak, betrayal, fights and an unfamiliar illness. And who is this gorgeous stranger whom she gets to meet? With her life jumping up and down in front of her eyes, will she be able to stand on her legs and find her way through? Will her life turn the way she wishes it would? And will she ever be able to find her lost father?

Chapter 1

“So you were toying with me, ” I say with a disappointed smile, before I point the dirk I was holding toward his forehead.

“No, I wasn’t honey, ” he says as he tries to move a step which is stopped by a glare from me.
"Come on if was toying with you I wouldn’t have spent 4 years with you. I wouldn’t have traveled with you or take in the foolishness of your sister and your brothers. And don’t you remember how much I showed you love in every kiss we shared or how my eyes sparkled whenever I saw you ?” He speaks in a sad tone and my heart aches a little through his speech as I recall the memories we had together but no I can’t stop now, he has hurt me and hurt my family. He’s unforgivable.

“That’s the problem, how did your heart allow you to do this to me ?” I question as I poke the table strongly with the dirk.
“It was her. She made me hold a grudge against you. She played with my head -” he begins to explain but I cut him” SHUT UP !! If you truly loved me you wouldn’t have done that. She wasn’t the reason that made you try to kill me. It’s not like she was ordering you to do anything. If something was behind what you did until now it would be your SELFISHNESS!! ” I retort my voice getting higher with each word and my blood boiling as I remember the reason he tried to kill me.

He sighs and looks at me with compunction written all over his face” you’re right. My self-esteem turned me into a monster, and I can’t imagine how hard you suffered because of me. But I can still promise to change. I can return to the old me and we can get back to-” he protests but I stop him” too late, it’s all over now.” I say before I snatch a gun and immediately point it at-pause !! I know how puzzled you’re now, and to clear things up we must get back to the beginning of this story.

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Suzen 21Jan and I’m currently 18 years old. Oh, and by the way, if you’ve wondered why is there a number in my name I shall explain to you why. We don’t have a middle name or a last name like most people on Earth do. Indeed we have a first name but our second name symbolizes the date of our birth, and since I was born in twenty-first of January my second name is 21Jan. I don’t think that someone can make up an excuse about forgetting your birthday here except in one case if he or she was super stupid.

" Xia Charmannia ” is the name of the planet I’m living in and my house is located in the capital city “Jwana ”. Where could such a planet exist? It exists between the planets Mars and Earth. It’s a very small planet yet it’s the most modern of them all.

4 months earlier:

I dozed off a bit before feeling a cold liquid slide on my lap. I immediately stood up with a frown on my face “What THE HELL?!! Seriously frozen yogurt ?! And on my favorite jeans ?” I screeched before glaring at Samantha and saying the last three word slowly and madly ” You’re SO DEAD!!”.
“What did you just bark ?” My stepmother said in a warning tone.
I looked at her with fire in my eyes before the harsh reality slapped me in the face making my features soften. “I-I -” I stuttered in anxiety.
“Shshsh, I don’t want to hear any excuses. Snap at your sister again and you will sleep in the basement tonight,” she said bitterly.
I looked at her eyes searching for any mercy but found none. I felt tears build up in my eyes. How could anybody be that cruel? I blinked back my tears and stormed up the stairs to my room.

I shut the door using all the force I had and threw myself on the bed. Why can’t she be nice to me? I’ve never disobeyed her before! I’m always trying my best to make her like me or at least treat me fairly. Are all stepmothers like that or is it my bad luck? I hate her so much! And I hate my life, I HATE IT!

And before I knew it, my stepbrother, Josh was already in. “Ehhh, so mom has reprimanded you again ?!” He spoke, coldly and mockingly at the same time as he leaned on the door frame.
“What do you want ?” I asked exhaustedly before burying my face into the pillow. No good would ever come from such a person. Why? Because his mom was the one who taught him manners. And with a sudden grip on my wrist, I was forced to face him properly. But the next words he spoke left me startled “I want your energy ”.
What energy? Does he think I’m an energy drink or something?! Like for God’s sake, my energy isn’t enough for me! I just wish he could leave me alone!
“What do you mean ?” My mouth moved on its own.
“I want your energy so that no energy can be left for you to survive. In other words, I want you to die,” he whispered. His words made fear swirl through my veins. This indeed wasn’t a joke. He never joked anyway. He can actually withdraw all my energy if he wanted using his Energy XV device.

“Get away from me !!” I yelled yanking my hand out of his grip. Instead of him realizing how bad his words hurt me he pulled me up and shoved me harshly onto the bed. He then made me drink some sort of drug he had in his right pocket. I could’ve cried out for help but I knew that nobody would come running to rescue me. It was useless and it happened before a few times, so I just stared back at him with tears escaping my eyes and my lips trembling. He stared down at me but with an expression, I’ve never seen before. He can put on so many fake masks but this one, no it was my first time seeing it. I could say he was a bit dumbfounded with a mix of guilt maybe.
Like I said I’ve never seen it before.

But as soon as that expression was drawn on his face as soon as it also faded. He moved away slowly before speaking “bad timing, hero ”. I looked at the window recognizing the handsome face my heart skips a beat for. Baby blue eyes, light brown hair, perfect jawline, sealed red lips and athletic body structure. The boy my mind thinks about all the time, Luke 24Apr.

He slid into the room and dusted his clothes off before sending Josh a disgusted look. “You’re so pathetic, bullying your own sister,” he spoke harshly his eyes showing nothing but rage and fury.
Josh chuckled minus the humor” not as pathetic as you are . ” he replied, calmly before stuffing his hands in his pockets and giving us his back while walking away toward the door. “Oh and by the way that doesn’t concern you coz you’ve said it yourself she is my sister, ” he spoke these last words before I was left alone with Luke.

Luke eased the door close before rushing to hug me. He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me with his warmth. My heart was pounding hardly against my chest and my sight started to become blurry again. I couldn’t contain my tears and endure the pain so I gave in and cried against his chest. Luke’s arms tightened around me “I’m here baby girl. It’s okay now. You will be fine. ” He whispered in my ear. His voice soothing my pain and his words comforting me.

I gradually began to calm down. My tears dried and my heart felt at ease. I always feel safe when Luke is around. He slowly pulled away from me as his right hand reached for my face. His eyes captivated mine, never leaving them.
“Luke I -” I began to talk but he cut me with a sense of guilt in his voice ” sorry. I’m sorry Suzi. I should’ve come earlier. I should’ve stopped him. I should’ve protected you. I’m so sorry. ”
I wanted to tell him that it’s was fine now. That it was okay since he came. That him being around me is the only thing that matters, but my lips couldn’t move, and I felt myself freeze. He broke our gaze and scanned me, his eyes dropping to my feet and roving upwards in worry.

A moment or two passed before he sighed in relief. I guess he was worried about me. His face features softened when he didn’t see a scratch or a mark on my skin but I couldn’t keep it to myself, the fact that my brother has been forcing me to drink some unknown drug.

I began to speak “he- he - ” I stumbled on my own words. I couldn’t tell him. If he knows what my step brother has been doing he could send him to jail. He can order the guards to knock the life out of Josh. Josh would never be able to get out of there. It’s true Luke is a softie at the heart but he can also be fearsome and harsh when he wants to. He can destroy people in a matter of seconds. I hate Josh and he wished me death but my self-consciousness would never allow me to do that.

“Is anything wrong?” Luke questioned taking me away from my thoughts.
I quickly regained my ability to speak and responded, my voice low “thank you. You’re my hero ”.
A soft smile began to form on his lips, patting my head slightly afterward. “I love you, ” he said before pressing his lips against my forehead making my heart melt and fireworks explode in my stomach. My cheeks were flooded with the red color and my heart was beating so fast. I stared at his eyes feeling the world slip away “I love you too, ” I replied.
“You always blush whenever I kiss you, haven’t you got used to that?” He asked mesmerized by my actions.
“I can't help it. I fall in love with you all over again whenever you do that, ” I spoke with a slight smile on my face.

And that was the last time I felt love before summer started, no wait, I mean HELL started.

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