Marrying Mr.Ego

By sajal_ameena All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


"I'm here to work on the pro...project not for you Mr.Adith." his grip loosened on my arms, this was probably the first time I spoke back to him. "Let's see how long you sustain here Ms or Mrs. Krisha. You are gonna face the worse because you know, working under Adith is no easy." He told with bloodshot eyes and left the cabin forcing the door shut. I wiped my tears and told myself to be strong, I had to be strong. I need this job, I need money. And I know this is not going to be easy because Adith is no human when someone hurts his Ego. Adith Srinivas, a very talented young scientist was working on his new satellite. His world stops when the love of his life, his unwanted Ex, stands infront of him to join his project. Meeting Krisha Anand was Adith's last wish, He was frustrated, annoyed and his anger has no bounds. Would he be able to face Krisha after what happened in their life? Krisha Anand, one of the best Astrobiologists was all set to work on her project, it wasn't usual for two reasons, it was the biggest satellite project and pride of India and the next reason, she was going to work under her Ex. Krisha wanted to utilize this opportunity.

Adith Srinivas

This chapter is dedicated to all my lovely readers who waited for this book and asked me to post it.


Chapter 1

Adith’s POV:

Claps and cheers filled the entire area surrounding me. My dad, his face was nothing but a pure reflection of proud and happiness. The day was huge for me but I didn’t feel happy that I had achieved something great in my life.

Because, for this achievement I have lost many precious things in my life, basically I have lost my life. But that doesn’t matter, all I knew was I made my father proud.

“It’s a pleasure to here it from you Mr. Andrewson Now let’s welcome Dr. Srinivas Narayan, chief executive of Space Life Corporations to share few golden words.” told the host inviting my dad. After giving me a nod with his million dollar smile he climbed up the stage.

I admired the energy of my dad, he was sixty two but still manage to be so energetic and active for his age.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad and honored to have my presence here. Years ago, I was working on a project on shooting stars. That day, I was working late, my little son came to me and asked me, why I was working day and night without food and sleep?

I told him about my passion for my work, about my desire to explore space. He was so worried about me and my health. Unfortunately, I failed in that project and was thrown out of my company. I was all broken and devastated, I didn’t have money to feed my family.

After months of stress and trouble. I met Manohar Sir, he helped me and assigned a job for me in Space life corporations. He also helped for my Son’s education, I was very hasitant to accept that but I didn’t have any other go.

That day my son told me, *Don’t worry daddy, I’ll complete my education with flying colors and will fulfill your dreams, I will explore this space in a way nobody did or will do in the future and I’ll make you feel proud. I’ll repay your debts and make you feel happy and relieved.*

That was it, he was on his grade one by then, today my son fulfilled my dreams. He was the best son in the world... he made me feel proud beyond words. He found out another planet similar to our earth to ensure the living of human race.

Isn’t it enough for me to die in happiness. ” spoke my dad with tears in his eyes. I mouthed him to wipe his tears.

My dad, he was the only human left in my life. Someone who truly loves me unconditionally. I did everything for his happiness and would never regret killing anybody who stakes my father’s happiness. I love him.

After working my ass out I found that new planet, I still remember the problems and obstacles I went through for this.

“Pratyush ULV-1 is a satellite we are going to launge in the new planet. It will conform and ensure the rate of life sustaining ability for human race as well as the other lives in the earth. I heartily congrats my son as well as bless him to live long for this fragile planet. ” with that he came down and hugged me.

The crowd asked me for few words but I turned them down with only my thanks. Soon we attended a press conference and my day end well with many appreciations and blessings.

“What’s bothering you Adith?” Asked Moorthy Sir, my Godfather as well as the founder of Space life Corporations.

“No..nothing Sir, I’m just thinking about the project. That’s all.” I lied straight at his face. Both of us knew it.

“You may reach your destined height Adith but you need the person your soul carves beside you. If you had that significant person beside you right now, you will definitely realize the importance of your achievement today. Accept it. Your life is empty without her. ” told Moorthy Sir.

Well! That hurts... I neglected the pang of pain in my heart and looked straight into his eyes.

“I’m happy Sir, I’m just trying to be humble that’s all, because world knows, Adith Srinivas has the ability to change impossible to possible.” I told him and walked straight to my cabin.

Many congratulated me throughout my way but I didn’t bother to even nod at them, I mean I didn’t have time for all that.

I was searching an important file from my office just when someone entered ” I’m so happy for you Adith..I’m so happy.” Told Alka running towards me and hugged me tight.

I pushed her aside and yelled “What the hell? Are you insane women. How many times I have to tell you to stay away from me? Are you that dumb? Now just get out. ”

Her eyes filled with tears and she went out of my office not even mumbling a word. I knew she was hurt. But I didn’t care.

I took my file and drove back to my house, on the way the signal turned red but I didn’t bother to stop the car. Soon a police officer blocked my way with the help of his two wheeler.

I slid down my window while he walked to my side “So, care to explain man?” He asked me.

“Explain what?” I asked him straight and turned my attention to the road.

“What the hell? You disobey traffic rules then talk to a police officer with that attitude of yours. Get down first.” He yelled at me.

“You don’t know who I’m. ” I told him.

“I don’t care who you are now get down first.” He told me I huffed and was about to get down just when a vehical with siren came.

An officer got down from the vehical and towards us, “Sir, please sir, I apologize. Please sir you may go now. Please sir don’t make it an issue I’ll take care. Thank god I came through this way.” he told me and closed my door. I gave a victory smirk to the one who stopped me and closed my door.

“Hey, whom do you think he is? He is Mr. Adith Srinivas. Tomorrow he has got a meeting with the cheif minister. We have to go for their security. Now take your bike and let the car go.” He explained to the police officer, he gave me an annoyed look and took his bike clearing my way.

I knew, I was wrong and I had to apologize but my ego didn’t let me to. It doesn’t mean I had to apologize if I was wrong.

I gave a silly smile to that officer and drove to my house. The deserted and boring place. I greeted my dad, he came to house straight from the event whereas I went to my office.

“Where have you been Adith? Have you had your dinner?” He asked me.

“I went to office straight pa and yeah I had it. You have yours and sleep. Good night dad.” I told him.

“Good night Son.” With that he went into the kitchen. While I climbed the stairs to my room.

After tossing my used cloths on the couch I change into an comfortable tee and shorts. My stomach started rumbling but didn’t had any idea to eat. As usual I starve.

Rohan came out of the bed and nudged my foot, “Sorry buddy!” I told him. Rohan was my pet turtle who keeps me alive after her chapter in my life.

After climbing down I fetched a carrot from the fridge and came up.

After giving the carrot to Rohan, I opened my balcony door and took my guitar. My house is a quite isolated property with big lawn so my music will not disturb others. If they disturb also I didn’t care.

I sat on my chair facing the sky and started to sung my heart out. Thinking about her and her presence in my life. I pretend perfectly in front of this world and in front of her.

I was a perfect son to my parents and a perfect human, she crossed my life as a Strom and changed my life upside down. I didn’t turned to her after that incident, not even once because my ego didn’t let me.

" I’m a man and I have my ego.” I consoled my heart and took my sleeping pills, which I started having after her.


Assalamu allaikum and hello to all my lovely readers.

Here is the first chapter of marrying Mr. Ego. So what do you think of Adith? Who was the person he was missing? Let me know your views in the comments.

-Yours Sajal😘

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